How to become a surgeon

  • Many medical students aspire this and want to know the ways on how to become a surgeon. A surgeon is a medical practitioner who is trained in diagnosing a person with injuries, tumors and diseases which may or may not require operation. This type of doctor is knowledgeable on how to treat people or animals with these health problems. He or she will prescribe medication before and/or after surgery and suggest ways for post-operative care.

  • There are many fields and types of surgeon:









    Colon and Rectum


    Jaw and Face

    Ears, Nose and Throat

    Plastic and Reconstructive





    Some surgical procedures can take a long time to finish – major surgery. Some can be done in a few minutes and in an outpatient setting. Success rate depends upon the ability of the surgeon and the overall well-being of the patient. Oftentimes, surgery can be invasive (CS-section and aneurysm of the brain) but there are minimally invasive procedures as well like spine fusion surgery and knee replacement surgery.

    Surgeon Education and Training

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this type of career will have a growth of 18% from 2012 to 2022. This only means that the demand for surgeons is increasing year after year and that many people are turning to these specialists for help. No wonder a lot of medical students work hard to become surgeons.

    It is not an easy road to take. After finishing high school, the aspiring student must take an entrance exam in a pre-medical qualified university or college. It is an advantage if the student will enroll and complete a 4-year medical-related degree in Biology, Nursing, Medical Technology, Pharmacology and many more. After the bachelor’s degree, the student must pass the MCAT or the Medical College Admission Test. This is the first step on how to become a surgeon.

    Medical school will take another four years. The first two years is all about medical courses and classroom lectures. The next two years is more on clinical and application. The student will be exposed to health institutions. The student will be called a medical doctor after two things: graduating from medical school and passing the United States Medical Licensing Examination. The latter is also a requirement before moving on to specialization in surgery – the student needs to pass the American Board of Medical Specialists.

    If the doctor wants to specialize in an area, it means he or she must study and practice as a resident under supervision for at least three years to a maximum of seven years. The American Medical Association has stated that fact. One can also opt for sub-specialties which are shorter, like 1 to 3 years and this is training after the doctorate studies. Surgeons have to continue on improving their craft by attending programs and pursuing education on surgery in order to maintain their license.

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    Work and Salary of a Surgeon

    This is one of the highest paid careers in the medical industry. An average surgeon earns at least $230,000 a year as of 2013. The lowest paid is at $71,000 while a heart surgeon’s fee amounts to $516,000 annually. It is very astounding but not everyone can perform the duties and the hours of a surgeon.

    For one, hospital duty can runfor 24hours nonstop. Second and the most important thing, a lot of people will be relying on the surgeon’s expertise and one tiny mistake may cause the life of a patient. So, it is not easy at all. It takes brains, willingness and working as a surgeon just for the love of it.

    These are the major things that you need to know on how to become a surgeon.

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