What is a social psychologist

  • A social psychologist’s main role is to make careful analysis of the results of a previous social psychology research or to conduct original research. One of the best ways to study a research conducted by a social psychologist is to read research journals and papers, then, the original research can be conducted in various creative ways.

  • It is interesting to know that a social psychologist can create an environment that is similar to a real world environment. A group of people can be assigned in these environments and a social psychologist can observe their actions and behaviors. A social psychologist might also conduct an interview with a person while he or she monitors the brain activity with the use of sophisticated technology.

    Many social psychologists prefer to do a “field research” since the use of medical equipment and technology may influence how a person behaves. A field research typically involves observing “real” individuals in “real” situations and environments.

    Social Psychologist’s Job Duties

    The job duties of a social psychologist include monitoring the human behavior in social settings, conducting and examining appropriate research, developing great solutions for recent social issues, helping the private companies in training their workers, organizing public awareness campaigns, creating community programs and many other important efforts to improve public health.

    Social psychologists are also responsible for examining various factors like preconception, aggression, friendship, romantic attraction, traditionalism, nonverbal reactions, leadership, social insights, and group behavior. In order to observe the behavior of individuals or a group of individuals, a social psychologist creates an environment which replicates the real world environments and put them into such created environment so as to monitor how they behave and act. However, an interview may also be conducted by a social psychologist in order to evaluate individual’s brain activity.

    Social Psychologist Education and Training

    All  social psychologists have to graduate with a Doctor of Psychology degree or Psyd ( mainly 4 to 5 years programme) after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in psychology or a similar field. To become a social psychologist, one must have a great interest in research and it is essential to have a Doctor of Philosophy degree or at least one must undergo a PhD program.

    There are several professional associations for social psychologists. The American Psychological Association (APA) is one of the most reputed among such professional organizations, having about 137,000 participants covering various areas of psychology.

    In order to start a career in teaching and education at the college or university level, a social psychologist must have a Masters Degree in Psychology.  Licensure is not a requirement for the position as social psychologist but to become a professional in this field, one must pass an appropriate administered exam, must have a doctorate degree along with work experience through internship.

    Social Psychologist Salary Information

    According to the salary survey conducted by BLS (Bureau of labor Statistics), many salary records are collected for various professions similar to social psychologist. Based on this survey, it is predicted that the average salary of a sociologist is around $79,460 on annual basis, in the year 2010. On the other hand, the salary status of a psychologist is estimated to an average of $86,510 per annual basis, in the same year of 2010. Furthermore, the Psychologists that worked in the field of education or teaching at elementary and secondary schools levels have made an average annual salary of $89,570 and those in area of scientific research and development earned an average salary of $100,790 on annual basis.

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