Transplant surgeon salary

  • Transplant surgeon is one of the highest paid among medical professions. Compared to general surgeon  with the median earning around $245,000 per year, the  average transplant surgeon makes about $410,200 based on BLS . Keep reading for more information about transplant surgeon salary, career requirements and job description.

  • Transplant Surgeon Job Description 

    Transplant surgeon executes surgeries to detach tissues and organs from the body of a person and transfer them in the body of another. Transplantation is necessary when one’s organ is damaged or malfunctioning. After the transplantation, transplant surgeons follow up their patients and monitor their overall health to determine if the organ transplanted is doing its job in the new body.  They keep watch on the complications and the performance of the organ to the new body until the patient fully recovers.  

    How much does a Transplant Surgeon make?

    Average transplant surgeon salary

    Transplant surgeon’s average yearly income is from $360,600 to $490,400. The average transplant surgeon’s hourly rate is from $130 – $240.

    Transplant Surgeon salary in USA 

    A new transplant Surgeon could expect a beginning salary of around $189,000. But it significantly increases as he gains experience. A transplant surgeon can expect an average income of around $270,000 after 3 to 5 years.

    Transplant surgeon’s salary per hour by city is as follows: in Dallas Texas, around $160; in Atlanta Georgia, around $220; in San Francisco California, around $180; in Bellingham Massachusetts around $238; in San Diego California, around $180 in Chicago Illinois, around $240; in Los Angeles California, around $245; in Houston Texas, around $130 and in New York Manhattan NY, a transplant surgeon earns around $160 per hour.

    Transplant surgeon’s salary per annum by city is as follows: Dallas, around $360,000; New York Manhattan, around $340,000; Atlanta, around $460,000; San Francisco, around $365,000; Bellingham, around $490,000; San Diego, around $370,000; Chicago, around $492,000 and Houston, around $285,000.

    Transplant surgeon’s bonus per annum is as follows: 10th percentile of transplant surgeons collects around $21,051; 50th percentile makes around $30,328 and 70th percentile receives an average yearly bonus of around $48,868.

    transplant surgeon salary in US, Australia and UK
    transplant surgeon salary

    Transplant surgeon salary by state

    Transplant surgeon’s salary by state is as follows: Texas, around 400,000; Tennessee, around $465,000; Pennsylvania, around $380,000; Ohio, around $485,000; North Carolina, around $490.000; Illinois, around $488,000; Georgia, around 493,000; Florida, around $440,000; Colorado, around $425,000 and Arizona, around $450,000.

    Transplant surgeon salary in Canada

    There are no surveys conducted specifically about the salary of transplant surgeons in Canada. According to PayScale, general surgeons earn an annual pay ranging between C$48,264 and C$350,971. Their median pay was reported to be around C$149,163. However, given the area of specialty of transplant surgeons, their salary could be higher than that of a general surgeon. For instance, plastic surgeons, another relevant occupation, earned between C$50,684 and C$487,680 per year, which is considerably higher than the yearly pay of a surgeon in general practice.

    Transplant Surgeon Salary in UK

    Transplant surgeon’s average annual salary in UK is from £97,500 and £390,000 per year.  On a monthly basis, transplant surgeon in the UK earns from £8,125 to £32,500 per month.  The hourly pay ranges from £130 to £310.

    Salary of transplant surgeon in Australia

    Due to the lack of specific reports about the transplant surgeon, their salary can simply be estimated by looking at the salary of general surgeons. Based on PayScale reports, general surgeons take home an annual pay ranging between AU$48,936 and AU$342,550. Their median pay is shown to be AU$118,990. Plastic surgeons, on the other hand, earned a salary ranging between AU$60,502 and AU$324,306. Since transplant surgeons are specialists, they are bound to earn more than general surgeons.

    And how much does a transplant surgeon make in New Zealand ?

    In New Zealand, transplant surgeons are concerned with the transplant of organs from the donor to the receiver. There are many factors which may determine the amount of salary the transplant surgeon earns. Some of the factors can include the level of education ,years of experience, the city from where one is working from among other necessary factors. A transplant surgeon in New Zealand earns an average salary of around NZ $250,000 but this can increase with the favour of the influencing factors. Those in the private sector can end up earning up to NZ$600,000.

    Transplant surgeon salary in Mexico

    In Mexico, there are transplant surgeons present. Transplant surgeons are involved in the transplantation of organs like the heart, liver, kidney and even penis which was recently performed. These professionals are very important in savings lives of people experiencing an organ failure .

    There is limited data about how much a transplant surgeon in Mexico takes home on payday. However, their salary is likely close to what a neurosurgeon makes, which is usually around MXN347,586, as per PayScale reports.

    Salary of transplant surgeon in South Africa 

    Transplant surgeons perform surgery which involve the harvesting of organs from one person and placing in another person . They basically transfer organs such as heart, liver and kidney. Just recently , South Africa was successful in performing the first penis transplant . They therefore play a very key role in the health of the nation. In South Africa, a transplant surgeon earns an average salary of around R1,020,000. They however may earn more with more experience, more skills, a higher level of education and a good working location. It is a requirement that one has to go to medical school after which you can apply for a license

    Hair transplant surgeon salary

    The salary for transplant surgeons, including that of hair transplant surgeons, varies based on location. By comparing their salary across 10 major US cities, the lowest was $219,254 in Houston and the highest was $468,144 in Dallas. Transplant surgeons that are based in Los Angeles and New York also earned $435,741 and $396,951 per year, respectively. But based on the 20009 Physician Compensation Survey by the American Medical Group Association, cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons, which include hair transplant surgeons, earned $388,929 per year. They were reported to have a starting salary of $300,000 per year.

    Heart transplant surgeon salary

    Heart transplant surgeons earn a median salary of $528,184, according to The same website also showed that the 10th percentile earn $244,586; the 25th percentile, $356,665; the 75th percentile, $645,419; and the 90th percentile, $752,156 per year. On top of the base salary, heart transplant surgeons also receive benefits. They receive $71,641 in bonuses; $9,540 in 401K/403B; $16,044 in social security benefits; $5,398 in disability benefits; $16,695 in pension benefits; $6,592 in healthcare benefits; $73,825 in time off.

    How to Become a Transplant Surgeon

    There are basically 5 steps to become a transplant surgeon. First is completing an undergraduate degree. After gaining an undergrad degree, an aspiring transplant surgeon needs to complete the medical school. Medical school offers concentrated education of all significant disciplines in medicine. Subsequent to medical school, an aspiring transplant surgeon is required to accomplish internship work in general surgery and afterwards a residency in an accredited health care facility. He must also join a recognized transplant surgeon’s fellowship program and pass the examinations supervised by the American Board of Medical Specialists (ABMS). The education and training of transplant surgeon is continuous to keep them updated with the new scientific findings and technologies that constantly emerge in the surgical field.

    Conclusion about transplant surgeon salary

    Transplant surgeon salary is one of the top paying of all professions in the medical field. Very well are also paid brain surgeons. In the US, they enjoy an annual income from $360,600 – $490,400. In fact, the median average is collecting $410,200 per annum. On the other hand transplant surgeons in the UK take home a yearly pay ranging from £97,500 to £390,000 with the median collecting around £285,000.

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