Rheumatologist salary

  • Rheumatologist’s salary according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is about $339,738 per annum. The highest paid rheumatologist received an annual salary of about $378,000 while the lowest paid rheumatologist received less than $179,000 per year. In addition, a rheumatologist working in a private practice received an annual salary ranging from between $138,882 to $170,437 while those working in hospitals received an annual salary ranging between $78,611 and $155,216. Rheumatologist salary belongs to the highest.

  • Rheumatologist job description

    Rheumatologists are doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating rheumatic disorders of the skeletal system, muscles and joints. Rheumatologists usually deal with the patients presenting with rheumatic diseases such as lupus, tendonitis, arthritis, myositis, scleroderma, and osteoporosis to name a few. The rheumatologist examines the patients, obtains lab reports including the X-ray reports of the joints, prescribes anti-inflammatory drugs and other medications. In addition, a rheumatologist suggests occupational or physical therapy to patients suffering from arthritis or any type of joint disorders. Learn more, if you are interested in What is a Rheumatologist.

    How much does a rheumatologist make ?

    Average rheumatologist salary

    According to Pay Scale, the average salary range for a rheumatologist in the United States ranges between $129,835 and $186,134.

    Rheumatologist salary in USA

    Based on percentiles, the median salary for 90th percentile of rheumatologists has been around $238,087 per year. Similarly, about 75th percentile of rheumatologists received about $216,275, 25th percentile of them received $175,391 while 10th percentile received $159,980 per annum. The overall base salary for about middle 50 percent of the rheumatologists includes an additional bonus ranging from between $2,000 to $19,653 per year.

    In addition to that, gender also plays an important role for rheumatologists in receiving an attractive salary. It has been reported that men earn a higher salary when compared to females in the field of rheumatology. The average annual salary for male rheumatologists has been higher than females with a total difference of about $1,500 and $21,500.

    rheumatologist salary around the world
    rheumatologist salary

    Rheumatologist salary in Canada

    An average salary for a rheumatologist in Canada is about C$130,000 per annum.

    Rheumatologist salary and wage in UK

    According to all salary survey, the average expected salary and the median salary for a consultant rheumatologist in the United Kingdom is about £100,000 per annum. An average hourly wage for a consultant rheumatologist is about £50. A consultant rheumatologist’s salary varies based on his or her age as the one in 20s earns up to £75,000, in 30s earns about £98,000, in 40s and in 50s earns about £116,000 per annum.

    Rheumatologist salary in Australia

    Based on the medical experience and the type of work setting, an average weekly wage for a rheumatologist ranges from between $1653 and $3438 per week which averages to an overall salary ranging from between $152,000 – $205,000 per annum.

    Rheumatologists, according to the Career Centre, earn between AU$1,653 and AU$3,438 per week, or around AU$152,000 to AU$205,000 per annum in 2009. However, their salary varies based on the type of employer and experience. As an internal medical practitioner, rheumatologists also earn between AU$49,203 and AU$290,874 per year, while their median pay is around AU$89,820.

    Rheumatologist salary in South Africa

    Rheumatologists are internal medicine specialists. According to PayScale, those who work in internal medicine earn a starting salary of R613,200. However, physicians in general practice make an average of R466,917, which is understandably lower than that of a specialist’s like rheumatologists.

    And how much does a rheumatologist make in Mexico

    Rheumatologist basically are involved in the diagnosis and therapy of rheumatic diseases which are normally characterized by inflammation, swelling, and pain in the joints or muscles. General practitioners who are employed in Mexico usually take home a salary ranging from MXN139,620 to MXN623,404, with PayScale showing their median pay to be MXN238,658. But considering the sub-specialty of the rheumatologists, they are likely earning more than the general practitioners in the medical industry. However, newly employed rheumatologist may earn a lesser amount since they don’t have much experience. Other factors affecting the amount of salary earned include; size of the facility, the location one is working from and even the company. In order to qualify as a rheumatologist having necessary education and training is a very key step.

    Rheumatologist education, training and certification

    An aspiring rheumatologist should first complete an entry-level education (undergraduate degree in either science or math) and should complete 4 years of medicine in an accredited medical school. This is followed by 3 years of study in a residency program in internal medicine. The candidate should then complete a fellowship or subspecialty program in rheumatology that lasts for about 2 years. Then, one should pass a board exam conducted by the American Board of Internal Medicine to become a certified rheumatologist.

    Conclusion about rheumatologist salary

    The starting salary for a rheumatologist in the United States ranges from between $ 1, 25,000 – $ 1, 50,000 per annum and a senior rheumatologist receives a much higher salary of about $2, 20,000 per annum.

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