Virologist salary

  • Virologist’s salary is around $70,000 in the United States. Virology is the study of diseases caused by viruses. Work as a virologist will require a bachelor’s degree for entry-level positions where one may start working as a laboratory technician. Once you gain a Master’s or a PhD, you may be allowed to partake in research or teach in universities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says that microbiologists that already includes those practicing as virologists have a median pay of $66,260 a year as of 2012. Keep reading for more information about virologist salary and career requirements.

  • Virologist job description

    Virologists are microbiologists who are concerned with the study of microorganisms that cause diseases like SARS, hepatitis, AIDS, rubella and herpes. Their main goal is to find ways to control these such as coming up with corresponding vaccination treatment to prevent epidemic. Many virologist are engaged in research work and work with other virologists as a team. Employment is open in medical research facilities and hospitals for this type of job.

    How much does a virologist make ?

    Average virologist salary

    The average salary of microbiologists that includes the practice of virology is $66,260 per annum or an equivalent rate of $31.86 in 2012 according to BLS. The bottom earners made less than $39,720 while the top 10% were able to make more than $117,690 in a year.

    Virologist salary in USA

    Glassdoor recorded salaries ranging from $40,000 to $92,000 for virologist working in the US. Salarylist on the other hand showed an average salary of $59,486 per annum. This website further showed that the minimum salary earned could be $35,525 while the highest is $99,000. seems to disagree with the website claiming that the average salary is $87,550 a year. Its other data shows a starting salary that falls within the rates of $57,680 and $86,520, senior average salaries of $82,400 to $123,600, and average salaries of $70,040 to $105,060.

    Virologist salary by state

    The top paying states for microbiologists are the following as listed in BLS: District of Columbia at $104,030; Maryland at $102,650; Louisiana at $87,020; Georgia at $85,710; and California at $85,430.

    Virologist salary in Canada

    WowJobs says that the average salary of virologists is Canada is CA$86,090 per year. Advisor4u showed a much lower result with the mean salary of CA$25,000 a year. PayScale showed a median salary of CA$42,619 for microbiologists with total pay ranging from CA$31,141 to CA$74,910.

    Virologist salary in UK

    MySalary claims that the average income earned by virologist in UK is £30,981 in a year. According to Prospects, microbiologists occupying healthcare scientist practitioner positions in NHS are earning salaries ranging from £21,388 to £27,901. Higher salaries are received by those working as healthcare scientist specialists, where they are earning some between the rates of £25,783 and £34,530. Team managers are able to bring home salaries of £30,764 to £40,558 while consultants or those in principal positions are making £39, 239 to £67,805. Practicing in London may allow you to earn higher salaries compared to other regions.

    Virologist salary in Australia

    Virologiss in Australia has an average salary of AU$25,600 a year according to Advisor4u. In PayScale, this country recorded a median salary of AU$55,025 per annum or an equivalent wage rate of $25 an hour for microbiologists. Basic salaried earned ranged from AU$42,712 to AU$71,054. Including other cash benefits like bonuses of AU$5,128 will give you a total pay rate of AU$40,556 to AU$74,888.

    Virologist salary in South Africa

    Microbiologist in South Africa have a median salary of R156,335 a year says PayScale. Standard pay rates could be anywhere from R73,800 to R283,943. Total pay could be from R81,428 to R303,802 if you add other cash benefits like bonuses of R750 to R25,721 to basic salaries.

    Virologist salary in New Zealand

    CareersNZ shows a salary range of NZ35,000 to $55,000 for microbiologists working as technicians in New Zealand. Those who have already earned their Master’s degree are able to make NZ$55,000 to NZ$75,000. Senior microbiologists who have a PhD under their belt are earning in between the rates of NZ$76,000 to NZ$94,000. The top earners, those who are considered more experienced, are able to make NZ$130,000 or possibly even more.

    Virologist salary in India

    PayScale revealed an average salary of Rs 146, 368 a year for microbiologists in India. You may be paid basic salaries of Rs 83,041 to Rs 720,000. Other cash benefits may be allowed in the form of bonuses of Rs 492.44 to Rs 30,067 and profit sharing of Rs 6,500 to Rs 72,500. Total pay could be from Rs 87,816 to Rs 720,010.

    How to become a virologist

    In order to become a virologist, the first step is to take a degree in biology, chemistry or microbiology that include courses in virology. This will be enough to let you work as a laboratory technician. However, if you plan to advance your career as a researcher or a professor, you will need to supplement your studies with a master’s or a PhD. This could be taken in combination with a degree in medicine and you can gain practical experience while enrolled in these programs.

    Conclusion about virologist salary

    A virologist needs a bachelor’s degree in order to work in entry-level positions. Work in research and in the education sector will require a postgraduate degree. Income earned increases as one gains more experience with senior virologist able to make more than $117,690 as shown in BLS.  Virologist salary is above average.

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