Nuclear medicine technologist salary

  • Nuclear medicine technologist’s salary in the United States is  $70,840 per annum. Nuclear medicine technologist operates a scanner to capture internal images of the patients’ body and give them radioactive drugs. The demand for nuclear medicine technologists in this occupation is expected to increase by 19% between 2010 and 2020, as estimated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This is due to the growing aging population of the United States, since the elderly is more likely to contract medical conditions that will require more medical imaging. Cross training is also common in the profession as nuclear medicine technologists also trains in CT, PET or MRI imaging.  Keep reading for more information about nuclear medicine technologist salary and career facts.

  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist Job Description

    The primary tasks of nuclear medicine technologist are to scan images of the specific area in the patients’ body and to administer radioactive drugs to the patients before letting them undergo scanning. These drugs will make the abnormal areas distinguishable from the normal areas in the images. Their duties also include educating the patients about the imaging procedure and patiently answering their questions and ensuring the patients’ safety and of themselves by preventing excessive exposure to radiation. Nuclear medicine technologist is also expected to check the imaging machines regularly and to prepare radioactive drugs that will be given to the patients. Afterwards, nuclear medicine technologists have to monitor the patients for any unusual reaction to drugs. When nothing goes wrong, nuclear medicine technologist has to move on to operating the imaging equipment and recording everything that happened during the procedure.

    How much does a Nuclear Medicine Technologist make ?

    Average nuclear medicine Technologist salary

    The average hourly rate of nuclear medicine technologist in the United States is $34.06, or an annual salary of $70,840, according to BLS reports.

    Nuclear medicine technologist salary in USA

    The average annual salary for nuclear medicine technologist in the US ranges from $48,699 to $83,024, based on PayScale reports, while the hourly wage is $23.30 to $38.81. The median salary is $62,165. Overtime work is paid $30.50 to $58.88 per hour. Generous employers share profits averaging $61.04 to $4,913 with bonuses up to $1,498.

    Based on industry settings, health care techs earn around $44,698 to $90,064; nuclear energy and allied techs earn $46,784 to $85,500; hospital techs earn $38,255 to $81,617; cardiologist office’s techs earn $47,667 to $77,644; and radiology techs earn $47,170 to $69,181 per annum.

    The skill or specialty of the nuclear medicine technologist also matters. Skills or knowledge in nuclear medicine pay $45,664 to $85,345; in Computed Tomography (CT) $45,958 to $85,694; in Positron Emission Tomography (PET) $40,547 to $89,237; in cardiology $45,339 to $85,643; and in radiology $58,958 to $81,116 per annum.

    Based on the 2010 survey conducted by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT), nuclear medicine technologist with a bachelor’s degree made $69,980 a year, nuclear medicine technologist with a master’s degree made $73,708, and those with only a postsecondary certification earned almost the same amount with $72,096.

    nuclear medicine technologist salary in US and Canada
    nuclear medicine technologist salary

    Nuclear medicine technologist salary in Canada

    The average salary for nuclear medicine technologist in Canada is C$42,713 to C$80,217 per year, with a median salary of C$62,569. Nuclear medicine technologists are paid an hourly wage of C$18.55 to C$37.63, with bonuses reaching up to C$1,000.

    Nuclear medicine technologist salary in Australia

    The annual salary for nuclear medicine technologist in Australia, based on PayScale, averages, AU$38,000 to AU$94,616, with the median salary being AU$72,004 per year. The basic salary ranges from AU$36,973 to AU$95,288 per annum, with a bonus possibly reaching up to AU$1,028. Nuclear medicine technologist with one to four years of experience make around AU$38,660 to AU$89,420. Those who stick to working in the radiology industry earn AU$50,500 to AU$90,497 per annum, while nuclear medicine technologist working in hospital earns AU$37,426 to AU$70,391.

    Nuclear medicine technologist salary in UK

    The average yearly salary for nuclear medicine technologist in the UK is around £25,244, or an hourly wage of £12.62. Based on age, nuclear medicine technologists in their 20s earn £18,933; those in their 30s earn £24,740; and those in their 40s and 50s earn £29,284.

    Nuclear medicine technologist who is working in London made £27,516; nuclear medicine technologist in Northern Ireland made £22,720; those in the Midlands made £23,477; and those in the Yorkshire and North East made £20,196 per annum. Workers in the North West, South West, South East, and East of England earned £22,215, £21,963, £26,002, and £20,953 per year, respectively. Those who are employed in Wales are paid around £21,205 while those in Scotland are paid £21,458 per year.

    Nuclear medicine technologist salary in South Africa

    The BLS has considered nuclear medicine technologist to be a similar occupation with medical and clinical laboratory technologist because they have both the same duties. Based on PayScale reports, medical/clinical lab technologists in South Africa earn an average of R109,064 to R325,530 per year, including the bonus of R1,014 to R25,466.

    Experience is rewarded with a higher compensation. There is a huge contrast between the average salary of new and veteran medical lab technologists. Those who only have one to four years of experience only earn around R85,612 to R245,109 per year, while lab technologist with 20 years of experience or more earn R215,392 to R300,000 per year.

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    How to become a nuclear medicine technologist

    To become a nuclear medicine technologist, one must have an undergraduate degree in nuclear medicine technology. Credentials in nuclear medicine will only be given to those with at least an associate’s degree in medical related fields.

    The typical courses in undergraduate degree programs usually include human anatomy imaging, radiopharmaceutical chemistry, nuclear medicine technologies, and nuclear medicine procedures. Certificate programs have almost the same coursework, but without math, physics or chemistry. Clinical rotations are also required to give the students hands-on experience in using the imaging equipment. State licensing requirements often determine the required clinical hours that students need to accomplish to get a certificate or degree.

    Certification can be obtained through the exams provided by the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB) or the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). Clean criminal records are also required before being admitted to any of these exams. Both certifying organizations also require workers to earn 24 units of continuing education every two years, which could be CPR certification courses, additional postsecondary nuclear medicine coursework, or other activities suggested by the credential granting boards.

    Conclusion about nuclear medicine technologist salary

    BLS reports showed that nuclear medical technologist earns around $70,000 annually, or $33.64 hourly. Nuclear medicine technologist salary is one of the highest in medical technology field. This is affected by factors, such as the location, the type of employer, and the workers’ experience, but less so the education obtained by the workers.

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