Radiology assistant salary

  • Radiology assistant’s salary is around $55,000 in the United States. A radiology assistant assists radiologists with X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and other imaging examinations. These RAs reach their position after years of experience as radiographers and a combination of hands-on clinical training and advanced course work. They are considered as advanced practice radiologic technicians, although they still work under the supervision of a radiologist. Radiology assistants are among the newest additions to the health care industry. The American Society for Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) pushed for this profession in the 1990s to make up for the shortage of radiologic technologists and radiologists. The organization lobbied for the advanced practice radiology credential. A training curriculum was put in place by 2003 and the first batch of radiology assistants graduated in 2005 from Loma Linda. The ASRT survey in 2010 showed that the average radiology assistant’s salary was $100,004, while their median pay was $99,843. Keep reading for more information about radiology assistant salary and career requirements.

  • Radiology assistant job description

    A radiology assistant mainly helps a radiologist in performing advanced medical diagnostic techniques. These assistants have wide ranging duties. They have to provide patient care before and after an imaging procedure. They have to explain the procedure to the patients in great detail. Radiology assistants may also perform non-invasive imaging tasks as well as radiology procedures, but under the watch of a radiologist MD. They may be of help in assessing the results, although the radiologists still has the final say about the reports. Their role help radiologists connect with the patients. To carry out their duties effectively, they need to have knowledge of the imaging machinery, medicine, and anatomy.

    How much does a radiology assistant make ?

    Average radiology assistant salary

    The average radiology assistant salary and MRI technologists, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is around $55,910 in 2012. Their average wage is $26.88. The radiology assistant salary is bound to be the same or even higher because of their advanced education and training.

    Radiology assistant salary in the USA

    According to, the radiology assistant salary on the average is around $52,000. The ASRT 2010 survey showed that these assistants earned $100,004, the highest earnings among radiology technologists.

    In 2010, the highest paying industry is the outpatient imaging laboratories, which paid radiology assistants $105,923 per year. For-profit hospitals paid an average radiology assistant’s salary of $100,771, which is still above the average pay for radiology assistants during this year. On the other hand, not-for-profit hospitals paid around $98,289 per year, while a physician’s office paid them $96,578 per year.

    In 2012, the BLS reported that the industries where radiologic technologists, including radiology assistants, are paid the most were topped by colleges, universities, and professional schools, which paid them around $66,810. The average radiology assistant’s salary, based on the same report, in the scientific research and development services was around $61,570, while the one in specialty hospitals was around $61,410. Insurance carriers and employment services industries paid radiologic technologists an average of $61,130 and $61,090, respectively.

    Based on PayScale’s salary reports for radiologic technologists, professionals with less than a year’s experience earn between $28,383 and $61,118. The radiology assistant’s salary is likely the higher end of the salary range. Technologists with one to four years of experience make between $29,438 and $56,121, while those with five to nine years take home around $37,095 to $66,848. The average salary for radiology assistant or radiologic technologists is around $38,510 to $75,575.

    radiology assistant salary in UK and Australia
    radiology assistant salary

    Radiology assistant salary by state / city in the USA

    According to the BLS, the top paying states in the US for radiologic technologists and radiology assistants include Massachusetts with its annual pay of $82,080 and California with its $70,590. Alaska and the District of Columbia also made it to the list with their average radiology assistant’s salary of $67,980 and $67,500, respectively. Hawaii rounds up the list of the top five highest paying states with its yearly pay of $66,610. reported that the top ten highest paying states for radiologic technologists, which also included the higher radiology assistant’s pay, is headed by Massachusetts with its hourly rate of $30.83. New Jersey pays them around $28.74, while New York compensates them with $28.66 per hour. Maryland and California-based technologists earn around $28.51 and $28.40 per hour, respectively.

    Radiology physician assistant salary shows that the average salary for a radiology physician assistant is around $67,000 as of January 2014.

    But SimplyHired has a lower result for this position’s salary, reporting it to be around $58,000, although those who are based in New York may earn a bit higher at around $67,000. Those Radiology physician assistants who are in California make an average of $65,000; in Massachusetts, $70,000; in New Jersey, $67,000; and in Maryland, $65,000 per year.

    Radiology tech assistant salary

    According to SimplyHired, the average radiology tech assistant’s salary is around $35,000. got it higher with their calculation of the said salary being $46,000.

    Radiology practitioner assistant salary

    The average annual pay of a radiology practitioner assistant, according to SimplyHired, is around $42,000. This is similar compared to the salary of a diagnostic radiologic technologist, while a physician’s assistant is higher at around $58,000. But based on reports, the salary is around $96,000.

    Radiology assistant salary in Canada

    The average radiology assistant’s salary, based on the annual earnings of a radiology technologist in Canada, ranges between C$42,300 and C$70,720. reported that the typical salary for radiation technologists is between C$65,000 and C$75,000, which means that the radiology assistant salary is around as much. The highest wages are in Edmonton, Alberta at C$37.25, while the lowest wages are earned in Montreal, Quebec at only C$23.

    Radiology assistant salary in Australia

    MRI technologist is a healthcare profession considered almost similar to that of a radiology assistant. Based on their salary as reported by PayScale Australia, the radiology assistant’s salary is somewhere around or higher than AU$87,142 to AU$104,929.

    Radiology assistant salary in the UK

    MySalary reported that the average radiology assistant’s salary in the UK is around £13,650.

    Radiology assistant working in London earned £14,879, while those who are based in Scotland made £11,603. Imaging assistants whose offices are in Wales took home around £11,466, while those with offices in Northern Ireland made £12,285 per year.

    The National Careers Service estimated that the radiology assistant salary is between £14,153 and £19,077 per year. This climbs up to an average of £21,978 for experienced practitioners.

    Radiology assistant salary in South Africa

    Considering how radiology assistants are actually well-seasoned radiographers who have taken an advanced course in imaging, their salary ought to be bigger than that of a radiographer in South Africa, which ranges between R143,794 and R325,284.

    How to become a radiology assistant

    To become a radiology assistant, one has to at least complete a radiologic assistant degree program accredited by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). Only certified radiographers or radiologic technologists with years of experience can take this program though. It is usually completed in two years with classroom instruction plus clinical internship under a radiologist’s supervision.

    Radiologic assistant degree program graduates have to get a Registered Radiologist Assistant (RRA) certification from the ARRT. However, there are prerequisites such as an Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification from the American Heart Association.

    The radiology assistant registration has to be renewed every year, while re-certification has to be done every two years.

    Radiology assistants must be able to interact with both physicians and patients while using their excellent communication skills. They must be up to date with the latest imaging techniques and be detail-oriented. They have to be able to work independently and with the radiology team.

    Conclusion about radiology assistant salary

    On the average, the radiology assistant salary is around $102,972. Their starting salary may range between $60,000 and $80,000 though.

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