Radiologic technologist salary

  • Radiologic technologist, also called as radiographers or medical radiation technologist, operate medical imaging equipment that scans and captures images of the patients’ body. They used to be commonly called as x-ray technologist, but with the evolution of the technology used to take internal images, this job’s scope already includes mammography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and computed tomography. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has projected a positive outlook for this profession with a 28% growth rate expected between 2010 and 2020. The mean annual salary for a radiologic technologist is $56,450 with the mean hourly wage being $27.14. Keep reading fore more interesting information about radiologic technologist salary and educational requirements.

  • Radiologic Technologist Job Description

    The main task performed by radiologic technologist is to conduct imaging examinations on patients for easier diagnosis. Their duties at work include adjusting and looking after the imaging equipment; capturing internal images in the specific areas of the patient’s body, as ordered by the physicians; and helping the patients prepare for the imaging procedure, which also means getting their medical history and answering their questions about what might happen during the procedure. Aside from following the doctors’ orders, radiologic technologist is also bound to protect the patient’s privacy by blocking the exposed areas which are not needed for diagnosis and properly positioning both the patient and the equipment. Radiologic technologist also needs to know how to operate the equipment to capture clear internal images. Given their knowledge in the subject, they collaborate with radiologists in determining whether enough images were taken. Record keeping is also part of the job.

    How much does a Radiologic Technologist make ?

    Average radiologic technologist salary

    The mean annual income of radiologic technologist in the US, according to BLS, is $56,760, which means that radiologic technologist earns around $27.29 per hour for their average wage.

    Radiologic technologist salary in USA

    According to PayScale reports, the average annual salary of radiologic technologist in the US ranges from $33,759 to $64,624 and the average hourly wage is $16.19 to $29.75. Based on BLS figures, the lowest-paid 25% made around $44,910 per annum, while the top-paid 25% earned around $67,210 or higher.

    Experienced radiologic technologist with at least 20 years of experience earn $38,000 to $99,820, while the new workers only bring in $30,201 to $59,598 per annum for less than a year of experience.

    radiologic technologist salary in US,UK and CAN
    radiologic technologist salary

    Radiologic technologist salary by state

    The annual income in the top paying states of California, Maryland, and Hawaii is $68,650, $67,930, and $66,910, respectively. The biggest volume of radiologic technologists is working in West Virginia, where they are paid $44,330 per annum.

    The top paying industries are scientific research and development that paid $66,120, the outpatient care centers that paid $56,630, the medical and diagnostic labs that paid $59,100, and the general medical and surgical hospitals that paid $56,840 per annum.

    Radiologic technologist with higher positions are also paid more. Based on the survey conducted by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT), staff-level radiologic technologist earned $56,405; senior radiologis technologist earned higher at $65,573; chief technologist $71,064; technologist supervisors earned around $73,423; and department administrators earned $93,355 per annum.

    Radiologic technologist salary in Canada

    The expected average salary for radiologic technologist in Canada based on PayScale reports is C$48,168 to C$81,264 a year. Half of the population of radiologic technologists earned around C$55,394 per year. Every hour pays C$21.95 to C$38,94 with C$32 to C$61.50 per hour of overtime pay. Some employers are even reported to provide up to C$50 as bonus. In terms of the industry where they work, radiologic technologist is paid an hourly wage of C$25.43 to C$36.17 in health care, C$22.60 to C$32.05 in hospitals, and C$27.94 to C$29.96 in diagnostic imaging services. The relatively new workers with less than four years of experience only make an average hourly wage of C$14.30 to C$34.25, while the more seasoned ones with more than a decade of experience earn C$t28.19 to C$35.61 per hour.

    Radiologic technologist salary in Australia

    The median salary for radiologic technologist in Australia is around AU$67,111 per annum, while the average income ranges from AU$40,617 to AU$89,323 per year. Each hour spent at work would radiologic technologist earns an average of AU$24.45 to AU$42.34. Overtime pay bills at AU$37.18 to AU$79.46 per hour.

    In terms of experience, 20-year veterans are paid the highest at AU$67,664 to AU$80,904 per year, while those in their tenth to 19th year are paid AU$73,268 to AU$88,512. Workers who are still starting make AU$37,500 to AU$53,706 a year.

    In terms of location, Western Australia pays more at AU$29,194 to AU$97,343 annual salary. Those who are based in Queensland and Victoria follow at AU$30,000 to AU$87,429 and AU$33,433 to AU$82,168 peer year, respectively.

    The industry where the radiologic technologist is working also determine their annual salary. Those working in hospitals make around AU$35,478 to AU$88,769, those in health care make AU$30,201 to AU$85,482, and those in radiology make around AU$38,000 to AU$84,426 per year.

    Radiologic technologist salary in UK

    Based on PayScale reports the annual salary of radiologic technologist in the UK averages £19,631 to £40,096, while the median salary is at £26,129. Bonuses of up to £5,068 per annum may also be provided.

    Radiologic technologist with five to nine years of experience can make around £19,751 to £35,745, while those with less than four years of experience only make £16,458 to £31,147 per annum.

    The annual salary also varies based on the industry that employs the radiologic technologist. Health care pays the highest at £21,186 to £39,953 per annum; radiology pays £20,838 to £26,065; and hospital pays £19,847 to £25,422.

    Benefits are also provided, such as paid sick leave, paid holidays or vacation, company pension plan, and supplemental maternity leave.

    Radiologic technologist salary in South Africa

    The average annual salary for radiologic technologistsworking in South Africa ranges from R143,503 to R314,913, while the median salary, according to PayScale, is R199,416. Some radiologic technologists are given bonuses from R3,103 to R19,858.

    The starting salary averages at R120,350 to R237,060, increasing to R149,145 to R290,874 for those who have five to nine years of experience. However, the 20-year or older technologist earn even more at around R120,000 to R251,531 per year.

    Location-wise, Cape Town jobs for radiologic technologist pay more at around R140,532 to R353,915, followed by Durban at R171,488 to R302,017 and Johannesburg at R144,000 to R280,000 per year.

    Comparing the salaries depending on the type of employer, private companies compensate radiologic technologist more at R144,966 to R397,397 a year; hospitals pay around R123,948 to R355,662, private practice pays R142,785 to R253,457; and governments pay R123,948 to R355,662 annually. Radiologist technologist is one of the best paid medical technology careers.

    How to become a Radiologic technologist

    To become a radiologic technologist, most candidates choose to get an associate’s degree in radiologic technology, based on BLS reports. There are other programs though that run for 20 to 24 months or a bachelor’s degree program that usually last for four years as additional options toward the pathway of becoming a radiologic technologist. States have different licensing requirements, though most of them require radiology technologist to work only with a license. Certification exams are offered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). A certificate is provided only to those who finished an ARRT-accredited program and passed the exam. Aside from the certificate, radiologic technologist also needs to have certain qualities to do their job well, such as attention to detail, science and mathematical skills, interpersonal skills, technical skills, and stamina.

    Conclusion about radiologic technologist salary

    Seniority, degrees, and experience are the major factors that determine the salary of a radiologic technologist, although BLS reported an average annual salary of almost $57,000 per annum.

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