Urologist salary

  • Urologist salary depends on various factors such as specialized skills, experience, working tenure, advanced technical skills and so on. This article highlights the salary that has been offered to an urologist in US and some other countries of the world. Keep reading for more information about urologist salary, wage and also job description. Urologist salary is definitely one of the highest in medical branch.

  • Urology is a branch of medicine that deals with the conditions related to genitourinary tract including associated structures in both men and women. The urology department usually involves an urologist, urology physician assistants and a lab technician. The urologist is a doctor who specializes in treating diseases associated with urinary tract of males and females and also reproductive system of males

    Urologist Job Description      

    The work of an urologist includes performing tests and diagnosing the disorders of the genitourinary tract and associated structures. The job involves different tasks and the goal is to determine the appropriate treatment course for the patient. The urologist helps to diagnose the illness and duration of the disease by suggesting certain tests to the patient. The preferred urologist should have a work experience in urology for at least 2 to 4 years. Moreover, the urologist should have an outstanding ability to perform standard techniques, surgical procedures and good practicing skills to successfully treat the patients. The urologist either works in a health care center or in their own private office as the urology specialization involves internal medicine and concepts related to specialized surgery. The professional urologist works for specialized care centers, hospitals and medical offices. Read more, if you are interested in What is a Urologist.

    How much does an urologist make ?

    Average urologist salary

    The average urologist salary in USA is $ $293,539 per year. In fact, the salary of an urologist depends upon the working experience and the job employer. According to an urologist salary survey based on percentiles, it has been reported that about 90th percentile of urologists earn around $407,863 annually. Similarly, about 75th percentile of urologists earn $353,380, 25th percentile earn around $259,972 and about 10th percentile earn $229,411 annually.

    Urologist salary in USA

    In addition, the salary for a busy urologist based in US could reasonably be around $400,000. This salary range can gradually progress to $750K by practicing good business in the hospital industry. In fact, the salary for a well-experienced urologist with good service, specialized skills and advanced expertise can make over $1M per year. In suburban parts of US, the annual salary of an urologist is from around 500K to over 1M based on the urologist, number of working hours like 35 hours and 24 hours availability.

    urologist salary around the world
    urologist salary

    Urologist salary in UK

    According to the salary survey data, the average salary for an Urologist based in the UK is £100,000 per year. This salary estimate was usually obtained between 2008 to 2012. This salary for an urologist includes working for about 8 hours per day and the survey data claims that the hourly rate for an urologist is £50.  Therefore a professional urologist earns about £ 100,000 by working for 250 days per year.

    In addition, the salary of a consultant urologist depends upon various factors such as working tenure and age. According to a statistical data, it has been reported that a salary for a consultant urologist varies based on the age of an urologist. Hence, the working urologist in an age group of 20 to 29 years receives a salary of £75,000. Similarly, the urologist in his/her 30s receives around £98,000, in his 40s receives £116,000 and receives £116,000 during his or her 50s.

    Urologist salary in Canada

    An average salary for an urologist based in Canada is about 279,982 CAD per annum.

    Urologist salary in Australia

    In Australia, the salary for a consultant urologist depends on the grade (junior or seniority) of the doctor. The junior urologists annually earn around $AUD 75 to $90K in total. The middle grade urologist totally earns around $AUD 80 – $110K. The staff grade urologist earns around $AUD 100 – $150, specialist earns around $AUD 150 – $350, general practitioner earns around $AUD 100 – $250, and a private practitioner earns around $AUD 200 – $500+ annually.

    Salary of urologist in New Zealand

    PayScale reported that urologists earned around NZ$70,000 per year, as of February 2015. But the salary of doctors in general practice earned a salary ranging between NZ$50,000 and NZ$305,882. Their base salary ranges from NZ$41,217 and NZ$290,874 and bonuses reaching up to NZ$9,916 per year.

    Salary of urologist in  India

    Urologists earned a median pay of R1,210,095 per year in India, according to PayScale. Their total salary, including their base salary and other benefits, ranges between R402,421 and R2,461,343. PayScale also showed the average salary for those with a skill in urology. Urology doctors earned R1,620,000, which is so much higher than the R1,110,000 of general surgeons.

    Salary of urologist in Mexico

    A urologist is basically a physician who happens to specialize in illnesses of the male reproductive system and also the urinary tract of the humans in general . Some of these diseases can include those that affect the urethra, bladder, epididymis ,ureters, penis, seminal vesicles, prostate among other common parts. A urologist has a very important task in ensuring that the health of the urinary tract, especially that of men, is maintained.

    With the limited data on the salary of a urologist in Mexico, the salary of a doctor in general practice is worth considering. General practitioners in the country typically earn a median pay of MXN238,658, with their total salary ranging between MXN139,620 and MXN623,404. Since urologists are specialist doctors, their annual income is bound to be higher than this range. PayScale also reported that doctors with less than four years of experience earn MXN156,000, while those with 10 to 19 years of experience make MXN576,000.

    And how much does an urologist earn in South Africa ?

    There are no specific reports about how much urologists earn. However, doctors in general practice in South Africa earned a salary ranging between R221,283 and R790,293. Their base salary ranges from R209,749 to R781,548, plus a bonus reaching up to R75,627. According to PayScale, physicians in general practice earn a median pay of R415,663.

    Urologist education, training and certification 

    The urologist specializes after completely pursuing the premedical education as an entry-level education and obtains an accredited urology residency program from an accredited school. The urology specialty requires the candidate to fulfill 1 year of surgical training, 3 years of clinical urology and 1 year of urology medical training in order to become a board certified urologist. The urologist can then practice professionally after obtaining a license.

    Conclusion about urologist salary

    The urologist salary depends on the urologist, working tenure, advanced skills, age and most importantly the country he works in.

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