Anesthesia technician certification

  • Anesthesia technician certification process includes steps that an anesthesia technician must go through to be able to acquire a certificate which would allow him admission to bigger career breaks and introduce him into a group of like-minded individuals where he can get insights that would help him in both his personal and professional development as an individual.

  • Anesthesia technician certification-basic requirements

    To be able to take the certification examination for anesthesia technicians, one must present proof of finishing a training program in anesthesia technology, a secondary diploma, and authentication that he was able to work as a regular and full-time as an anesthesia technician for two years. In addition to the papers mentioned above, one must also furnish an application form as well as pay for the examination which costs around $200 to $400. The completed application and the prepared requirements are then submitted to the body which facilitates the certification process. Upon submission, the applicant is given further instructions such as testing schedule, room location, testing requirements, as well as basic orientation on what to expect during the certification process.

    Anesthesia technician certification-the scope of the exam

    The certification exam is standardized in such a way that the number of items for each given topic is distributed in a rational manner. There are 120 questions based on operating room basics such as OR processes, equipment, and devices as well as anesthesia-related questions that may include kinds of anesthesia and their specific application, administration, anesthesia-delivery and monitoring, as well as proper patient handling.

    Anesthesia technician certification-examination administration

    The body in-charged in the certification process has specific guidelines laid down that are strictly implemented during the examination proper and applicants must strictly adhere to these. To name a few, there are regulations on bringing of gadgets and other personally-owned items, as well as timed toilet breaks, and rules on removal of applicant from the examination process in cases where certain offenses are committed.

    The examination for anesthesia technician is computer-based, meaning the questions are flashed in the monitor and the exam taker inputs his or her answer. After a given amount of time, the score is automatically generated so the taker knows right away if he passed the exam or not. Read more about anesthesia technician schools.

    In cases where the applicant was not able to reach the required passing score, he can reapply and retake the exam.

    Anesthesia technician certification-preparation

    To prepare for the certification examination, one can re-read through the modules and course materials handed out to him during his training. He may also opt to read references on anesthesia technology which can be of great help when it comes to theoretical knowledge on anesthetics. In addition, the technician must take every on-the-job case he handles as a learning venture as he can learn a lot from the actual duties that he perform while on duty. And in reality, these learning experiences can be of great help when it comes to more practical examinations such as the ones on operating room equipment familiarity and anesthesia techniques employed.

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