Medical laboratory technologist salary

  • Medical laboratory technologist’s salary  is $58,640 per annum in the United States .Medical laboratory technologists (shortly known as medical lab tech, medical lab technician) are also called as medical laboratory scientists and clinical laboratory scientists. Although some might think of technologists as similar to medical laboratory technicians, they actually handle more complex procedures and they usually supervise technicians. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a positive employment outlook for this occupation with an estimated 13% growth rate for 2010 to 2020, which is the same as the average growth rate of the other occupations. It doesn’t even require work experience related to the job or on-the-job training, giving aspiring technologists a lot of opportunities to find work. As of 2010, the BLS reported a median pay of $46,680 annually, or $22.44 per hour.Keep reading for more interesting information about medical laboratory technologist salary.

  • Medical Laboratory Technologist Job Description

    The main job of medical lab technologist is to collect samples and conduct tests to study the urine, body fluids, tissue samples, and other substances to find out if they are normal or not. They also collect and analyze blood samples that will be used for transfusions to check their cells, the blood type, the blood group, and their compatibility with certain blood types. It is also expected of medical lab techs to handle cell counters, microscopes and other laboratory equipment. In order to aid in their tests, they also need to deal with automated equipment and most of the time, computerized equipment that will perform the tests. After the tests or procedures, they need to record everything from the performance of the procedure to the results in the medical record of the patients. Medical lab techs usually work closely with other physicians, who they discuss the results of the tests with.

    How much does a medical laboratory technologist make ?

    Average medical laboratory technologist salary

    The average hourly wage of medical laboratory technologists in the United States, according to the BLS, is around $28.19 per hour with the average annual salary for MLT is $58,640 per year.

    Medical laboratory technologist salary in the USA

    The mean annual salary for medical laboratory technologists in the US, based on PayScale reports, ranges from $34,772 to $64,191 a year. Their wage per hour is $16.26 to $29.79 and the overtime pay for hard working techs is $11.93 to $44.80 per hour. Some employers give bonuses of up to $1,044 and profit sharing from $0.86 to $2,051.

    For medical lab techs with less than a year of experience, the expected salary is $30,389 to $59,910 a year; for one to four years, $32,990 to $55,786; for five to nine-years, $30,639 to $63,079; for 10 to 19 years, $38,619 to $70,528; and for long time techs with over 20 years of experience, $41,471 to $77,514 per annum.

    Medical lab technologists who are working in different industries also receive varying compensations. One who’s working in clinical research receives a slightly higher pay of $34,255 to $75,503; one in the hospital earns $36,547 to $68,099; a technologist in the medical diagnostic equipment industry gets $24,730 to $67,871; one in health care makes $37,094 to $64,021; and one in medical pathology lab earns $34,382 to $52,072 a year.

    Based on gender, female technologists receive $35,619 to $70,260 while male technologists get $38,941 to $67,334 per year as compensation.

    Depending on the duties that they perform, medical lab techs are paid differently. Those with generalist duties earn around $36,026 to $61,960; techs who perform technical analysis get $35,971 to $64,899; and techs who received phlebotomy training make around $28,394 to $65,500 per annum. Medical lab techs who conduct PCR analysis get $36,394 to $68,326; those who perform troubleshooting activities earn around $32,400 to $64,862; and those who know molecular biology make $35,101 to $66,070 a year. Technologists who oversee quality control usually receive $35,752 to $2,306 a year.

    medical laboratory technologist salary in USA
    medical laboratory technologist salary

    Medical laboratory technologist salary by state

    Based on BLS reports, the top paying states for medical lab technologists are California at $77,500 a year, followed by Massachusetts at $67,570; Alaska at $66,760; Connecticut at $66,740; and Nevada at $66,200 per annum.

    The reports also showed several metropolitan areas with the highest salaries for medical lab techs. Stockton, CA topped the list with an annual salary of $91,590. This is followed by San-Francisco-San Mateo-Redwood City, CA at $91,040; Oakland-Fremont-Hayward, CA at $85,150; Santa Barbara-Santa Maria-Goleta, CA at $84,800; and Chico, CA at $84,690. The second half of the list includes Salinas, CA that pays $84,830; Modesto, CA that pays $83,860; Sacramento–Arden-Arcade–Roseville, CA that pays $82,530; San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA that compensates with $81,480; and Hanford-Corcoran, CA that pays medical lab techs an annual wage of $80,320 a year.

    For the top paying nonmetropolitan areas, medical lab techs in the Mother Lode Region of California earn $87,020; in the Northern Mountains Region of California, $82,190 in the North Coast region of California, $81,350; in the North Central Colorado area, $71,990; and in the Southeast Alaska area, $71,770 per year.

    Medical laboratory technologist salary in Canada

    The medical laboratory technologist salary for those working in Canada is around C$31,796 to C$76,014 a year, or C$16.74 to C$37.23 per hour. Overtime pay is C$1.48 to C$59.03 per hour.  A bonus of up to C$1,987 may be added to the basic salary of the technologists.

    Experienced technologists with 10 to 19 years of field practice earn around C$30,070 to C$57,493, while those with only five to nine years in the business make C$47,995 to C$59,102. Technologists who are just starting earn around C$20,426 to C$60,402 per year.

    In terms of benefits, medical lab technologists are well provided. They get a paid sick leave of about C$33,442 to C$62,000; life insurance/disability of C$35,500 to C$66,500; paid holidays worth C$34,347 to C$63,077; and supplemental maternity leave of C$34,052 to C$63,000 a year.

    Medical laboratory technologist salary in Australia

    The average medical laboratory technologist salary in Australia ranges from AU$13,901 to AU$113,672 per year. The basic salary is actually AU$13,165 to AU$73,533 but with a bonus of up to AU$47,344, it leads to a higher annual pay.

    Medical lab technologistswho has spent one to four years in the business earns AU$25,726 to AU$56,375, while those who have been working for five to nine years in this field make AU$48,054 to AU$87,431 a year.

    Medical laboratory technologist salary in the UK

    The average yearly pay for medical laboratory technologist in the UK is around £15,000 to £36,110 per year. PayScale reported their median salary to be £22,999.

    According to Prospects, scientific lab technicians, who belong in the same category as medical lab technologists, earn around £13,500 to £19,000 for entry-level positions. Technologists holding senior positions with a few years of experience make around £20,000 to £25,000 a year. Highly experienced technologists who are in supervisory or management positions usually receive around £30,000 to £40,000 a year.

    Medical laboratory technologist salary in South Africa

    The annual salary for medical laboratory technologist in South Africa ranges from R109,064 to R325,530 a year, with the basic salary being R104,192 to R302,524 and a bonus of R1,014 to R25,466.

    Technologists who are new to the field with one to four years of experience can make around R85,612 to R245,109, but this increases to around R140,405 to R379,843 for those with five to nine years of accumulated knowledge and expertise in the occupation. Older technologists with 10 to 19 years of experience earn R116,350 to R343,152, while 20-year veterans in the field can expect to make around R215,392 to R300,000 annually.

    Medical laboratory technologist salary in New Zealand

    The mean annual pay for medical laboratory technologist in New Zealand is around NZ$48,500 to NZ$   71,645 a year. PayScale showed a median salary of NZ$52,933.

    Medical laboratory technologist salary in India

    The average salary for medical laboratory technologist in India ranges from Rs62,848 to Rs591,795 a year. However, this is already the combination of the basic salary of Rs60,402 to Rs476,781 and a bonus of around Rs48.94 to Rs119,195.

    Medical lab technologists who have been in this line of work for one to four years make around Rs117,916 to Rs264,000, while techs who have worked longer for 10 to 19 years earn Rs106,125 to Rs366,251 a year.

    Technologists who are employed by a company earn about Rs114,000 to Rs480,000. Those who chose to work for hospitals make Rs61,825 to Rs465,398 a year.

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    How to become a medical laboratory technologist

    To become a medical laboratory technologist, one needs to obtain a bachelor’s degree in medical technology or a similar field. However, those who only have an associate’s degree may be hired by some employers, depending on whether they already had a specific OJT training. Only programs that are accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences should be taken. These programs usually expose students to classroom lectures as well as clinical experience to teach the necessary knowledge and skills during lab work.

    Specializations are available. One may focus on hematology, where they collect blood samples and work mostly at the blood bank, or on cytotechnology, where they study cells and look for any signs of a possible medical condition.

    Certification is provided by the American Society for Clinical Pathology. Exams are available for medical laboratory personnel, such as Medical Laboratory Scientist, Histotechnologist, Cytotechnologist, and Hematologist.

    Conclusion about medical laboratory technologist salary

    Based on BLS reports, the average medical laboratory technologist salary in the US is around $58,640. The top 10% earn $78,900 while the lowest 10% make $38,580 per year. The median salary is around $57,580. Medical laboratory technologist can always choose to not only get their certification, but also a specialization. They have a lot of areas to look into, such as clinical chemistry, hematology, clinical microbiology, histotechnology, cytotechnology, transfusion medicine, and clinical genetics

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