How to become a sports medicine physician

  • Becoming a Sports Medicine Physician may entail one to go through a long process of schooling and training yet rest assured the rewards brought about by the profession is very gratifying. It is required from a Sports Medicine Physician that his training be more than adequate because his role as a physician is very crucial. In his practice, he shall be held dependable for the lives of his patient. And such task should be handled with extreme deftness, care, and passion at the same time.

  • A lot of steps-academic and non academic has to be made prior to professional practice of sports medicine, and each fundamental component is discussed below.

    How to become a sports medicine physician – academic requirements

    Before one can practice as a Sports Medicine Physician, a set of academic requirements must be accomplished first. The first step is to acquire a secondary school diploma followed by a bachelor’s degree. While a lot of pre-medical courses are available, those inclined in biology, health, and chemistry are much preferred such as Biology, Chemistry, Health Science, Public Health, Biochemistry, or Pre-medicine itself.

    After acquiring a BS or Bachelor of Science degree, one must take a Medical Aptitude Test. This is administered in order for medical schools to assess applicants based on their propensity in the field of medicine. Since entrance to medical schools is a competitive process, it is always good to invest on an outstanding undergraduate degree record as well as the medical aptitude exam.

    The next step in becoming a Sports Medicine Physician is to enroll in a Doctor of Medicine Program. This would usually take four years of combined schooling and training.  The first few years of medical education is allocated mainly to academic courses such as anatomy, physiology, biochemistry as well as other laboratory requirements. On the second year, medical students are required to take the Medical Licensing Examination while the following two years are allocated for hospital-based training where one is made to rotate in the different hospital departments.

    On the fourth year of medical school, the second part of licensure is then given. After this, residency program follows. For aspiring Sports Medicine Physicians, the residency to be involved in would be orthopedic surgery and sports medicine. The training would usually take about five years where the aspirant would rotate as a trainee in various departments such as general Surgery, trauma, emergency room, Rheumatology, Rehab Medicine, and Orthopedics among others. Integrated in the program are trainings, seminars, special lectures, and research.

    How to become a sports medicine physician – schools

    A lot of schools offer medical degrees and there’s a long list of them. But if you really wish to be admitted in one of those, you will have to exert a lot of effort in your preparatory degree or you undergraduate degree. Your grades, aptitude exam performance, recommendation, and letter of intent can actually determine your chance at landing into one of the best medical schools such as Stanford, Yale, or John Hopkins for example.

    How to become a sports medicine physician – the right attitude

    Given the demanding process that one must go through in order to become a Sports Medicine Physician, we can therefore say that in addition to your academics and skills prowess, having the right attitude and mindset will make a whole lot of difference. You should be open-minded, persevering, diligent, and patient.

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