Psychologist salary

  • Psychologist’s salary in the United States is about $65,000 per year and an hourly wage is around $30 per hour. The starting salary for a newly graduated psychologist is about $40,000 per annum. According to PayScale, the psychologists employed in health care services received the highest income ranging from $49,967 to $80,988 per year while those employed in clinical psychology and psychotherapy received their average salary of about $70,000 per annum. Based on gender, the average yearly salary for male psychologists went on for up to $81,794 while the highest yearly salary earned by female psychologists is about $69,898. Psychologist salary varies on which kind of psychologist you choose to be.

  • Psychologist job description

    A psychologist is a scientific professional who deals with the human behavior and psychological problems. The psychologist assesses the patients to determine their behavioral or mood pattern, diagnoses mental disorders, analyses the extent and severity of the condition, counsels the patients, plans for an appropriate treatment and prescribes medication. The job of a psychologist varies and depends on one’s specialized branch of psychology. For instance, a research psychologist conducts scientific studies to learn human behavior, collects data through surveys, observations, and draws conclusion through the studies. Similarly, the job of a counseling psychologist includes discussing the client’s family problems, focusing on behavioral alterations to improve one’s psychological well-being. Read more about How to become a psychologist.

    How much does a psychologist make ?

    Average psychologist salary 

    The median expected salary for an average psychologist in the United States is about $82,978 per year. Average annual salary for a psychologist ranges from between $68,640 to $90,000 and an hourly wage ranges from between $33 to $60 per hour.

    Psychologist salary in USA

    Based on percentiles, the median yearly salary for 90th percentile of psychologists has been around $102,662. Similarly, about 75th percentile of psychologists received $93,281, 25th percentile of them received $73,276 while 10th percentile received $64,443 per year.

    psychologist salary in US,UK and CAN
    psychologist salary

    Psychologist salary in Canada

    According to PayScale, the average national psychologist’s salary in Canada ranges from $44 510 to $148 188 per year and an average hourly wage ranges of about $39.19 an hour. On an average, the hourly wage for a psychologist ranges from $14.08 to $53.28 per hour. Read more for detailed psychologist salary comparison.

    Psychologist salary in United Kingdom (UK)

    The average expected salary for a psychologist in the United Kingdom is about £35,350 per annum. According to all salary survey, the median salary for a psychologist is about £32,000 per year. An average hourly wage for a psychologist is about £17.68. A psychologist’s salary varies based on his or her age as the one in 20s earns up to £26,513, in 30s earns about £34,643, in 40s and in 50s earns about £41,006 per annum.

    Psychologist salary in Australia

    According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average yearly salary for a psychologist ranges from AU$66,000 – AU$75,000 and an average hourly wage ranges from AU$80 – AU$100 per hour.

    Salary of psychologist in New Zealand

    If you want to be a psychologist in New Zealand, you can expect earning $61K to $64K every year. But this will increase if you are practicing the profession for more than 3 years that will range from $65K to $97K. The information was given by the New Zealand Psychological Society to provide information for aspiring psychologist or those who wanted to work in New Zealand. It is a good idea if you will pursue of taking a psychology course because you can easily land a job due to scarcity of workers.

    Salary of psychologist in South Africa

    Getting paid with the right amount is important for any workers. So if ever that you work as a psychiatrist in South Africa then you should earn an average salary of R210, 758  to  R220,000 .Various factors were considered in order to come up with the said detail that includes the years of experience, the level of expertise, the company you are working for, your location, etc. You can use this as your basis if you want to know if you are receiving just payment or not.

    The salary of psychologists in Africa differs depending with the experience as well as their expertise. Clinical Psychologist earn more compared to other type of psychologist who are paid in an average rate of R216 000 a year. Your skills will affect the amount of your salary which means that better psychologist you are the higher your earnings is. You will also notice that there are more women who earn higher than men where in the majority has 1 to 4 years of experience.

    How much does a psychologist make in Mexico

    There is limited data where reports about the psychologist salary in Mexico are concerned. However, the relevant profession of registered nurses has them earning between MXN64,535 and MXN874,827 per year, according to PayScale reports, with the median pay being MXN367,597.

    As you can see psychologist salary is above average compared to other doctor careers in Mexico.

    And how much does a psychologist make in Germany ?

    If want to work as a psychologist in Germany then you can anticipate of earning an average salary of $55 000. On the other hand, the salary will be changed according to your location, the company where you work, your years of experience, and the benefits you receive. This is an essential detail that psychologists should know in order for them to check if they are paid fairly. This is also useful to those people who are planning to take a course of psychology to help them decide if they will continue their plan or look for another career.

    PhD. Psychologist salary

    A PhD psychologist’s salary depends on the field of study, location and many more factors. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual salary for PhD psychologists from counseling, clinical, and school fields received a median salary of about $64,140, whereas the top 90 percent of then earned $106,000. The PhD psychologists from industrial and organizational fields received an annual salary of about $77,010, and from $39,690 to $149,120 respectively. Phd. Psychologist salary is highest one, but Ph.D. degree in psychology is not always guarantee for this amount of yearly pay.

    Pediatric Psychologist salary

    Pediatric psychologists specialize about the child behavior and the impact of a psychological event that greatly influences the child’s mind during the later stages of childhood. The average salary for a pediatric psychologist employed in school is about $ 60,000 while the one employed in an independent agency earns a much higher salary of up to $120,000. The annual salary earned by the top 10 percent pediatric psychologists is more than $100,000 while the yearly salary for the lesser 10 percent psychologists is about $37,000 per year.

    Military psychologist salary

    Military psychologists are engaged in offering general therapeutic services such as counseling the traumatized soldiers who perform various duties. They assist military members to appropriately plan and organize their psychological operations. Military psychologists assist the military families and non-military personnel, especially who are in-charge of the armed forces. On an average, the median expected salary for a military psychologist ranges from between $40,000 to $65,000 per annum. According to the BLS data, it has been reported that 90 percent of military psychologists receive an annual salary of more than $162,022, 75 percent of them earn around $143,274, 50 percent earn about $119,104, 25 percent earned around $86,432, and around 10 percent of them earned less than $73,249 per year.

    Developmental psychologist salary

    Developmental psychologists deal with the physical, emotional, social, and psychological aspects of a person experienced from childhood to old age. They specialize in the areas such as abnormal developmental changes, age-related behavior and changes, and emotional development. The median salary for a developmental psychologist ranges from between $69,007 and $90,326 per year. Based on the years of work experience, an average yearly salary for a Developmental Psychologist with 1-4 years of work experience is around $74,350 per year, while the one with more than 20 years of experience earns more than $101,088 to $109,000 per annum.

    According to the reports of the Occupational outlook handbook, the annual salary for the developmental psychologists based on the industry is as follows: those employed in State government earned around $63,710 per year; those working at Elementary and secondary schools earned around $65,710 per year; those employed in the Individual and family services earned around $57,440; those working at Outpatient care centers received around $59,130 per year; and those employed in the offices of other health practitioners earned around $68,400 per year. Read more information about child psychologist salary.

    Research psychologist salary

    An experimental or a research psychologist employs various scientific methods to perform a research and to collect and store the data. Research psychologists incorporate wide range of psychological processes including personality processes, learning and cognitive processes. It has been reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that the average yearly salary for research psychologists employed at professional schools is around $78,570 per annum.  In fact, the salary for research psychologists depends upon wide range of factors such as work experience, employment sector, education and geographic location. It has been reported that the highest annual salary for the clinical or experimental psychologists is as high as $778,536, while the lowest salary can be as low as $35,608 per annum. Read more about research psychologist salary.

    Health psychologist salary

    The health psychologists usually specialize in clinical counseling and they implement the healthy living and disease prevention. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), they provide counseling to their patients to adjust their behavioral and psychological aspects towards those presenting with chronic and terminal medical conditions, thus significantly improving their quality of life. An average hourly wage for a health psychologist in the United States is around $34.77 per hour, which averages to a total annual salary of around $72,310 per year. Based on percentiles, 90th percent of health psychologists earned around $109,470 per year, while middle 50 percent of them earned between $50,210 and $85,270 per year, while the lowest 10th percent earned less than $39,270 per year. The average hourly wage ranges from between $24.14 and $41.00 per hour. Based on the employment sector, health psychologists employed in the offices of health practitioners earned around $41.96 an hour and $87,270 per year, while those employed in a psychiatric or substance abuse hospital earned around $39.96 an hour and $83,120 per year, while those working in outpatient care centers earned around 69,620 per year.

    Occupational psychologist salary

    According to PayScale, the typical occupational psychologist’s salary in the US ranges between $38,396 and $122,001, which include a basic salary ranging from $39,749 to $113,526, bonuses of up to $14,579, and profit shares ranging from $6,000 to $15,000. Their median salary is reported to be $75,109. Their wages typically range from $9.30 to $242.40.

    Industrial psychologist salary

    Industrial psychologists are those who counsel the subjects employed in industrial arena and they help them deal with occupational or industrial disasters. An average hourly wage for an industrial psychologist ranges from between $15.13 – $25.43 per hour, which averages to a yearly salary ranging from between $40,380 – $129,128 per year. In addition, the yearly bonus and profit sharing is around $13,089 and from $-0.49 – $7,566 respectively. Therefore, the annual total pay for an industrial psychologist in the United States ranges from between $36,074 – $122,084 per year respectively. Read more about career of industrial psychologist and salary he/she make.

    Educational psychologist salary

    Educational psychologists usually work in high schools, colleges, universities and in state or local government schools. They counsel the students and provide educational guidance to further their education. They also counsel school children and offer psychological support to young children presenting with emotional or mental problems. Based on the years of work experience, an average yearly salary for an educational psychologist in the United States is as follows: educational psychologists with 1-4 years of work experience earn an average yearly salary of around $52,000 per annum; those with 5-9 years of work experience earn around $47,000 per year; those with 10-19 years of work experience earn around $60,984 per year; and those with more than 20 years of work experience earn more than $73,500 per annum. Read more about educational psychologist salary around the world.

    Psychologist education, training and certification

    An aspiring psychologist should first complete an entry-level education (undergraduate degree or psychology major) and the candidate should then obtain a Master’s (M.D. or Ed. S.) degree or a doctoral degree in school psychology. The candidate should then obtain specialty certification from the American Board of Professional Psychology and then complete a Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degree or a Ph.D. in psychology to become a PhD psychologist. The school psychologist requires an additional 1-year internship during the completion of doctoral program. Find out more about Psychologist education.

    Conclusion about psychologist salary

    Child psychologists usually receive an average salary range from between $64,000 and $85,000 a year. The median salary for PhD psychologist is more than $125,000 per year.

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