Veterinarian assistant salary

  • Veterinarian assistant’s salary $25,000 in the United States. Veterinarian assistants help veterinarians in performing their tasks. They are mainly responsible for animal care, maintenance, and routine cleaning. They usually work in animal hospitals, research laboratories, and clinics. Their work is often requires a lot of physical and emotional effort. The average veterinarian assistant salary was reported to be around $23,130, as of the May 2012 report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The bureau also estimated a 10% growth in the demand for veterinarian assistants, along with laboratory animal caretakers, from 2012 to 2022. This is as fast as the average employment growth for all occupations in the country. Keep reading for more information about veterinarian assistant salary and career requirements.

  • Veterinarian assistant job description

    Veterinarian assistants keep the animals clean, healthy, and safe. It is their responsibility to bathe and sanitize animal cages, perform routine caretaking tasks like weighing and feeding the animals, and sterilize surgical equipment. They collect the animal’s blood, tissue samples and urine, administer medications, observe the animals during surgery, and conduct lab tests. They also update the charts of daily care for the animals.

    Veterinarian assistants help pet owners when they struggle with their pets. They also communicate directly with the pet owners and help them enjoy a positive experience. It is also their job to teach pet owners about different pet illnesses, general care, medications, as well as address all the concerns and questions of the pet owners.

    How much does a veterinarian assistant make ?

    Average veterinarian assistant salary

    The BLS reported that the average veterinarian assistant’s salary is around $25,110, while their wage is around $12.07.

    Veterinarian assistant salary in the US

    PayScale surveys show that the veterinarian assistant salary ranges from $17,875 to $31,898, with the median pay being $25,992. Their basic salary usually ranges between $18,657 and $46,112, with the bonus possibly reaching more than $500 and the commission reaching more than $2,200. Their typical wage ranges from $8.45 to $14.62. Overtime pay ranges from $12.19 to $21.69.

    Veterinarian assistants in entry-level positions usually earn between $17,249 and $29,784. Those in mid-career positions take home an annual pay ranging between $19,971 and $32,926. Those who are more experienced receive a veterinarian assistant’s salary ranging between $20,765 and $35,317. Veterinarian assistants in their late-career usually make between $19,270 and $39,299 per year.

    The BLS showed that the industry with the highest levels of employment for veterinarian assistants is the industry of other professional, scientific, and technical services. This is the same industry with the highest concentration of employment in this profession, where the veterinarian assistant’s salary is around $23,940.

    The bureau also showed that the industry with the highest veterinarian assistant salary of $39,880 is that of the local government. The other high-paying industries for this occupation include pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing, where the annual pay was $35,720; general medical and surgical hospitals, $35,500; junior colleges, $34,920; and colleges, universities, and professional schools, $33,000.

    Veterinarian assistant salary by city/state in the US

    According to the BLS, the District of Columbia was the highest paying state, where the veterinarian assistant’s salary was $36,020. The other top paying states include Massachusetts, where the annual pay was $31,730; Connecticut, $29,550; Delaware, $229,360; and California, $29,040.

    The bureau also reported that the city that paid the highest veterinarian assistant salary was $38,500.  Veterinarian assistants also earn more in the cities of Ithaca, NY, where they earned $36,210; San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA, $34,860; Norwich-New London, CT-RI, $34,730; and Boston-Cambridge-Quincy, MA-NECTA, $34,650.

    Veterinarian assistant salary in Canada

    Veterinarian assistants in Canada receive an annual pay ranging between C$21,474 and C$34,174, according to PayScale. The website also showed the median veterinarian assistant’s salary to be C$29,208. Hourly wages usually range from C$10.36 to C$16.06, while overtime pay is typically provided up to C$23.23 per hour. Entry-level positions are reported to come with a veterinarian assistant salary ranging from C$21,247 to C$31,996.

    On the other hand, showed the median pay for veterinarian assistants to be around C$29,792. The top 10% earned around C$41,529 or more per year, while the bottom 10% took home a veterinarian assistant’s salary of C$18,735 or less per year.

    Veterinarian assistant salary in Australia

    In Australia, veterinary assistants also go by the titles of veterinary nurse, veterinary technician, or animal nurse. According to PayScale, the typical veterinarian assistant’s salary ranges from AU$33,364 to AU$51,199. Their median pay was shown to be around AU$39,753. Their wages are between AU$16.17 and AU$3.97, while overtime pay was reported to be between AU$12.11 and AU$39.37.

    Open Universities Australia reported that the starting veterinarian assistant salary is usually around AU$30,000. Those occupying senior positions usually take home AU$52,500. Their average salary is shown to be around AU$42,000.

    Living in Australia showed that the veterinarian assistant’s salary in Sydney ranges from AU$40,000 to AU$45,000. Those who are based in Brisbane are paid lower, with an annual pay ranging from AU$37,000 to AU$42,000. Lead veterinarian assistant based in Melbourne earns between AU$50,000 and AU$55,000.

    Veterinarian assistant salary in the UK

    The median veterinarian assistant’s salary in the UK is around £16,915, based on PayScale survey reports. Their total salary typically ranges between £12,391 and £22,189. The surveys also showed their wages usually range between £6.42 and £11.24. If the assistant works overtime, they will earn between £6.43 and £15.57 per hour.

    According to the National Careers Service, the veterinarian assistant salary in the country ranges between £14,000 and £22,000, based on their experience. Senior veterinary assistant may earn around £25,000 per year. These professionals usually work around 35 to 40 hours per week, with weekend, evening, and on-call duties.

    Veterinarian assistant salary in South Africa

    Veterinarian assistant in South Africa earns an average of R303,557 per year, based on PayScale reports. This is higher than the R270,000 salary of a practice manager, but a bit lower than the R337,978 salary of a veterinarian in the country.

    How to become a veterinarian assistant

    To become a veterinarian assistant, one needs to have at least a high school diploma or GED. Aspiring veterinarian assistant may complete a non-degree program to get a certificate, although employers do not require certification. They usually look for applicants who hold an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in animal science.

    Most of the training for veterinarian assistant is provided on the job, although some certificate programs my provide it. Training is often provided by the more experienced colleagues. They will be taught feeding, examining animals, watering, cleaning and sanitizing work areas and cages, sterilizing surgical instruments and lab equipment, administering medications, giving post-operative care, and collecting specimens for laboratory study. Veterinarian assistants are also trained to keep records and assist customers.

    Although certification is not required, some employers do look for it. It is usually provided by some private organizations and state veterinary societies. Certification requirements vary, although the most common requirements include educational coursework, hands-on training, and a final written examination.

    Conclusion about veterinarian assistant salary

    The veterinarian assistant’s salary is around $25,110. The top 10% earners made $35,680 or more, while the bottom 10% earners received only $17,380 or less per year.

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