Histologist salary

  • Histologist’s salary is around $53,000 in the United States. Histologists do work that helps detect, diagnose, and treat diseases. It is their job to examine and study body fluids and cells. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) cited that the demand for histologists is estimated to increase by 14% from 2006 to 2016. There is a growing need of laboratory tests due to the ballooning population and the development of new types of lab tests. Histologists are expected to find work in hospitals, although there is a competition in employment in the form of diagnostic and medical laboratories. With the help of further research and development to simplify routine testing procedures, even non-laboratory personnel might be able to conduct these tests. Employment might also pick up as more powerful diagnostic tests will be developed. Keep reading for more information about histologist salary and career requirements.

  • Histologist job description

    When a patient needs blood transfusion, a histologist has to examine and verify that the blood to be donated matches the blood type of the patient. It is also the histologist’s job to check and confirm the results of the tested blood samples, as well as examine the blood for viruses, bacteria, parasites, or other contaminants. Histologists use laboratory equipment and instruments to prepare, slice, and stain samples that have to be examined under a microscope. They are also responsible for giving the lab results to the doctors, who will make the medical diagnosis. Most histologists barely deal with patients. For those who are employed in surgical departments, they have to conduct the lab tests on the samples following a strict deadline, causing some work-related stress.

    How much does a histologist make ?

    Average histologist salary

    The median histologist’s salary is $53,517, with the median wage being $26, as of May 2015.

    Histologist salary in the US

    According to PayScale, the histologist salary is $54,610. Their salary ranges between $30,670 and $68,861. Their median wage is reported to be $22, with it ranging between $13.91 and $29.91. If they work overtime, they earn between $15.13 and $45.66 per hour.

    Salary.com has more or less the same figure in its reports about a histologist’s salary. The site showed their median pay to be $53,517. Based on their survey, those in the 90th percentile earn $60,984 or more, while those in the 10th percentile make only $48,572 or less. Those in the 25th percentile take home an average histologist’s salary of $50,928, while those in the 75th percentile make around $57,425. As for their wages, 50% of the site’s respondents make $26 per hour. The highest wage was around $29, while the lowest was $23.

    On top of the base histologist’s salary, these medical professionals also enjoy several benefits, as per Salary.com’s reports. They receive social security benefits amounting to $4,098, disability benefits worth $482, pension valued at $3,374, healthcare benefits of about $6,592, time off benefits valued at $6,592, and 401K/403B worth $1,928.

    Histologist salary by city/state in the US

    Simply Hired has shown that among the top paying states for histologist are New York, where the histologist’s salary was $58,000; Mississippi, $57,000; and Massachusetts, Virgin Islands, and Washington DC, where their salary was $56,000.

    Based on the salary report for medical and clinical laboratory technologists in the US, the Oakland-Fremont-Hayward, CA division paid the highest histologist salary of $96,150 among metropolitan cities. This is followed by $92,600 earned by histologist in Chico, CA; $91,520 in Stockton, CA; $90,750 in the San Francisco-San Mateo-Redwood City, CA area; and $88,960 in the Santa Cruz-Watsonville, CA area.

    Histologist salary in Canada

    Histologist earns a median salary of $56,116, according to Salary.com. The highest histologist’s salary earned by those in the 90th percentile was $67,083, while the lowest salary was $42,644. The survey report also showed that histologists in the 25th percentile earned $49,064, while those in the 75th percentile made $61,857 per year.

    Histologist salary in Australia

    Based on the salary of histopathologists in Australia, histologists may also be earning around AU$275,000 per year. The salary for those in the relevant profession of medical and clinical laboratory technologists ranges between AU$39,928 and AU$83,991. The histologist’s salary is more or less in the same salary range.

    Histologist salary in the UK

    There are no salary reports about the histologist’s salary in the UK. However, the relevant medical professionals, medical/clinical laboratory technologists, earn between £12,000 and £40,976. Their median salary was £23,899.

    Histologist salary in South Africa

    There are no specific histologist’s salary reports about histologist in South Africa. However, medical laboratory technicians take home between R78,996 and R209,120 per year. Their median pay is around R134,089, according to PayScale.

    How to become a histologist

    To become a histologist or histotechnician, one needs to complete certificate or associate degree programs. These should be accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS). Typical coursework in these programs includes microanatomy, cell biology, molecular biology, human anatomy, microanatomy, and chemistry. Students will also be taught about histological techniques, such as collecting tissue samples, getting samples ready for examination, preparing samples into various sections, staining the samples, and putting samples onto slides.

    Histotechnologists have to complete a bachelor’s degree in medical or clinical laboratory sciences, with focus on histotechnology. Students have to join internships and clinical rotation programs. They may take part in clinical rotations in pediatric hospitals, cancer research centers, or general medical facilities. Classes under these programs usually include physiology, human anatomy, immunology, pathology, bodily fluids, microanatomy, and cytochemistry. These programs also teach students about basic and advanced histological techniques.

    Histologists must take the necessary licenses, although licensing requirements vary between technologists and technicians. Licenses must be maintained depending on state regulations. It could be proof of employment or payment of license renewal fees. Some states require a few hours of continuing education every two years.

    Getting certification is also important. The American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification provides certification to histologists.

    Conclusion about histologist salary

    Histologist earns around $53,517 in median salary. The top 10% earned $60,984, while the bottom 10% only took home $48,572 in histologist’s salary.

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