Surgeon salary

  • Surgeons’s salary  is ranging from  $95,000 to $351,833 . Surgery is a specialized field of medicine, and surgeons are those who are primarily tasked to perform operations on their patients. They are a skilled set of physicians compared to general practitioners who are engaged in basic examination and diagnosis of ailments and conditions, although surgeons also do basic examination of their patients’ conditions and recommend the appropriate surgical procedure to be performed. There are also various other specializations in surgery. Highest paid surgeon are neurosurgeons, plastic surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons and cardiothoracic surgeons. A general surgeon salary in the US starts at $95,920 and can go as high as $351,833 in a year.   Keep reading for more information about surgeon salary.

  • What does a surgeon do ?

    Surgeons are a specialized brand of physicians or medical doctors. As with most physicians and doctors, surgeon takes a patient’s medical history, examine their conditions, recommend tests and prescribe a course of treatment. However, unlike other fields of medicine, surgeons are expected to perform major surgical operations and procedures, such as those involving the repair of deformities after an injury and the correction of physical deformities as in the case of orthopedic and plastic surgeons. Surgeons also commonly perform preventive surgeries such as those done by cardiothoracic surgeons and neurosurgeons. Besides good medical knowledge, surgeons should be well-trained on the equipment and procedures of the operating room, and should have a developed a particular dexterity in handling the human body. Read more, if you are interested in Surgeon job description.

    How much does a surgeon make ?

    Average surgeon salary

    PayScale data shows that in a year, surgeon can make as high as $338, 119 in a year which can even increase to $351,833 with bonuses and commissions. The average surgeon salary in a year is $245, 408.

    Surgeon salary in the USA

    Surgeon salary is relatively higher than other doctors in the US. The basic annual salary of a surgeon in the US ranges from $95,540 to $338,119. With bonuses and commissions of around $40,000-50,000, this basic annual salary can start at $95,920 and can increase to as high as $351, 833. Doctors with a relatively good number of years in the industry, especially those with five to 15 years of experience can receive as high as $358,179. This is higher compared to those with more than 20 years who only receive around $341,000 in a year. Much less experienced surgeon receives only as high as $315,000 annually.

    surgeon salary in US,UK and CAN
    surgeon salary

    Surgeon salary by state

    Illinois offers the highest rate for surgeons in a year, paying as high as $518,919. This is followed by Virginia with a maximum surgeon pay of $412,072. California and New York surgeons make around a maximum of $350,000 in a year. Surgeons who are working in big hospitals such as those with more than a thousand employees have an annual salary that ranges from $46,629 to $394,530. Those working in smaller hospitals have a much higher pay at $361,000 in a year compared to those working for medium-sized hospitals who only make as high as $275,000 annually.

    Surgeon salary in Canada

    PayScale data shows that a general surgeon salary in Canada ranges from C$20,426 to C$293,614. Add in bonuses of around C$160,000, the annual salary can go as high as C$344,178. The median annual salary of surgeon is C$153,134. This is still less than more specialized surgeons receive such as an orthopedic surgeon who makes as high as C$401,000 in a year. 2006/2007 figures also report that while general physicians receive an average annual pay of C$262,575, the average annual wage of surgeon is C$362,878. However, this is still considerably less than the salary received by American surgeons. Ontario pays its surgeons around C$20,608 –C$329,657 in a year.

    Surgeon salary in the UK

    A general surgeon’s basic salary in the UK ranges from £18,121 to  £135,711 in a year. This can go as high as £154,000 with bonuses. The media annual surgeon salary is £55,000. Unlike other countries where older and more experienced surgeons are paid the highest, PayScale reports indicate that doctors with one to four years of experience can receive as high as £178,000 in a year, compared to doctors with five to nine years under their belt who only receive a maximum annual pay of £65,000. Surgeons who are more than 20 years in the industry receive around £63,000 to £130,000 in a year. In London, the surgeon salary can be as high as £109,262 in a year.

    Surgeon salary in Australia

    According to PayScale, Australian surgeons receive a basic salary of AUS$29,882 – AUS$230,768 in a year. Including a bonus of around AUS$50,000, their annual total pay can be as high as AUS$285,960. The median annual pay is around AUS$101,000. Doctors with five or more years of experience can receive around AUS$50,000 to AUS$157,000 in a year, while surgeons with lesser experience under their belt can receive an annual pay ranging from AUS$60,000 to AUS$150,000. Surgeons in New South Wales receive much higher than those from Victoria. Surgeon salary in New South Wales in a year can be as high as AUS$140,000 compared to the AUS$130,000 maximum salary of most surgeons in Victoria.

    Salary of surgeon in New Zealand

    According to Careers NZ, the surgeon salary varies based on hours rendered, seniority, location, and frequency of emergency or on-call services. Registrars, or doctors in training, employed by the district health board earn between NZ$70,000 and NZ$175,000 per year. Qualified surgeons in the DHB earn much higher, with their salary ranging between NZ$151,000 and NZ$212,000. Surgeons employed in the private sector earn more as their annual pay may exceed NZ$600,000.

    Salary of surgeon in South Africa

    PayScale data shows that surgeon working in South Africa receive a basic annual salary ranging from R103,000 to R2,358,541. With bonuses, this can go as high as R2,423,950. Surgeon salary for those with 10 or more years of experience receive around R480,000 to R2,297,637. Pretoria pays its surgeons with an annual pay as high as R1,047,619.

    Surgeon salary in Mexico

    Surgeons are professionals involved in performing surgeries. These professionals are highly educated and also trained in order to perform the hard task of surgery. There are many types of surgeons like neurosurgeons, transplant surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, trauma surgeons among others. Generally, surgeons earn a high salary due to the complexity of their work which involves saving lives. The surgeon’s salary in Mexico varies based on their specialty, as in other countries. PayScale showed that plastic surgeons earn a median pay of MXN220,000, trauma surgeons make MXN270,000, and neurosurgeons earn so much more with a median salary of MXN347,586. The more complex, the more in demand their specialty is, the bigger the surgeon salary is. A license is a very essential permit that has to be obtained so as to be allowed to practice.

    Salary of surgeon in India

    A surgeon in India earns a good amount of money as salary. There are some basic factors which determine the amount of pay one earns as a surgeon in India .These factors include; the level of education, experience , location of the area of work and size of facility. Surgeons in India earn an average salary of around Rs 851,486. As earlier stated,experience is a strong influence on the amount of money earned as salary. Most of the people who have more than 20 years of experience move to other jobs. One has to go through Medical school before obtaining a license after which one can practice .

    And how much does a surgeon in Philippines

    Surgeons are paid a good amount of money as salary. There are very many categories of surgeons including neurosurgeons, orthopaedic surgeons , organ transplant surgeons among others. Surgeons in Philippines earn a good amount of money as salary. Their average salary is P500,000 per annum. However ,the amount of salary earned may depend on the area of expertise whether it is on veterinary surgery ,heart transplant surgery, spine surgery among other specialties. Moreover, other factors that affect the amount of salary earned include years of experience, level of education and location. Education and training is very important in this profession.

    Spinal surgeon salary

    A spinal surgeon can either be a neurosurgeon or an orthopedic surgeon. PayScale reported that neurosurgeons in the US earn between $99,177 and $763,669 per year, with their median pay being $355,034. On the other hand, orthopedic surgeons earn a salary ranging between $125,004 and $577,075 per year, with their median salary being $307,030. According to Indeed, spinal surgeons in the US are estimated to earn around $82,000 annually.

    Surgeon assistant salary

    Surgeon assistants usually earn a median salary of $99,193, according to While the top 10% earned $124,131, the bottom 10% took home only $70,050 per year. Aside from their base salary, surgeon assistants also receive benefits such as $352 in bonuses; $7,615 in social security benefits; $3,584 in 401K/403B; $896 in disability benefits; $6,592 in healthcare benefits; $6,271 in pension; and $12,252 in time off. But Indeed has reported a much lower average salary of $63,000 for surgeon assistants.

    How to become a surgeon

    Because surgery is a specialized field in medicine, the physician or medical doctor needs to take up further studies and training in order to become a general surgeon, and even more training for the more specialized forms of surgey.  Physicians usually complete four years of a university degree before going on to another four years in medical school. Upon completion of their medical degree, they are expected to undergo several more years of internship. Medical education is competitive and anyone studying to be a doctor needs to have a good grounding on science, anatomy, laboratory work, and hospital care. Doctors must pass a medical licensure exam.

    Doctors take up a residency program, one of which is surgery. Specialization in surgery trains the doctor in the more complex procedures and operations. They can also take up further specialization in surgery such as reconstructive and plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, and neurosurgery.

    Doctors and surgeons may also choose to have themselves board certified. The certification can be on the many fields and practice of medicine and shows that the doctor is qualified to provide patient care in that particular specialization or field. Surgeons who have gained considerable experience and training can also assume supervisorial or management positions, such as administrators and department heads of hospitals.

    Conclusion about surgeon salary

    According to PayScale, the annual surgeon salary in the US is comparatively higher than the annual pay of general physicians. It ranges from $95,000 to $338,000, and can go as high as $351,000 in a year. This is even higher for surgeons with a good number of years in the industry as they can receive as high as $358,000 annually.   Which makes surgeon salary one of the highest among other physicians.

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