Medical technologist salary

  • Medical technologist’s salary  (shortly known as medical tech salary or med tech salary) is the United States is ranging between $39,000 and $78,310 per annum.Medical technologists collect and study body tissues as well as bodily fluids. They might be called as clinical laboratory scientists or medical laboratory scientists. Some people are confused about the right term to use, whether it’s medical technologist or clinical laboratory scientist. However, both these occupations have the same duties, the same training, and the same exams. It’s just a matter of terminology, as what might be preferred by the credentialing organization or the employer. For instance, technologists certified by the American Association of Bioanalysts (AAB) or the American Medical Technologists (AMT) would use the title MT(AAB) or MT(AMT), or be generally called medical technologists. On the other hand, those who are certified by the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) would use the title MLS, or medical laboratory scientists. Medical technologists earn from $39,000 to $78,600 per year.  Keep reading for more information about medical technologist salary.

  • Medical technologist job description

    Medical technologists study samples of tissue, blood, and body fluids to determine cell count, chemical content, blood type, or drug levels. Their work may also include looking for certain microorganisms, like parasites or bacteria. They also need to prepare the samples for analysis, operate equipment and special instrumentation, conduct tests all at once, and interpret the results. When the results are out, medical technologists work with lab directors or physicians while analyzing the patients’ data.

    The usual work environment for med techs includes the laboratories and hospitals. Since they are exposed to infectious specimens in their workplace, they are expected to follow all the sterilization and infection control protocols to minimize health risk. Their work usually requires them to stay on their feet for hours while working in the laboratory. Med techs who work in hospitals are often subject to emergency situations or irregular hours.

    How much does a medical technologist make ?

    Average medical technologist salary

     The average hourly wage for medical technologists in the United States is $21.12 per hour and average medical technologist salary $56,130 per year, based on BLS reports.

    Medical technologist salary in the USA

    The average salary for medical technologist working in the US ranges from $39,240 to $65,632 per year. Their hourly wage is $18.65 to $30.42 per hour, with overtime pay being $20.06 to $46.58 per hour. Bonuses from some employers may reach up to $965 and profit sharing ranges from $222.65 to $4,858.

    Medical technologists who are just starting make around $37,958 to $58,723 per annum. This climbs up to $37,179 to $55,389 for med techs with one to four years of experience; $40,053 to $63,367 for those with five to nine years of experience; and $40,587 to $69,818 for 10 to 19 years. Med techs who have spent more than 20 years in this occupation earn around $37,788 to $82,615 per year.

    Based on the industry that employs the med techs, the ones in medical laboratory earn more at around $46,369 to $81,445 per annum. This is followed by the $39,700 to $79,250 in professional lab services; $39,132 to $71,779 in health care; and $35,000 to $63,871 per year in hospitals.

    Specialties also help set the salary of med tech. Generalist duties pay $39,411 to $69,188; phlebotomy pays $44,175 to $59,300; molecular biology pays $34,963 to $59,598; and quality control pays $43,829 to $82,827 per annum.

    medical technologist salary around the world
    medical technologist salary

    Medical technologist salary by state

    Based on the ranking provided by BLS in terms of salary by state for medical and clinical lab technologists, which include the medical technologists, the top paying states are California at $63,000; Massachusetts at $67,000; Alaska at $47,000; Connecticut at $64,000; and Nevada at $51,000 per annum.

    In comparing the highest paying metropolitan areas, BLS has listed the following areas paired with figures from Stockton, CA pays $52,000; San Francisco-San Mateo-Redwood City, CA pays $74,000 to $77,000; Oakland-Fremon-Hayward, CA compensates at $73,000 to $76,000; Santa Barbara-Santa Maria-Goleta, CA pays $46,000 to $47,000; Chico, CA pays $58,000; Salinas, CA compensates around $55,000; Modesto, CA pays $52,000; Sacramento-Arden-Arcade- Roseville, CA pays $57,000; San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA pays $77,000; and Hanford-Corcoran, CA pays $58,000 per year.

    Medical technologist salary in Canada

    Medical technologist salary for those working in Canada averages around C$20,181 to C$77,501 per year, or C$20.35 to C$32.80 per hour. For those with generous employers, bonuses may be provided up to C$5,000. Vacation weeks are provided – 2.2 weeks for those with one to four years of experience and 3.3 weeks for those who’ve worked in the field for more than ten years. The most popular benefits include paid holidays, paid sick leave, life insurance or disability, company pension plan, supplemental maternity leave and education/training/tuition/certification reimbursement.

    Medical technologist salary in Australia

    The average medical technologist salary or clinical laboratory scientist salary in Australia is around AU$48,500 to AU$97,353 per year, with the basic salary being AU$49,193 to AUR$91,288. A bonus of up to AU$9,842 may be rewarded to some workers.

    New medical technologists earn only around AU$47,688 to AU$79,222, while those who have spent five to nine years in this occupation earn AU$50,321 to AU$99,753 per year. Med techs who have accumulated 10 to 19 years of experience can bring home AU$53,820 to AU$108,981 per annum.

    In comparing medical technologist salary by state, Victoria tops the list at AU$48,748 to AU$100,784 per annum. New South Wales follows at AU$49,665 to AU$93,952; Queensland at AU$55,893 to AU$92,738; Western Australia at AU$58,982 to AU$86,464; and South Australia at AU$48,322 to AU$86,417 per year.

    Medical technologists who are working in clinical research earn more than others at AU$49,739 to AU$103,502. This is followed by the other top paying industries of pharmaceuticals that pay AU$50,335 to AU$97,101; by medical pathology labs that pay AU$41,574 to AU$88,769; and by contract research organizations that pay AU$62,857 to AU$85,815 per annum.

    Medical technologist salary in the UK

    The medical technologists or clinical lab scientists in the UK have a median salary of around £31,567 per year and an average salary of £20,611 to £45,226 per year. They might also receive a bonus of around £4,924 per year.

    Salary by years of experience increases with time. Med techs with one to four years of experience make around £19,393 to £39,394 per year; those with five to nine years make £23,832 to £43,631; and those with 10 to 19 years of experience make £20,315 to £59,159.

    Based on location, med tech salary in London is around £24,126 to £47,344 per annum; in Berkshire around £12,365 to £58,175; in Manchester £20,873 to £40,828; in Edinburgh £28,696 to £38,710; and in Hampshire £28,496 to £34,593.

    BLS figures showed varying salaries by industry. Pharmaceuticals pay med techs around £24,859 to £51,521; health care pays £30,000 to £42,000; clinical research pays £19,641 to £39,894; and contract research organizations pay £25,942 to £36,625 annually.

    Medical technologist salary in South Africa

    Medical technologist salary for those working in South Africa is around R172,697 per year. PayScale noted a basic salary that is actually around R108,213 to R243,677. Add to it a bonus of up to R18,383 and you get an average annual salary for of R112,257 to R263,696.

    Medical technologists who are relatively new in the field with one to four years of experience make around R84,563 to R187,985; those with five to nine years of work earn R118,922 to R221,540; and those with 10 to 19 years of experience make R162,457 to R587,228 per annum. Med techs who may be considered veterans in their occupation with more than 20 years of experience take home around R138,000 to R213,600 annually.

    Comparing salaries by industry, medical pathology labs and health care pays almost the same salary at R118,783 to R213,046 and R119,832 to R218,729 per year, respectively. The professional lab services pay lower with R72,483 to R286,068 per annum.

    Medical technologist salary in New Zealand

    According to, the minimum salary for healthcare and medical professionals working in New Zealand is $62,094, while the maximum pay is around $77,817 a year. The mid-range salary for this occupation is $69,956.

    Based on Careers New Zealand, medical technologists, or medical laboratory scientists, earn around $48,000 to $61,000 a year.  Registered scientists usually have a starting pay of $48,000 annually. They move up to the $61,000 if they gain experience worth three to five years. Those who have been promoted to being senior scientists with management duties can make as much as $88,000 a year.

    Medical technologist salary in India

    The annual salary of medical technologist, also called clinical laboratory scientists, in India averages Rs120,855 to Rs656,283 annually. The median salary from the PayScale report is Rs310,779. A bonus of up to Rs51,521 may be provided as well as profit sharing of Rs112 to Rs33,000 and commissions of Rs20,000.

    Medical technologists who are just starting in the field earn Rs118,990 to Rss360,000; techs with one to four years make Rs110,702 to Rs518,456; and those with five to nine years of experience earn around Rs182,461 to Rs778,142 a year.

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    How to become a medical technologist

    To become a medical technologist, a bachelor’s degree is necessary. For those who want to move up to being a laboratory director, a master’s degree is required. Programs in medical technology, allied health technologies or clinical laboratory science help gear students for work as med techs. These programs usually have courses in physiology, anatomy, lab management, clinical microbiology, parasitology, immunology, and medical ethics. Internship is also included.

    Most of the employers require certifications from recognized associations, such as the ASCP and the NCA. Med techs certified by the ASCP earn the title MT or medical technologist, while those who were certified by the NCA can use CLS or clinical laboratory scientist.

    The states that require med techs to get their license in the US are Georgia, California, North Dakota, Nevada, Louisiana, Hawaii, West Virginia, Montana, Tennessee, Florida, and Rhode Island.

    Conclusion about medical technologist salary

    According to the BLS, the average medical technologist salary is around $57,010 per year. The highest paid med techs earn about $78,160, while the lowest paid techs earn only $39,550 annually. Medical technologists are not to be confused with clinical laboratory scientists because they refer to the same job. They earn an average salary of around $57,000, which varies based mainly on experience, geography, employer, and specialization. Medical technologist salary varies also from state to state, highest paid medical technologist works in Massachusetts.

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