Polysomnographic technologist salary

  • Polysomnographic technologist’s salary (also know as sleep technologist salary or polysomnographer salary) can be up to 70,000 USD in some parts of USA. Polysomnographic technologists are also called as sleep technologists or polysomnographers because they mainly work in assessing, testing, and treating patients who are suffering from sleep disorders. There are three levels of positions for this occupation – Sleep Trainee, Sleep Technician, and Sleep Technologist. The trainee is the entry-level position, the technician is for those who have completed and mastered certain tasks, and the technologist is for those who have mastered tasks and obtained their certification through the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT). Based on the Advance for Respiratory Care and Sleep Medicine’s website figures, technologists who hold the Registered Polysomnographer Technologist (RPSGT) credential made $49,205 a year, while those who are not certified earned only $37,839. Check out more information about polysomnographic technologist salary and career requirements.

  • Polysomnographic technologist job description

    Polysomnographic technologist does more than just observe the sleeping patients. They walk the patients throughout the procedure, take them to the monitoring room, and apply sensors to their abdomen, chest, legs, scalp, and face. They also make sure that the equipment is properly calibrated for proper monitoring. After the tests are conducted, they will study the data and send recommendations to the supervising physician.

    Sleep technologist is expected to interact and communicate properly with the patients, especially those who are nervous about the procedure. They also need to be familiar with complex medical equipment and computers. It would help if they are organized to ensure that all the protocols in the tests are properly implemented.

    The job of the polysomnographic technologists requires them to sit or stand for extended periods of time during their typical three 12-hour shifts or four 10-hour shifts every week. Weight lifting is also included since supplies and equipment of up to 50 pounds may have to be moved around. Constant monitoring would require extensive use of the technologists’ eyesight.

    How much does a polysomnographic technologist make ?

    Average polysomnographic technologist salary

    The hourly wage of a polysomnographic technologist in the United States is $14.84 to $26.13 per hour, or around $30,225 to $59,892 based on PayScale reports.

    Polysomnographic technologist salary in the USA

    The median salary for polysomnographic technologist in the USA, according to PayScale, is $42,335. This can be boosted by the overtime pay of $23.75 to $33.97 per hour and a bonus of up to $1,014.

    Based on the PayScale’s reports for the salary of sleep technologists, those with one to four years of experience make around $10.93 to $22.47 per hour compared to the $15.66 to $26.36 hourly wage for techs with five to nine years of experience. Sleep techs who have worked for 10 to 19 years in the field take home around $25.01 to $29.01 per hour.

    Sleep technicians who are working for hospitals make $24.30 to $26.73 per hour, those in the health care industry earn around $14 to $25.50, and those in sleep centers get paid $12.48 to $27.09 per hour.

    Comparing salaries based on gender, male sleep technologists earn more at around $23.58 to $27.66 per hour. On the other hand, female technologists make $11.15 to $26.32 per hour.

    Based on positions, entry-level sleep technicians earn around $40,984 to $52,925 per year. Sleep lab managers and directors usually make $63,673 to $68,272 annually.

    polysomnographic technologist salary in USA, UK and Australia
    polysomnographic technologist salary

    Polysomnographic technologist salary by city and state

    Based on a Simply Hired, Inc. survey, Sleep technologists in the US earn differently based on the location of their workplace. The average salary for technologists working in Los Angeles and Chicago is $38,000 per year. However, New York City tops the list with a $40,000 annual salary for their sleep technologists. In Miami and Houston, techs earn $34,000 and $35,000, respectively. Smaller cities such as St. Louis, Missouri pay $34,000; Topeka, Kansas and Oklahoma City pay $31,000; and Laredo, Texas pays around $25,000 a year.

    According to SleepWeb, registered polysomnographic technologist is paid the highest in the Middle Atlantic region at $68,000 and the lowest in the West South Central at about $40,000 a year.

    Polysomnographic technologist salary in Canada

    The annual salary for a polysomnographic technologist averages C$30,659 to C$80,413 per year with a median salary of C$36,370. However, an RPSGT makes around C$40,045 to C$85,994 annually.

    The Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA) is a union that represents polysomnographic technologists. They can enter into an employment contract with the employers of sleep technologists and agree to come up with rates that are favorable for both parties. For example, these technologists earn around C$37.65 to $50.55 per hour if they work with Alberta Health Services, one of the employers in Canada. They might earn more depending on their training and education and for working during nights, weekends, and holidays.

    Polysomnographic technologist salary in Australia

    Based on PayScale reports, sleep technicians in Australia make around AU$36,179 to AU$65,080 a year, or AU$21.50 to AU$27.10 per hour. Their median salary is AU$49,953. For polysomnographic technologist with one to four years of experience, the hourly wage ranges from AU$22.44 to AU$25.43. Those who are working in New South Wales make AU$22.68 to AU$29.04 per hour.

    Polysomnographic technologist salary in the UK

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, among the jobs provided by respiratory therapists is diagnosing breathing problems for patients with sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea. In the UK, these therapists have a median salary of £19,397 annually. Their hourly wage is approximately £9.67 per hour. Based on their age, respiratory therapists in their 20s make around £14,503 and in their 30s make £18,951 per annum.

    Polysomnographic technologist salary in South Africa

    According to the BLS, polysomnographic technologists, or broadly respiratory therapists, can be classified along with fellow therapists. Their salary is comparable with that of other therapists.

    In South Africa, occupational therapists have an average annual salary of R94,687 to R267,610 a year. Their median salary is around R179,450. Without the bonus of about $24,417, their basic salary would be R93,957 to R238,417 a year.

    The more experienced occupational therapists with five to nine years of experience earn around R129,708 to R183,126 a year, while those who are just starting with one to four years of experience make R78,297 to R220,598 annually.

    Occupational therapists who are working in Cape Town earn R121,356 to R182,733; those in Johannesburg make around R129,708 to R240,000; and those in Pretoria bring home R78,000 to R180,000 a year.

    Polysomnographic technologist salary in New Zealand

    According to PayScale figures, the median salary for registered respiratory therapists who may specialize in sleep medicine is around NZ$86,857 per year.

    Polysomnographic technologist salary in India

    The median salary for polysomnographic technologist or sleep technologist, based on PayScale reports, in India is Rs184,799 per year. Respiratory therapists have a much higher median salary at Rs3,289,473 annually.

    How to become a polysomnographic technologist

    To become a polysomnographic technologist, one needs to complete coursework from a self-study, certificate, or a recognized degree program, according to BRPT. Typical coursework included in certificate and associate degree programs include polysomnographic patient care, sleep disorder pathology, polysomnographic equipment, and sleep study assessment techniques.

    Clinical internships are often required of the students. These subject students to the use of polysomnographic equipment, such as the electroencephalograph (EEG), electromyography (EMG), and electrooculogram (EOG) machines.

    The BRPT provide certification programs and exams. However, technologists need to complete at least 432 hours of work as paid sleep technologists before qualifying for the exam.

    Conclusion about polysomnographic technologist salary

    Based on Salary.com 2011 reports, the median salary for sleep polysomnographic technologists or sleep technicians in the US is $42,299. The top 10% made around $58,555, while the lowest 10% made less than $36,887 a year.Although some employers still hire polysomnographic technologists who are not registered, it pays more to hold an RPSGT credential. The registration leads to a higher compensation of about 8% to 10% more than the non-RPSGT techs, more bonuses, and increased job security. Polysomngraphic technologist salary can be much higher is some states compared to other medical technologists.

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