Prosthodontist salary

  • Prosthodontist’s salary in the United States is about $182,640 and the hourly wage ranging from $40 to $166.6 per hour. The highest paid prosthodontists usually work in a private practice setting. According to the BLS, the highest paid yearly salary for prosthodontists ranges from $191,090 to $229,000. According to PayScale, the average yearly salary for a prosthodontists has been reported to range from $125,000 to $205,900 while those who are self-employed received an annual salary ranging from $121,200 to $201,700. Keep reading for information about prosthodontist salary and career.

  • Prosthodontist job description

    The prosthodontist is a dental specialist who deals with the restoration and replacement of teeth in patients presenting with partial or complete teeth loss. The prosthodontist places implants, fixed or removable appliances (dentures) to restore the normal masticatory function and to improve the patient’s esthetics. The main job of a prosthodontist is to diagnose, plan the treatment for the rehabilitation and maintenance of the normal function, restore esthetics and comfort, repair temporomandibular jaw condition, and place the appliances using biocompatible substitutes (prosthesis). Read here, if you are interested in What is a prosthodontist.

    How much does a prosthodontist make ?

    Average prosthodontist salary

    The average salary for a prosthodontist in the United States is about $280,000 per annum while an average hourly wage is about $70 per hour.

    Prosthodontist salary in USA

    A prosthodontist in USA receives an annual salary ranging from between $50,167 – $201,797. In addition, a bonus ranging from between $4,000 – $20,000 will be credited to his or her account. In fact, a prosthodontist receives his or her total earnings ranging from between $53,327 – $201,797 per annum. The median hourly wage for a prosthodontist is about $70.00 per hour. The lowest 10 percent of prosthodontists earn about $40 per hour while the upper 10 percent of them earn more than $166 per hour.

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    Prosthodontist salary by state

    Some of the best paying areas for prosthodontists include New Hampshire $244,990, Oregon $166,400, Hawaii $208,780, California $185,790, and Georgia $204,910. The highest hourly wage for prosthodontists working in major metropolitan areas is about $110 per hour.

    prosthodontist salary in US, UK, Canada
    prosthodontist salary

    Prosthodontist salary in Canada

    The salary for a prosthodontist in Canada ranges from between C$ 1.5k- C$ 2k per annum.

    Prosthodontist salary in UK

    In the UK, the starting salary for a prosthodontist is about £27,500 per annum, while the salaries for senior prosthodontists with a dental experience of 10-15 years ranges from £50,000 – £70,000per annum. The prosthodontists employed in the National Health Service (NHS) receive a starting yearly salary of about £19,703 which can get increased after sometime to a range of up to £67,133 – £90,838 per annum.

    Prosthodontist salary in Australia

    An average salary for a prosthodontist in the Australia is about AU$132,213.

    How much money does a prosthodontist earn in New Zealand ?

    The importance of dental checkups to people causes the demand for dentist to rise up. If you are planning to work as a dentist in New Zealand then you will receive an annual salary of $55 000. Most dentists work privately. It is best that you practiced prosthodontist for long years to increase your annual salary. You can also work to places where there is higher rate because salary varies from where you are located. You have to consider these factors if you want to receive satisfying amount of income. As you can see, there is difference between practicing in Australia comparing to prosthodontists working in New Zealand. Prosthodontist salary in NZ is half time lower.

    Salary of prosthodontist in South Africa

    If you wanted to help people treat dental issues then you can work as a dentist. You can expect a continuous amount of income practicing this profession because people know how important it is to maintain a healthy set of teeth. Oral hygiene will help you feel confident of dealing with people. Practicing dentistry in South Africa can give you an average salary of R375,389 per year. And it will be increased as years passes by because years of experience is a plus factor if you want to be paid high.

    Prosthodontist salary in New Zealand

    A prosthodontist in New Zealand is expected to have a Bachelor of Dental Surgery. The field is less competitive and hence the pay is much better than the other general fields in dentistry. Registration with the dental Council of New Zealand is mandatory for any prosthodontist to practice in New Zealand. The private sector also pays much better compared to the public sector. Benefits are also available and added perk to the basic wage. The more experience the more likely you are to receive a pay increase. On average, a prosthodontist in New Zealand earns about $ 110,000 per year.

    Prosthodontist salary in South Africa

    Oral disease levels, it appears, is on the increase in major sectors of the South African population – more so the urbanizing deprived communities. South African dentistry has become a trade of the privileged- in a growing culture that has no misgivings about capitalism. It is no wonder therefore that the starting salary for a prosthodontist is (according to the South African Career Focus) in the range of R144, 000 – R840, 000. This of course varies depending on such things as qualifications, the area of practice, the employer and experience. Dental technicians whose practices fall under the purview of prosthetic dentistry have a varied pay package based on the type of work they do. The median annual wage is approximately R440,000 on average. The debate concerning the monopoly they have over denture making is one that mainstream dentistry refuses to engage in. This should however come as no surprise since this is a well earning procedure. The budgetary allocation by South Africa’s department of Healthcare was R2 322 million in 2006/07 has continued to increase since there is no doubt that prosthodontists will take home a large chunk of this.

    And how much does a prosthodontist make in Mexico

    Mexico is widely famous for dental – restorations at costs that are pocket friendly and as such a dental travelers’ destination. Los Algodones (bordering Arizona) prides itself in over 350 dentists. You will find a dental crown for $200, veneers at $400 or even gum surgery for $350. Additionally, it is in Mexico that you will get extensive dental work for $1, 600, as opposed to New York where the same goes for something in the range of $7, 500. The obvious implication here is that the pay for a prosthodontist may not be as good. In fact MXN230,500 is the pay for an regular Mexican dentist (according to Payscale), but with the huge mass of Americans going to Mexico for this rewarding offers, Prosthodontists in Mexico will certainly be smiling all the way to Banco Amigo. The level of experience or location may not have a bearing in Mexico but any economist will tell you that this increase in demand will result in increased income for prosthetic dentists in Mexico.

    There are no specific reports about how much a prosthodontist earns in Mexico. However, PayScale showed that dentists earn an average of MXN149,400 per year. The salary survey site also showed their median pay to be MXN178,800 per year.

    Prosthodontist education, training and certification

    To become a prosthodontist, one should complete an entry level education (bachelor’s degree) and complete a 4 year dental program (DMD/DDS degree) from an American Dental Education Association (ADEA) accredited dental school to obtain a license to practice dentistry. An aspiring prosthodontist should then complete a post-graduate study or training program in the field of prosthodontics that lasts for about 3-4 additional years followed by the board certification from the American Board of Prosthodontics on completion of board exams.

    Conclusion about prosthodontist salary

    The Prosthodontists employed in general companies received an average yearly salary range of $94,500 to $200,000, and those employed in firms and private practices earned an annual salary range of $96,300 to $183,200.

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