Pulmonologist salary

  • Pulmonologist’s salary based in the United States is about $190,000 per year according to the Pay Scale website reports. According to the Health Care Training Center website, it has been reported that a pulmonologist’s salary can be gradually increased with more years of work experience. In fact, a pulmonologist employed in a hospital receives an additional salary benefits such as paid holidays, life or disability insurance, liability insurance, paid sick leave, education reimbursement, including 401ks. According to pay scale, the top yearly earnings of a self-employed pulmonologist is about $417,000 while the newly employed pulmonologists receive a lesser salary of about $90,720. Which still means that pulmonologist salary is one of the highest.

  • Pulmonologist job description

    A pulmonologist is a physician who specializes in the prevention and treatment of lung disease. Pulmonologists diagnose and treat various respiratory tract conditions such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, emphysema, asthma, bronchitis and lung cancer to name a few. Although, pulmonologists are specialized to provide critical health care for patients such as mechanical ventilator support however they do not perform surgeries. The pulmonologist obtains test reports, conducts physical examination, diagnoses and treats the diseases of the respiratory tract.

    How much does a pulmonologist make ?

    Average pulmonologist salary

    An average pulmonologist’s yearly salary ranges from between $110,160 – $165,240 per annum.

    Pulmonologist salary in USA

    The median salary for a pulmonologist in the United States is about $222,174 per year. The starting salary for a pulmonologist is low which averages from between $90,720 – $136,080 per annum. In addition, a well-established pulmonologist receives a top salary ranging from between $129,600 – $194,400 per annum.

    According to percentile statistics, the median salary for 90th percentile of pulmonologists has been around $302,274 per year. Similarly, about 75th percentile of pulmonologists received $264,101, 25th percentile of them received $199,363 while 10th percentile received $178,594 per year.

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic, the pulmonologists received a starting hourly wage ranging from between $41 – $61 per hour while the top earning pulmonologists received an attractive hourly wage ranging from between $58 – $87 per hour.

    pulmonologist salary in US, Australia and UK
    pulmonologist salary

    Pulmonologist salary in Canada

    An average yearly salary for a pulmonologist in Canada is over $161,000 CAD.

    Pulmonologist salary in UK

    The average salary for a pulmonologist based in UK is about £100,000 per annum. A pulmonologist’s salary varies based on the age such as the one in 20s earns up to £75,000, in 30s earns about £98,000, in 40s earns about £116,000 and in 50s earns about £116,000. The average hourly wage for a pulmonologist in UK is £ 50.

    Pulmonologist salary in Australia

    The average salary for a pulmonologist in Australia is about AU$ 152,381.

    How much does a pulmonologist earn in New Zealand

    If you want to practice medicine in New Zealand then you will probably earn an average salary of NZ$150,000 to NZ$200,000 yearly. But of course this will still vary depending on how many years you are practicing the profession. The more experienced you are in a certain field the higher you will get paid. Location is also another factor that can affect your salary. It is best that you work in a place where there is a high demand for pulmonologist because they month give you higher rate.

    Salary of pulmonologist  in South Africa

    If you wanted to practice Pulmonologist then you have to gain knowledge about the respiratory system because you will have to deal with lung and breathing problems. For a well experienced pulmonologist in South Africa earning R 225.00 per hour is very tempting. The average salary of a pulmonologist can range from R 70,000.00 – R 1,000,000.00 while receiving bonuses. Years of experience greatly affects the amount of salary that a pulmonologist can earn. So the more you will love your work the greater amount of income you can get from it.

    And how much does pulmonologist make in Mexico

    According to the New York Times report about the average salary of certain health professions in Mexico, general practitioners in the country earned $21,000 (Dollars in US Purchasing Power Parities) in 2004. Specialists, including pulmonologists, earned an average of $25,000 in the same year.

    Pediatric pulmonologist salary

    A pediatric pulmonologist diagnoses and treats the diseases of the respiratory tract in infants, children, and teens. An average yearly salary for a Pediatric pulmonologist ranges from between $112,880 – $169,320. A top earning Pediatric pulmonologist receives a salary range of about $132,800 – $199,200 per year while the lowest salary is about $92,960. An hourly wage for an average Pediatric pulmonologist ranges from between $50 -$89.

    Pulmonologist education, training and certification

    An aspiring pulmonologist should first complete an entry-level education (under graduation in science) and should complete 4 years of medical school from an accredited medical school. This is followed by about 3 years of residency program in the field of internal medicine and 2 years of sub-specialty in the field of pulmonology. One should then obtain a pulmonology certification on completion of the ABIM certification exam in pulmonary disease.

    Conclusion about pulmonologist salary

    The median salary for a pulmonologist in the United States is about $222,174 per year while an average hourly wage ranges from between $49 – $74 per hour, based on years of work experience.

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