Ultrasound technologist salary

  • Average ultrasound technologist’s salary in USA is $67,164 per annum.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), both ultrasound technician and ultrasound technologist are job titles that refer to a single job. They are both categorized under diagnostic medical sonographer.  Contrary to how this job is seen by many as one that requires a simple and straightforward task of moving the equipment around the body and waiting until it captures images, it actually requires knowledge of the anatomy. Ultrasound technologists have to know what is on the screen and how to capture the image of what’s inside the body combined with the knowledge of the particular organ that is being navigated. The ultrasound technologists in the United States earn around $64,900 annually, making it one of the highest paid jobs in medical technology, keep reading for more information about ultrasound technologist salary and career requirements and schools.

  • Ultrasound Technologist Job Description

    Ultrasound technologists, or digital medical sonographers, are trained medical professionals who use special imaging equipment, an ultrasound machine that produces images of the internal organs that will be used in diagnosing and keeping track of medical conditions. Their usual tasks include taking patient’s history and entertaining their questions about the procedure; preparing and taking care of the imaging equipment; applying a gel to the patient’s body to facilitate the sound wave’s ability to see more of the internal parts of the body; operating the equipment; analyzing the images to see if quality images were obtained and if there are enough images of the area that will be diagnosed; identifying abnormal images from normal ones; studying images for preliminary findings; and recording findings and monitoring the patient’s records. Ultrasound technologist may specialize in abdominal sonography, obstetric and gynecologic sonography, breast sonography, neurosonograhpy, cardiac sonography, vascular sonography, musculoskeletal sonography, or ophthalmology. If you are interested about what do ultrasound techs do, read more here.

    How much does an Ultrasound Technologist make ?

    Average ultrasound technologist salary and wage

    Indeed reports have placed the median salary for ultrasound technologist in the US at $67,164 per year. The hourly wage, based on PayScale reports, ranges from around $18 to $37.

    Ultrasound technologist salary in the USA

    PayScale reports showed that the average yearly salary for ultrasound technologist in the US per year is around $36,894 to $78,325, with the median salary of $57,591. The hourly rate is from $18.36 to $36.70 and $22.47 to $59.66 per hour for overtime pay. Bonuses may reach up to $1,012 and profit sharing from some generous employers may range from $400 to $2,500. The BLS survey showed that the top 10% of the professionals in this field made more than $91,000 annually, while the lowest 10% only earned less than $44,000 annually.

    ultrasound technologist salary around the world
    ultrasound technologist salary

    Ultrasound technologist salary by state

    The biggest employers of these ultrasound technologists are doctor’s offices, hospitals, and diagnostic laboratories, while the highest paying employers are outpatient clinics, universities, and specialized hospitals. BLS reports also showed that California had the highest average annual salary, at $81,750, along with Colorado, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Connecticut. Alabama, on the other hand, had the lowest wages, at $49,910, along with Louisiana, West Virginia, and South Dakota.

    Experienced ultrasound technologist with 10 to 19 years of experience can earn $53,829 to $105,704, while those who are just starting make only $30,201 to $49,807.

    Certifications also factor in determining the salary of ultrasound technologists. American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers for OB-GYN (ARDMS) are paid $44,385 to $79,882, ARDMS for Abdomen techs are paid $45,384 to $80,000, and Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographers earn around $41,088 to $80,537 per year.

    Ultrasound technologist with a bachelor’s degree earn more at $44,385 to $119,195, while those who have an associate’s degree earn only $47,076 to $71,929 per year.

    Ultrasound technologist salary in Canada

    The average annual salary for ultrasound technologists in Canada ranges from C$35,874 to C$79,160 with a median salary of C$59,678. According to PayScale reports, the hourly rate ranges from C$18.38 to C$38.10 and the bonus may reach up to C$1,030.

    Indeed.com reported varying salaries for different job titles. Work as ultrasound technician assistants is paid C$22,000, as sonography radiology and imaging technician C$104,000, and as a radiology department manager C$123,000. Medical instrument technicians who have different specialties in echocardiography, vascular, and ultrasound earn C$56,000, C$53,000, and C$63,000, respectively.

    Ultrasound technologist salary in Australia

    The median salary for ultrasound technologist in Australia is AU$83,178 per year. Their annual salary on the average ranges from AU$50,335 to AU$138,171. The hourly wage is around AU$27.70 to AU$63.89 and the overtime pay is AU$63.50 to AU$98.62 per hour. Bonuses are also provided up to AU$10,022. Ultrasound technologists who have been working for one to four years have a salary that ranges from AU$49,132 to AU$77,527. Sonographers working Queensland can earn around AU$40,000 to AU$120,000. Those who are employed in the health care industry enjoy an annual salary of AU$58,000 to AU$81,389.

    Ultrasound technologist salary in the UK

    The annual salary for an ultrasound technologist or sonographer in the UK averages at around £34,969 to £44,584. Their median salary, according to PayScale, is £37,679. Based on the salary for sonographers in general, one to four years of experience would earn them £17,700 to £46,200 per year. Those who are working in hospitals usually take home £15,000 to £34,000 per year.

    Ultrasound technologist salary in South Africa

    PayScale reported the average yearly salary of ultrasound technologist in South Africa to range from R91,563 to R236,749 and the median salary to be R210,970. A bonus of up to R5,000 is given to those who have been working for one to four years in this field.  Paid sick leave and holidays are also provided, 3.7 weeks and 2.5 weeks, respectively.

    How to become an ultrasound technologist

    There are two ways to become an ultrasound technologist or sonographer. One may complete a two-year associate degree program in any accredited vocational school, community college, or hospital. The other option is to take a one-year certified program, which is available to professionals who have a degree in any related field. Training may be included in some ultrasound technology programs, but it is usually provided during the on-the-job program while being supervised by an experienced physician or ultrasound technician. It may run for a few weeks to a few months. Upon graduation, certification may be obtained from the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers or the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. Specializing in a certain area, such as obstetric, cardiac imaging, pediatric, or other areas can give candidates an edge in getting higher paying positions.

    Conclusion on ultrasound technologist salary

    Ultrasound technologist salary is one of the highest among other medical technologists.Finishing a one to four-year program on sonography may help ultrasound technologist get a job, but a certification or a specialization would help them find better opportunities with a higher compensation. However, it’s reported that seniority and job title pay even more for utlrasound technologist. As proof, senior ultrasound technologists earn an average of $72,010, supervisors earn around $79,640, while chief ultrasound tech earns approximately $76,445 per year.

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