Biomedical technician job description

  • Biomedical technicians are mainly responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing equipment used for various medical purposes. They make sure that each piece of equipment operates safely for the sake of the patients and all the medical personnel in the facility.

  • Biomedical technicians conduct tests before approving the use of new biomedical equipment, check the equipment’s adherence to certain standards, and make the necessary modifications. They install new equipment by setting, adjusting, calibrating, and even testing its performance. They perform maintenance procedures with a schedule, conduct tests, follow the manufacturer’s manual, troubleshoot malfunctions, call for special service, review service contracts, and monitor equipment inventories. It is their job to direct equipment operations by conducting a demo, instruct healthcare personnel on how to use the equipment properly, and answer questions. Biomedical technicians try to improve the operation of the equipment by observing machine-patient interactions, meeting with equipment users, creating modifications, and working with equipment manufacturers. They also prepare reports by gathering, studying, and summarizing information about the equipment. They conduct safety tests, follow the recommended procedures, train the healthcare personnel, and comply with codes. They update their knowledge by joining training and other educational opportunities.

    Biomedical Equipment Technician Job Description

    Biomedical equipment technicians ensure that medical equipment works as they are supposed to. They usually look after equipment such as defibrillators, heart monitors, ventilators, and laser scalpels. They repair equipment and conduct preventive measures to make sure that the equipment does not break at critical moments. To do their job well, they need to learn how to use a wide range of tools, such as soldering irons, hand tools, computers, and others. They have to disassemble equipment to find the cause of inaccuracies or malfunctions and reassemble them to change precision components. They change or add original components to meet diagnostic or therapeutic.

    Check also biomedical technician educational requirements and training.

    Biomedical Engineering Technician Job Description

    Biomedical engineering technicians fix and maintain medical equipment used by hospitals, doctors’ offices, and nursing homes. They maintain, repair hydraulic and electronic devices, install, and calibrate equipment. They monitor their tasks by making computerized service logs and submit service issue reports to supervisors to guarantee that the equipment is maintained following compliance standards. These technicians are usually hired by hospitals, facilities management companies, and medical suppliers.

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