Surgical technologist salary

  • Surgical technologist assists physicians in surgical operations, which is why they are also called as operating room technicians. Most of the time, they are on their feet and are required to always ware sterile clothing, or scrubs, while working in the OR. Full time workers often work in shifts, which include nights, weekends and even holidays. Surgical technologist has a positive employment outlook with a 19% growth between 2010 and 2020 throughout the US economy, as projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). According to, surgical technologist in the US receives a median salary of $40,497. Read more about surgical technologist salary and wage.

  • Surgical Technologist Job Description

    The main job of surgical technologist is to provide assistance in the operating room. According to the BLS, their tasks include preparing the ORs for surgery; sterilizing equipment; checking for adequate supplies that will be needed during surgery; preparing patients for surgery, such as washing or sanitizing the incision sites, and placing them on the table; and passing instruments and other supplies to surgeons and nurses during operations; and keeping track of the diagnostic equipment. Surgical technologist is also required to collect specimens from patients for lab analysis, hold retractors, or cut sutures. Some would work with sterilizers and suction machines. Surgical technologist is often tasked to clean the OR, sterilize the equipment used in the surgery, and replace the supplies that were used.

    How much does a surgical technologist make ?

    Average surgical technologist salary

    Average salary of surgical technologist in the US is around $40,710 every year and $13.28 to $24.41 every hour.

    Surgical technologist salary in USA

    The expected average salary for surgical technologist  in the US is $27,886 to $53,405 annually. Their median salary, as PayScale reported, is $40,710 every year. Aside from their basic salary, surgical technologist also receives an overtime pay of $12.36 to $37.07 per hour, a bonus pay of up to $996, and profit sharing of $34.52 to $2,838.

    According to the BLS report, the top paid 10 percent earned $59,150 in contrast to the lowest earnings of $28,860 per year. Twenty-year surgical technologists earn at around $36,634 to $58,326, while those who are still starting in their career earn $26,179 to $51,521.

    In terms of work settings, surgical technologist is working in specialty hospitals and universities and earn higher salary with a mean income of $47,860 and $47,900, respectively. Surgical technologists who work in outpatient centers and general hospitals earn less at $44,730 and $41,730 per year, respectively.

    surgical technologist salary in US, Australia and UK
    surgical technologist salary

    Surgical technologist salary by state

    Based on location, surgical technologist who works in the West and Northeast are paid the highest, while those in the south central region of the country are paid the lowest. Nevada is the highest paying state, at $53,990 per year, along with other high paying states, such as Hawaii, Alaska, California, and Massachusetts.

    The bulk of surgical technologists is working for surgical and general medical hospitals, which give them a mean salary of $41,730 per year. However, the highest paying employers are the sector of individual and family services, universities, colleges, and professional schools, and health practitioners’ offices. Rad more about differences in salaries of medical technologists.

    Surgical technologist salary in Canada

    The mean income for surgical technologist in Canada ranges from C$38,159 to C$60,309 per year. PayScale reported a median salary of C$44,152. A bonus of $1,578 is also provided for those who have already worked for one to four years in the field. The highest paid technicians earn C$27.75 per hour, while the lowest paid technicians are only paid $17.40 per hour. The mean hourly wage is C$22.19.

    Surgical technologist salary in Australia

    The expected median pay for surgical technologist in Australia is AU$61,060. The average wage per hour is about AU$40 to AU$45, with the highest pay being AU$55 per hour. Fresh graduates are often paid AU$25,000, while those who have been working for three to five years in the field earn over AU$40,000 per year.

    Surgical technologist salary in UK

    The mean annual salary for a surgical technologist in the UK is £45,000, or an hourly rate of £22.5. The age of surgical technologist affects the salary that they are getting. Workers in their 20s earn £33,750 per year, £44,100 for those in their 30s, and £52,200 for those in their 40s and 50s. The region in which they are working is another factor that changes the salary. Jobs that are based in London pay around £49,050, in Wales £37,800, and in Northern Ireland £40,500 annually. Those in the Southwest, Northwest, Southeast, and East of England are paid £39,150, £39,600, £46,350, and £37,350 per year, respectively.

    Surgical technologist salary in South Africa

    The average salary per month for surgical technologist in South Africa is R19,357, which is also the average salary for technical professionals in the health and medical jobs, seeing as how it belongs to the technical category of these jobs. The median salary for the professionals in this field is R16,899 per month. The minimum and maximum salary every month is R6,127 and R36,000, respectively. Surgical technologist, along with other technical workers in the health and medical field, earns an average hourly wage of R157, a maximum hourly wage of R489, and a minimum wage of R23.

    How to become a surgical technologist

    To become a surgical technologist, one has to finish high school or get a GED. A postsecondary education is also required and it can be obtained from any accredited vocational school or community college. These institutions offer programs in surgical technology that runs for several months to two years. After completing the program, an associate’s degree or a certificate is awarded. These programs usually touch on courses such as biology, anatomy, medical terminology, and other related topics. Students can hone their hands-on skills while working in supervised clinical settings. Certification from the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting gives the candidate a title of “Certified Surgical Technologist.” On the other hand, the certification provided by the National Center for Competency testing comes with a title “Tech in Surgery-Certified.” Another certification with the title “Certified Operating Room Surgical Technician” can be obtained after passing the exam conducted by the National Healthcare Association.

    Conclusion about surgical technologist

    Based on the BLS Occupation Employment and Wages report, the mean annual salary of surgical technologist is $43,480 and a mean hourly wage of $20.91. The main factors that affect their salary include the location, work setting, and employer type.

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