How to become a social psychologist

  • The world is facing different problems in the society. This is manifested by the news in television and those in the daily newspapers. Some problems we encounter daily are the criminal activities, bullying, abuse, communal health problems, domestic problems, violence and many to mention. By understanding these problems and how it can affect the individuals in the group is one way in solving these societal problems. This is one of the reasons why social psychology is born. After World War II there was collaboration between psychologist and sociologist. As time goes by, the two discipline have become specialize and isolated, currently this branch of science that study the individuals behavior, thoughts, feelings, reaction in the presence of others in a group is called Social Psychology. The people who study how social influence, social perception and social interaction influence individual and group behavior is called Social Psychologist. These individuals study the psychology of human interaction in a certain group. To become a social psychologist one must understand the behavior of an individual as it affects the society. Social psychologists conduct study on the behavior of human. These behaviors might belong in the university, business entities or even government agencies.

  • Social psychologist job and responsibilities

    The duties and responsibilities of social psychologist vary on the working environment where he or she belongs.  If the social psychologist is employed in a college or university, his or her major job is engaged in researching on various social issues like gender equality, conflict management or race relations. To become a social psychologist, one must be equipped with competent knowledge in research. Other social psychologist employed in academe center their work on teaching and training aspiring psychologist students. Social psychologist find answer to the questions; Why do people feel pressure to conform; Why does religious discrimination is recurring throughout the history; What causes violence and aggression; How people come to know and understand themselves; How important is the interpersonal relationship; How do close relationship affects individuals and How do these self-perceptions affect our social interactions?

    Social psychologist  education and training

    Social Psychologists are highly educated individual. In order to become a social psychologist, one must be a graduate of bachelor’s degree in psychology or a related field. Some social psychologists take masters and/or doctoral degree. Mostly, it takes four to five years to graduate in order to earn Ph.D. in social psychology. License is not necessary for this profession, however there are social psychologist who wanted to gain license in psychology should follow the qualifications in their countries. Social psychologist can also accredit themselves in American Psychological Association or APA and National Association of School Psychologist. There are online schools that offer degree in social psychology.  In Walden University, they offer Master of Science in Social Psychology. The program can be completed in 18 months. Capella University has online doctorate program for social psychology. Some universities that also offer social psychology courses online are Kaplan University, University of Phoenix, University of Rockies, Northcentral University and Grand Canyon University.

    Social psychologist salary information

    The salary of Social Psychologists depends on the area of employment. According to American Psychological Association the salary of University faculty is $76,090 a year, research positions is $80,500 annually, for Research administration is $116,343 per annum and for Educational administration is $116,500 yearly. According to United States Bureau of Labor Statistics social psychologist can earn  $72,770 annually. The bureau also projects that by year 2020 employment of social psychologist will increase by 22%.

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