Vascular surgeon salary

  • Vascular surgeon’s salary usually depends upon several determinants like accredited degree certificate, advanced certification, geographic location, level of experience, work experience, and employment setting. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) salary reports, the annual salary for a vascular surgeon (subspecialty in specialist physician or surgeon) is around $339,738 per annum respectively.  In general, majority of the vascular surgeons receive an average annual salary of around $331,560 per annum. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the job demand for vascular surgeons may increase between by up to 22 percent until 2018, thus providing an opportunity for the vascular surgeons to earn competitive remuneration packages. Keep reading if you are interested in vascular surgeon salary.

  • Vascular surgeon job description

    A vascular surgeon is a doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating different vascular diseases (diseases of the blood vessels) that affect various regions of the body, especially human blood vessels, capillaries and arteries, excluding the heart and brain. Vascular surgeon treats the vascular disorders both non-surgically as well as surgically. Some of the commonly performed vascular surgeries include newer endovascular procedures and open surgical procedures. Vascular surgeons perform preventative procedures such as reconstructive heart surgery, or restorative surgeries such as heart bypass surgery, and angioplasty (surgical procedure that involves opening up a clogged artery by inserting a balloon in the artery). Vascular surgeons diagnose, treat and reinforce post-operative management for cases presenting with the diseases of the blood vessels such as thrombosis, blood clots and clogged arteries, which affect the function of both brain and heart. Read more, if you are interested in What is a Vascular Surgeon.

    How much does a vascular surgeon make ?

    Average vascular surgeon salary

    Average expected annual salary for a vascular surgeon in the United States is around $346,760 per annum.

    Vascular surgeon salary in USA

    An average yearly salary for a vascular surgeon in the United States ranges from between $67,871 – $396,595 per year. An average annual salary bonus of around $76,026 will be included and the total annual salary ranges from between $68,840 – $417,468 per year.

    Based on percentiles, the median salary for 90th percentile of vascular surgeons has been around $465,003 per year. Similarly, about 75th percentile of vascular surgeons received $408,653, 25th percentile of them received $292,811 while 10th percentile received $243,693 per year.

    Based on years of work experience according to BLS reports, an average yearly salary for a vascular surgeon is as follows: One with less than 1 year of work experience earns from between $30,000 – $188,685; while the one with 1-4 years earns from $98,633 – $354,504 per annum; and the one with 5 to 9 years earns from $72,129 – $354,880 per annum; while the one with 10 to 19 years earns from between $245,659 – $405,111 per year; and the one with more than 20 years of work experience earns from between $305,000 – $422,904 per year.

    vascular surgeon salary in USA
    vascular surgeon salary

    Vascular surgeon salary in Canada

    An average starting hourly wage for a cardiology technician in Canada is around C$17.67 per hour that gradually increases to around C$27.31 per hour overtime. Hence, this averages to a total annual salary ranging from C$36,421 – C$55,029. In addition, an average yearly bonus of about C$1,973 will be added to the annual salary package.

    Vascular surgeons in Canada earn best income in hospitals and medical centers. The employers provide various job benefits, salary package and best pensions. However, vascular surgeons employed in a private practice tend to earn a higher income than those employed in a public institution.

    Vascular surgeon salary in UK

    The average and median expected salary for a vascular surgeon in the United Kingdom is about £208,935 per annum. However, the total income widely depends upon the vascular surgeon’s skill and his or her area of practice. Moreover, a vascular surgeon receives wide range of salary benefits and more number of bonuses.

    Vascular surgeon salary in Australia

    On an average, the total annual salary received by a vascular surgeon in Australia is around AU$95,999 per year. In fact, the vascular surgeon is entitled to receive salary benefits, paid sick leave, discounted medical and dental insurance, including bonuses.

    Vascular surgeon salary in New Zealand 

    In New Zealand, the amount of salary a vascular surgeon earns depends on various factors. Some of them including the amount of experience , level of education, location, size of facility among other key factors. Basically, education and training are the stepping stones for one to become a Vascular surgeon. One has to go through medical school after which one has to apply for a license before being a allowed to practice. In New Zealand, a Vascular surgeon earns an average salary of around NZ $250,000 or even higher depending on the various factors stated above.

    Salary of vascular surgeon in Mexico

    Vascular surgeons are special types of surgeons that specialize in dealing with illness of the vascular system ,veins and arteries . These professionals are normally trained to deal with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the vascular system except that of the heart or brain.

    The vascular surgeon salary can be compared with that of a neurosurgeon, which is around MXN347,586, as per PayScale report. The site also showed that all surgeons, including vascular surgeons, earn MXN288,000 in their first four years, and make MXN305,882 in their 20th year and onwards. Vascular surgeons have a very important task when it comes to our health. They work closely with other types of surgeons when it comes to health issues involving vascular diseases.

    And how much does a vascular surgeon make in South Africa

    Vascular surgeons are involved in the diagnosis and management of diseases that affect the vascular system ,veins or the arteries. These professionals work with other professionals in the medical sector in dealing with vascular illnesses. In South Africa , Vascular surgeons earn a salary of around R1,000,000 and a bonus which can amount to R10,000. However, there are some key factors which might affect the amount of salary earned by Vascular surgeons and these include the city ,hospital setting ,years of experience , skills possessed among others. Newly employed vascular surgeons earn a lesser amount.

    Vascular surgeon education, training and certification 

    To become a vascular surgeon, one should first complete an entry-level education (high school diploma or its equivalent) prior to enrolling in a 4 year bachelor’s degree in medicine from an accredited medical school. During premed, one can gain sufficient theoretical and clinical knowledge by attending coursework in physics, biology, chemistry, human physiology and anatomy subjects. Then one should enroll in a five-year year training program in general surgery y passing the American Board of Surgery exams. Then one can enroll in a vascular surgery training program approved by the National Resident Matching Program and complete a fellowship in vascular surgery, which usually lasts for a year. The candidate should then apply for a second time fellowship program in general surgery and complete the board exams in vascular surgery, officially conducted by the American Board of Surgery.

    Conclusion about vascular surgeon salary

    According to BLS, the highest annual salary earned by the vascular surgeons is around $465,003, while the lowest annual salary is less than $243,693 per year.

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