Cardiology technician salary

  • Cardiology technician’s salary (also known as cardiac technician salary ) usually depends on several determinants like advanced certification, work experience, accredited degree certificate, geographic location, level of experience, and employment setting. According to the BLS salary reports, the median hourly wage and salary for a cardiology technician salary is around $24.53 per hour and $51,020 per annum respectively. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average annual salary earned by a cardiology technician is around $48,640 per annum. The hourly wage and yearly salary for the top 90 percent of cardiology technicians is around $38.12 per hour and $79,290 per year. The bottom 10 percent of them, on the other hand, received around $13.19 per hour and $27,430 per annum.Keep reading for more information about cardiology technician salary and how to become a cardiology technician.

  • Cardiology technician job description

    A cardiology technician, also called as cardiac technician, can be of two types: invasive cardiology technician and non-invasive cardiology technician. The cardiology technician operates heart-lung machines; imaging technology; physiological pressure monitoring devices including other laboratory apparatus; obtains angiogram images, assists an cardiologist while treating patients and operates other cardiology diagnostic equipment.  The other jobs performed by a cardiology technician include managing patient’s documents, obtaining individualized treatment plans, and evaluation reports. The cardiology technicians commonly deal with testing or diagnosing cardiovascular conditions, including vascular components and interpreting a detailed analysis report based on the patient’s clinical finding.

    How much does a Cardiology technician make ?

    Average cardiology technician salary

    The average expected wage and annual salary for a cardiology technician in the United States is around $25.08 per hour and $52,160 per annum.

    Cardiology technician salary in USA

    An average starting hourly wage for a cardiology technician in the United States ranges from between $12.42 – $28.04 per hour which gradually increases from $17.15 – $44.70 per hour overtime. An average annual salary bonus of around $1,309 will be included and the total annual salary ranges from between $26,490 – $61,517. The yearly salary for the top 10 percent of cardiology technicians is more than $77,020, whereas the lowest 10 percent of them earned less than $26,610 per year.

    Based on percentiles, the median salary for 90th percentile of cardiology technicians has been around $58,448 per year. Similarly, about 75th percentile of cardiology technicians received $49,400, 25th percentile of them received $32,321 while 10th percentile received $25,819 per year.

    Based on years of work experience according to BLS reports, an average yearly salary for a cardiology technician is as follows: One with less than 1 year of work experience earns from between $34,392 to $54,938; while the one with 1-4 years earns from $24,161 – $59,598 per annum; and the one with 5 to 9 years earns from $30,588 – $55,000 per annum.

    According to the BLS, some of the best paying states for the cardiology technicians in the United States include: California $70,530, Alaska $82,070, Oregon $70,440, Washington $72,120, Connecticut $70,930 and Massachusetts $81,350.

    cardiology technician salary in US,UK and CAN
    cardiology technician salary

    Cardiology technician salary in Canada

    An average starting hourly wage for a cardiology technician in Canada is around C$17.67 per hour that gradually increases to around C$27.31 per hour overtime. Hence, this averages to a total annual salary ranging from C$36,421 – C$55,029. In addition, an average yearly bonus of about C$1,973 will be added to the annual salary package.

    Cardiology technician salary in UK

    According to all salary survey, the average and median expected salary for a cardiology technician in the United Kingdom is about £20,000 per annum. An average hourly wage for a cardiology technician is around £10 per hour. A cardiology technician’s salary varies based on his or her age as the one in 20s earns up to £15,000, in 30s earns about £19,600, in 40s and in 50s earns about £23,200 per annum.

    Cardiology technician salary in Australia

    According to the Australian VHIA salary circular for health care professionals, it has been stated that annual salary for the cardiology technicians varies based on grade level and years of work experience. An average hourly wage for a cardiology technician is around AU$ 74.8 per hour. Based on grade level, the monthly salary for a cardiology technician ranges from AU$ 877.50 to AU$ 2,175.8 per month.

    How to become a cardiology technician

    Cardiology technician training

    To become a cardiology technician (cardiac technician), one should complete an entry-level education (high school diploma or its equivalent) and enroll in any medical technician program or associate’s degree program that usually lasts for about 2 years. One can also complete a coursework in either invasive or noninvasive vascular or cardiovascular technology. Community colleges offer 1-year certificate programs for those with prior experience in healthcare field. Alternately, the candidate can either complete a 4 year bachelor’s degree program or obtain the degree certificate from an accredited hospital program. During the 2 year allied health program, the candidate gains enough experience and technical skills by working under the direct supervision of an experienced technologist in an imaging laboratory or hospital.

    Cardiology technician certification

    On successful completion of 2 year certificate program in health technology or scientific instrumentation in electrocardiography from an accredited school, the candidate should obtain the program completion certificate. The candidate should then apply for the Certified Cardiographic Technician (CCT) exam that is officially conducted by the Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI) organization. The candidate can then complete the exam once an application is accepted. Credentials can be received upon successful completion of exam and one can become a certified cardiographic technician (CCT) by obtaining certification from the CCI organization board.

    Conclusion about cardiology technician salary

    According to BLS, the highest annual salary offered by the health practitioner’s offices to cardiology technicians is around $67,790, while the lowest annual salary is less than $27,430 per year. BLS reports based on the type of work setting include: $50,430 per annum as paid by the professional schools or universities; $55,600 per year as paid by the outpatient care centers; Hospitals offered $51,180; physician offices offered $55,570; and Medical and Diagnostic Labs offered $53,540 per annum.

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