Dental laboratory technician job description

  • Dental laboratory technicians are basically responsible for constructing and repairing dentures, either complete or partial or installing dental appliances. They maintain and improve the oral health of their patients by making removable and fixed prostheses, depending on the dentist’s prescriptions.

  • What to Expect from Dental Lab Technicians

    Dental lab technicians read prescriptions, check dental models and impressions, and create dental products based on the requirements. It is also their job to check any dental appliance to ensure that it was developed following the specified requirements. They also nitpick on the precision of occlusion, even using special devices to measure micrometers and articulators. These technicians fabricate and restore dental devices such as those used to straighten teeth and dentures.

    When they report to work, dental lab technicians must know how to use devices and objects and wield control over them using a few movements. Great attention to detail and immense focus are necessary for them to perform their job well. Their ability to solve problems as they come will also prove to be of great help to them and their employer in general.

    Dental lab technicians are trained to handle the various materials used for dental appliances, such as plaster, metal, acrylic plates or porcelain. They should know how to melt or mix, and pour these materials into a framework or mold to create the dental apparatus or prostheses. These technicians also help in removing excess porcelain or metal and work with polishing machines. While checking dental apparatus, they might need to use tooth models that bite and move exactly like a human’s actual jaw. There are cases when dental lab technicians have to create a mold of a patient’s mouth using plaster by pouring plaster into an impression and letting it set.

    Patients with low or chipped spots in their devices will be attended to by dental lab technicians. They might use acrylic resins to restore your teeth appliance. They are also responsible for making and repairing dentures and teeth straightener. Dental lab technicians also mold and solider metal frames and wire for various dental products. This is why they have to be skilled in using hand tools and soldering irons. There are times when they have to wax impression trays and bite-blocks.

    Check also dental lab technician educational requirements and training.

    What do dental laboratory technicians do ?

    Dental lab technicians also perform administrative tasks since they need to complete reports, forms, records, and logs. They also try to save equipment and supplies as they perform metal casting, plaster casting, electro-spot welding, wax modeling, metal polishing, ceramics, electroplating, wire bending, and sandblasting. Their position involves using CAD/CAM units. They maintain equipment and monitor supplies inventories, too.

    These technicians do more than just provide the necessary dental appliance. They do their best in improving quality results by examining, evaluating, and altering the processes. If necessary, they have to implement changes.

    In order to do well in their position, dental lab technicians have to engage in educational programs that will update their job knowledge and skills. They also need to read the latest professional publications, establish personal networks, and join professional organizations.

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