Cytotechnologist salary

  • Cytotechnologist, or cytologist, examines cellular materials and read cell samples. Cytotechnology is one of the specialized fields to which medical and clinical laboratory technicians can branch out to. Cytotechs are among the top earning technical laboratory staff. Their average salary, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is around $58,120 per annum. The projected growth for this occupation is only 11%, lower than the 14% expected growth for the other occupations in the US for 2010 to 2020. According to the survey conducted by the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) in 2011, cytologists only had a 5.14% vacancy rate, which is the lowest in the country any discipline. Keep reading more information about cytotechnologist salary ( also known as cytologist salary).

  • Cytotechnologist Job Description

    The work of a cytotechnologist mainly involves studying human cells using powerful microscopes. An important part of the cytotechnologist’s training is to recognize the well-defined structure of the human cells, which can help them identify irregularities and dysfunctions in the tissue samples of the patients. Their work can aid in early detecting chronic medical conditions and diseases through cellular anomalies, which can save lives. Cytologists also work alongside pathologists although the bulk of their work, mostly microscopic and analytical tasks, is performed on their own. Cytotechnologist also studies Pap tests, which determine if the patient has cervical cancer or not. Other duties also include collection, preparation, and interpretation of specimens for tissue and fluid testing. Cytotechnologist usually works for laboratories, research facilities, hospitals, and universities.

    How much does a cytotechnologist make ?

    Average cytotechnologist salary

    The average salary for cytotechnologist annually is $61,235, or $29.44 per hour, based on the survey conducted by the ASCP. reports showed a median expected salary of $66,686 per annum.

    Cytotechnologist salary in the USA

    The average annual salary for cytotechnologist in the US ranges from $48,804 to $79,886. The reported median salary, based on PayScale figures, is $62,418 per year. Cytologists are paid $23.50 to $37.77 per hour and $32.30 to $61.28 for overtime pay. Some employers give away a bonus of as high as $1,033 and profit sharing of $1,027 to $2,916.

    Experience still pays more in this occupation. Cytotechnologist with less than a year of experience earns $40,337 to $58, 193; techs with one to four years earn $44,544 to $73,974; techs with five to nine years earn $53,909 to $77,687; techs with 10 to 19 years earn $52,807 to $81,128; and those who’ve been working for 20 years or more earn $61,614 to $99,619 per annum.

    According to the ASCP 2010 survey, staff-level cytologists earned $61,235 while supervisors made $71,261 per annum. The same organization’s survey showed that California is the highest paying state for this occupation, at an average of $78,208 per year, followed by New York, Washington, Texas, and Minnesota. On the other hand, the lowest paying state is Ohio, at an average of $58,115 per year. But a BLS survey showed South Carolina as the lowest paying state as it paid only $44,760 per year.

    Based on the workplace, ASCP noted that research facilities and hospitals pay more compared to outpatient care centers and non-pathologist physicians’ offices. A BLS survey showed that cytotechnologist working for the federal government ears more, at $64,610, followed by other high paying jobs, such as in specialty hospitals or in managing their own consulting business or pathology lab.

    cytotechnologist salary in US, Australia and UK
    cytotechnologist salary

    Cytotechnologist salary in Canada

    The median salary for cytotechnologist in Canada is C$47,816 to C$68,784 per year, with a median salary of C$53,303, based on PayScale reports.

    But based on the Alberta Wage and Salary Survey, the average hourly wage for pathologist’s assistant, under which cytotechnologists are classified, is C$29.85 to C$42.84. The median hourly wage ranges from C$29.82 to C$44.44. The overall average wage per hour is C$37.17, or C$68,612 per year. Based on the same survey, cytologists in public administration are paid C$73,248, while those in health care and social assistance are paid C$67,722 per year.

    Cytotechnologist salary in Australia

    The average salary for medical and clinical lab technicians, the broader job title for cytotechnologists, in Australia ranges from AU$40,694 to AU$70,469 per year. Cytotechnologist is paid from AU$18.86 to AU$27.82 per hour and from AU$3.82 to AU$32.01 for overtime work. Aside from their basic salary, cytotechnologist might get a bonus of up to AU$4,932. Lab technicians who have been working for one to four years can earn around AU$39,677 to AU$55,028 per year.

    Cytotechnologist salary in UK

    The annual salary for cytotechnologist or medical and clinical lab technicians in the UK averages £12,964 to £24,240 per year, with PayScale reporting a salary of £17,825 per year. The hourly wage ranges from £12,736 to £24,468. Some employers give a bonus of up to £800 in addition to the basic salary. Those who have worked for one to four years earn around £13,200 to £20,500 per year. Cytotechnologist who works in a company are paid £13,588 to £19.075 per year. Those who obtained a bachelor’s degree usually earn £15,950 to £21,500 per year.

    Cytotechnologist salary in South Africa

    The average salary for cytotechnologists or medical and clinical lab technicians in South Africa is R73,180 to 182,035 per year plus a bonus of up to R20,134, bringing the total pay to R73,454 to R205,155. Technicians who have one to four years of experience earn R73,180 to R114,000 per year, while those who have spent five to nine years in the profession earn around R89,465 to R237,828 per year. Depending on the location of the workplace, Cape Town techs are paid R116,526 to R183,126, higher than those working in Johannesburg who get paid R74,400 to R168,000 per year. The industry that employed the technicians also affect their salary, with those in health care earning more at R110,443 to R181,500 than those in medical pathology labs, who earn around R24,328 to R117,539 per year.

    How to become a cytotechnologist

    To become a cytotechnologist, one needs to have a bachelor’s degree and to complete a hospital-based or university Cytotechnology program accredited by the CAAHEP or Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Programs. The ASCP provides a certification program, which most employers require. Several states also require cytologists to have a license before working. Those who are experienced and have obtained a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree may be awarded another ASCP certification to specialize on cytotechnology. This is one of the requirements for CTs who want to move up to supervisory positions.

    Conclusion about cytotechnologist salary

    Based on BLS reports, cytotechnologist is specialized medical and clinical lab technicians who focus on studying the human body cells and their irregularities. ASCP reported an annual salary of $61,235, or a wage of $29.44 per hour. Cytotechnologist salary is one of the highest among other medical tech salaries.  BLS showed 25% of the group earning $68,320 or more, while the top 10% earned $78,610 per year.

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