What is an urologist

  • Urologists are physicians who diagnose and treat various conditions related to urinary tracts of both male and female reproductive systems. Urologists are professionals who work in private practice settings, clinics or hospital settings. The American Urology Association has categorized the broad category into seven different sub categories that include male infertility, urologic oncology, calculi, neurology, female urology, renal transplantation and pediatric urology. Urology is one of the constantly changing specializations mainly due to day by day advancements in medical technology. Clarity in endoscopic procedures and the refinements in surgical instruments have increased the options of urologists. Laparoscopic technologies and laser therapy advancements have also become a part of oncology practice which increases its future scope.

  • Doctors who specialize in urology have to frequently consult with patients and make appropriate tests and assessments to attain correct diagnosis and perform both invasive and non-invasive medical procedures. They also have to perform major operation procedures like transurethral prostate resections or similar procedures. Surgical procedures also include removing cancerous cells and treating other disorders. Whereas, minor procedures include cystoscopies, biopsies and vasectomies. Urologists specialize in treating kidney stones, infertility, prostate issues, cancers and other infectious diseases.

    Urologist job duties

    Create and maintain medical records of patients

    Understand the technique of operating and using necessary medical equipment and has knowledge about the sterilization methods.

    Talk with patients to know more about their symptoms, complaints and their overall health condition.

    Conduct valuations and tests to find out the real cause of the disease.

    Determine treatments suitable for the patients by examining the condition of patients and how they will react to medications.

    Line up needed medical supplies and instruments required for performing surgery.

    Conduct surgeries that go along with the accepted methods.

    Provide post-operative care to the patients.

     Continue education in the field and keep updated to excel in the industry.

    Perform business duties like managing finances, marketing and administration if you are working in a private clinic.

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    Urologist education and other prerequisites

    Urology is a very complex field as it involves treating patients with reproductive system disorders and this can be challenging always. The specialists require to have a very deep understanding of body functions and they must be experts in handling all the sophisticated medical instruments and in performing complicated surgical methods. As the profession involves surgical methods, excellent hand-eye coordination and attention to every fine detail. Physical stamina is also required in addition to all the qualifications as they have to perform surgeries that last for hours. Urologists should also have a good communication with their patients which will help them provide confidence and strength to them. They must be excellent listeners so that they can give their support and care to the patients which is an important factor in the field of urology. The stress involved in this particular field can be severe at times. Urologists might encounter a lot of situations where they might be under extreme pressure and must possess the ability to deal with such problems. An urologist must have the mind to work for long hours if necessary.

    Aspiring students must complete several years of formal education and sufficient training to become an urologist. The first step is to earn a bachelor’s degree from a college which can take up to 3 or 4 years. Science should be taken as a major if you are planning to take up the career as a doctor. After completing college education, residency of a minimum of 5 years is required.

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