Social psychologist salary

  • Social psychologist’s salary is around $85,000 in the United States. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics in USA, a social psychologist is expected to earn an estimated amount of $74,960 per year while his or her hourly rate as a professional psychologist is estimated at around $36.04 per hour. The lowest recorded salary for a social psychologist in USA was $43,280 which made up 10% of the group while some at the upper 10% claimed to have earned around $129,760 or more. Keep reading for more information about social psychologist salary and career requirements.

  • Social psychologist job description

    A social psychologist may be employed in various fields of practice. He can be involved with an educational institution and be employed as a lecturer or professor both in psychology or sociology. In this setting, he may also assist students and faculty alike in conducting researches that involve social human behavior and tendencies. In addition, he may serve as a panel in an ethics committee that evaluate papers presented by students, and collaborate with other social psychologist in studying the school or university population itself such as in cases where new program or rules s are to be introduced to the students or the school.

    A social psychologist may also be employed by a private organization such as a research institution or a private company to conduct a study or research for them such as marketing and feasibility studies, surveys, interviews, and potential market behavior. These institutions can include businesses or those from the private sector who are for example planning to establish a business at a given area and would want to estimate the possible profit that they may earn.

    Aside from these, a social psychologist can also collaborate with policy makers, the government, economists, religious groups and educators to measure degrees of social influence and other socio-economic markers that are used to assess the effectivity of laws, social policies, bills, as well as relevance of various issues in the society such as rights,  racial relationships, gender, crime rate, and economic status among others.

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    How much does a social psychologist make ?

    Average social psychologist salary

    As previously mentioned, the salary range for a social psychologist in USA is from $43,280 to $129,760 or more with the hourly rate averaging at $36.04 per hour. The employment rate for a social psychologist is expected to rise to up to 22% in 2022. This increase in employment is projected to be brought about by the increased demand for social scientists and the increasing number of socioeconomic researches conducted.

    Social psychologist salary in US

    In USA, a social psychologist employed as a program coordinator in a non-profit organization can earn around $27,083 – $51,947 per year with an hourly rate estimated at $11.12 – $22.81. States where a social psychologist can receive the highest payment include San Francisco, New York, and Washington. A social psychologist employed in the academe on the other hand earns $36,210 to $119,970 in salary. A social psychologist involved in researches earns $93,350 per year or about $7000 every month.

    Social psychologist salary in UK

    A social psychologist in United Kingdom is expected to earn about £33353.00 to £40313 in salary. The main determinant for a social psychologist’s pay in United Kingdom is the employer- whether it is an educational institution, a research organization, a private company, a government-funded organization, or a business institution. The specific salary for a social psychologist varies as he or she can be employed in various fields that require social-behavioral analysis.

    Social psychologist salary in Canada

    In Canada, the field promises a salary range of CA$45,636–CA$51,041. As with other countries or regions, the salary would depend on the social psychologist’s qualifications as well as his or her employer.

    Social  psychologist salary in Australia

    In Australia, the field is dominated by females, making up 80% of the total number of social psychologists. If you are a social psychologist who preferred practicing in Australia, your expected salary range would be at AU$63,871 – AU$147,518 when practicing in Melbourne, AU$56,010 – AU$93,740 when in Sydney or New South Wales, and around AU$60,000 when in Queensland. The survey conducted by Payscale indicated that most social psychologists in Australia revealed that they are highly satisfied with their job and pay.

    How to become a social psychologist

    To become a social psychologist you must first finish your secondary degree, followed by an undergraduate, entry, or Bachelor of Science in psychology, sociology, or another related field. After earning this BS degree, you may proceed into a masteral or master’s  program which may take another two to three years in accredited universities. Those who pursue doctorate degrees after their masters are usually paid higher in the field, as per indicated by the surveys. As a social psychologist you are also expected to attend lectures, take up units, and go on seminars for continuing education requirements which may be required for accreditation renewal.

    Conclusion about social psychologist salary

    Being a social psychologist enables one to seek employment in a variety of workplaces such as the academe, the research institutions, various organizations, government departments, and private companies among others. While pay varies depending on qualification, location, and employer, in general being a social psychologist is an economically rewarding career. Social psychologist salary is above average.

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