ultrasound technician in hospital

Technician salaries

  • Technician’s salary is basically determined by various factors such as years of work experience, advanced certification, geographic location, age factor and employment setting. Although, the jobs performed by the technicians in the healthcare field can vary based on their area of expertise, their salaries can vary as well. For instance, the medical technicians, also called as clinical laboratory technicians perform certain medical tests as advised by the healthcare personnel. They perform various scientific tests to analyze the tissue, blood, body fluids including other substances in the body. A medical laboratory technician works under the supervision of laboratory manager or a medical laboratory technologist. The job of a medical technician is to collect the blood, analyze it, to interpret medical reports based on the sample findings, analyze blood samples for blood counting, blood type determination, including blood transfusion purposes to name a few. This article focuses on some of the highest paid and lowest paid technician careers, employed in the field of health care, including their universal education requirements in order to advance and succeed their career in the United States. Technician salaries are very high compared to other carreers and lot of people find that technician career is very well paid after all.

  • Why are technician salaries so high or so low?

    Medical careers generally (its not focused on technician salaries) belong to the Education and Health care industry sectors according to the federal government. In the foreseeable future, most of the technician jobs in the field of health care sector focus on adding more jobs to the U.S. economy when compared to other sectors. It has been reported by the US government’s “Occupational Outlook Handbook” that about 30 percent of new jobs will be added to the sectors such as social services, health care, or education. In fact, the medical technician careers are expected to increase by more than 25 percent and offer employment for more than 4 million jobs to the US economy.

    ultrasound technician in hospital
    ultrasound technician

    What are the universal educational requirements to become a technician in the United States?

    In general, the technicians employed in the medical field follow the following educational requirement: An aspiring technician in the healthcare field should complete an entry level education (bachelor’s degree in life sciences or medical technology) and complete an associate’s degree or obtain a postsecondary certificate. The candidate should then complete a medical laboratory science program or an associate’s degree course in the field of clinical laboratory science that lasts for 1 to 2 years. Alternately the candidate with a bachelor’s degree can directly enter into medical laboratory scientific program that usually lasts for a year.

    For certification, one should receive a general or specialty certification as a medical laboratory technician by completing a certification program offered by technical or vocational schools. The medical technicians should complete an accredited education program to apply for the board examination and pass the board exams. This is followed by certification from a vocational college. The license should be maintained by periodically taking the continuing education programs.

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