School psychologist salary

  • School psychologist’s salary in the United States is approximately about $63,000 per year. The salary for a school psychologist depends on qualification degree, location, gender, years of work experience and an employment setting. The yearly salary for a school psychologist possessing MS degree is about $ 53,000 while the one with a doctorate earns around $ 60,000 within a year. A school psychologist with a long duration of work experience for about 10-15 years receives an attractive annual salary package of around $ 100,000 in addition to other bonus plans. Keep reading for information abut school psychologist salary etc.

  • What does a school psychologist do ?

    School psychologists have a minimum of a Specialist-level degree (60-graduate semester hour minimum)  or doctoral degree in school psychology, both of which combine the disciplines of psychology and education. School psychologists typically have extensive knowledge of learning, motivation, behavior, child development, childhood disabilities, assessment, evaluation, and school law. School psychologists work in both special and general education. They specialize in analyzing complex student and school problems and selecting and implementing appropriate evidenced based interventions to improve outcomes at home and school. School psychologists consult with teachers and parents to provide coordinated services and supports for students struggling with learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral problems, and family challenges, and those experiencing anxiety, depression, emotional trauma, grief and loss. Direct services include assessment, prevention and intervention supports, and individual and group counseling. They are regular members of IEP, problem-solving and child study teams. They also serve on school crisis teams and collaborate with school administrators and other educators to prevent and respond to crises. They have specialized training in conducting risk and threat assessments designed to identify students at-risk for harming themselves or others.   School psychologists’ training in evaluation, data collection and interpretation can help ensure that decisions made about students, the school system, and related programs and learning supports are based on appropriate evidence. Find out more about School Psychologist Job Description.

    How much does a school psychologist make ?

    Average school psychologist salary

    The average annual salary earned by a school psychologist in the United States is about $72,540 per year while an average hourly rate is about $34.87 per hour.

    School psychologist salary in USA

    Based on work experience, a school psychologist with less than 1 year of experience earns an annual salary ranging from $34,800 to $48,800 whereas the one more than 20 years of experience receives a salary ranging from $61,500 of $81,900 per year. Based on certification, licensed school psychologists employed in schools receive an annual salary ranging from $50,000 to $71,700 while those certified by the National certified school counselor (NCSC) receives an equal salary ranging from $44,000 to $72,000 per year.

    school psychologist salary in USA
    school psychologist salary

    School psychologist salary in Canada

    On an average, a school psychologist in Canada receives an annual salary ranging from between C$40,638 – C$88,411. In addition, a bonus of about C$4,750 will be credited to his or her account. In fact, a school psychologist in Canada receives his or her total earnings ranging from between C$41,088 – C$94,243 per annum.

    School psychologist salary in UK

    The average and a median expected salary for a school psychologist in the United Kingdom is about £49,000 per annum. An average hourly wage for a school psychologist is about £24.5. A school psychologist’s salary varies based on his or her age as the one in 20s earns up to £36,750, in 30s earns about £48,020, in 40s and in 50s earns about £56,840 per annum.

    School psychologist salary in Australia

    On an average, a school psychologist in Australia receives an annual salary ranging from between AU$40,851 – AU$91,065. In fact, a school psychologist in Australia receives his or her total earnings ranging between AU$41,560 – AU$90,378 per annum.

    School psychologist salary in New Zealand

    Since there are no specific data about the annual pay of school psychologists, the salary of all psychologists will be considered. PayScale showed that psychologists, including school psychologists, in New Zealand earned between NZ$44,552 and NZ$168,675 per year. Their median salary is around NZ$67,278. But Careers NZ have different figures to show. They reported that psychologists who are just starting in the field earn between NZ$61,000 and NZ$64,000 per year. Those with three to ten years of experience make between NZ$65,000 and NZ$97,000.

    Salary of school psychologist in South Africa

    The salary of psychologists, including the salary of school psychologists, for those working in South Africa ranges between R65,436 and R1,371,472. This is based on PayScale reports, which also reported their median pay to be R216,000. Their hourly rate ranges between R300 and R771.

    Salary of school psychologist in Mexico

    Due to the limited data regarding the salary of school psychologists in Mexico, it would be better to look at how much registered nurses are earning. According to PayScale, Mexico-based nurses usually make between MXN64,535 and MXN874,827 per year. Their median salary is also shown to be MXN367,597.

    Educational psychologist salary

    For comparison , see the salary of educational psychologist. Salary may vary depending on their specialization and mainly on the employer. The average salary for school psychologists comes around $72,000 per year as per the statistics provided by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Yearly salaries might range from a minimum of $40,000 to a maximum of $112,000. School psychologists who work in elementary schools will usually earn an annual wage of $71,500. An 11% growth in the educational psychology field is expected by the end of the year 2022.

    School Psychologist education, training and certification

    To become a school psychologist, one should complete an entry-level education (major in psychology or bachelor’s degree in psychology) and pursue a master’s or specialist (Ed. S.) degree or doctoral degree in school psychology. The candidate should complete a school psychology program that includes a supervised internship and then pass the National School Psychology Examination. The would-be school psychologist should then obtain license, complete registration and should become a nationally certified school psychologist (NCSP).

    Conclusion about school psychologist salary

    The yearly salary for a school psychologist depends on various factors such as the degree qualifications, work experience the university where one has graduated, gender, employment setting and work location.

    Special thanks for updating this article belongs to Katherine C. Cowan, director of communications for the National Association of School Psychologists

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