Podiatrist salary

  • Podiatrist’s salary (also know as a doctor of podiatric medicine salary) in the United States is around more than $100,000 per annum. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the mean podiatrist salary has been around $131,730 per annum while an average hourly wage has been about 63.33 per hour. However, the lowest paid podiatrist’s received an annual salary and hourly wage of about $48,770 $23.45 per hour while the highest-paid podiatrist received more than $166,400 per annum and above $80 per hour. Podiatry residents are making 50K a year. In addition, the podiatrists employed in hospitals received an annual salary ranging from between $130,000-$201,588 per year. Which means that podiatrist salary is one the highest.

  • Podiatrist job description

    Podiatrist is the physician who specializes about the health of ankles, lower legs and feet. A podiatrist provides health care to the lower ankles and plans an appropriate treatment. The podiatrist deals with the most common conditions of the feet such as corns, calluses, wounds, fractures, infected toenails, sprains, feet deformities and other traumas of the lower extremity. The job of a podiatrist includes physical examination, obtaining test reports, diagnosing the patient’s condition, treating the condition, prescribing specific medicines, and performing surgery in few cases. Read more, if you are interested in What is a podiatrist.

    How much does a podiatrist make ?

    Average podiatrist salary

    The median expected salary for a Podiatrist in the United States is about $175,158 per year while an average hourly wage is about $56.75 per hour.

    Podiatrist salary and wage in USA

    Based on percentiles, the median yearly salary for 90th percentile of podiatrists has been around $306,433. Similarly, about 75th percentile of podiatrists received $243,872, 25th percentile of them received $128,470 while 10th percentile received $88,099 per year. The median hourly wage for a podiatrist ranges from between $56.75 – $80 per hour.

    Some of the best paying states for podiatrists are Michigan $202,000, Wisconsin 165,990, Texas $166,220, and California $201,070.

    podiatrist salary in US, Australia and UK
    podiatrist salary

    Podiatrist salary in Canada

    According to PayScale Canada statistics, an average salary for a podiatrist in Canada ranges from between C$ 35,473 to C$ 90,431 per annum.

    Podiatrist salary and wage in UK

    The average expected salary for a podiatrist in the United Kingdom is about £22,034 per annum. According to all salary survey, the median salary for a podiatrist is about £21,000 per year. An average hourly wage for a podiatrist is about £11.02. A podiatrist’s salary varies based on his or her age as the one in 20s earns up to £16,526, in 30s earns about £21,594, in 40s and in 50s earns about £25,560 per annum.

    Podiatrist salary in Australia

    On an average, a podiatrist in Australia receives an annual salary ranging from between AU$45,943 – AU$82,591. In addition, a bonus of about AU$20,134 will be credited to his or her account. In fact, a podiatrist in Australia receives his or her total earnings ranging between AU$48,219 – AU$93,818 per annum.

    And how much does a podiatrist earn in New Zealand ?

    It is just a usual situation for people to encounter foot problems. Either it is about a stinky foot or an injury you can rely with the service you can get from podiatrist. These people can provide you orthotic shoes or apply immediate actions on how you can recover from your foot problems. If you will work as a podiatrist in New Zealand, you can earn an average salary of $46K to $65K for beginners. While for the seniors they can possible earn $69K to $95 K.

    Salary of podiatrist in South Africa

    People who are treating problems related to foot are called Podiatrist. For athletes who often put pressure on their foot, acquiring the help of a podiatrist is just a usual thing for them. Even to those people who are suffering from foot odor can also benefit from hiring podiatrist. If you are interested to practice this profession in South Africa, you can earn an average salary of 57,500 ZAR every month. This can be very tempting which means pursuing this profession is worth your time and effort.

    Podiatrist salary in Mexico

    There is immense variation in a podiatrist salary in Mexico. This is because the salaries are dependent on a number of factors. They may include yearly experience in the field to the proficiency of the podiatrist. Podiatrists tend to venture mostly into the private sector due to their work. Location is also important when it comes to the salary review of a podiatrist in Mexico.

    There are no specific reports about the podiatrist salary for those working in Mexico. However, physicians in general practice earned a median pay of MXN 238,658 per year. Their salary ranges between MXN139,620 and MXN623,404, according to PayScale. Included in their total salary is a bonus that may range from MXN670 to MXN40,000. The podiatrist salary is bound to be higher than that of a general practitioner though because of their area of specialty.

    Podiatrist education, training and certification

    To become a podiatrist, one should complete an entry level education (undergraduate degree) and should undergo 4 years of study in a medical podiatry to obtain a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree (DPM) in the field of podiatry. This is followed by a residency program that lasts for about 3 to 4 years to get certified in the field of surgery. The candidate can undergo an additional fellowship training that lasts for more than 3 years.

    Conclusion about podiatrist salary

    The starting salary for a podiatrist ranges from between $73,000 to $85,000 per annum while the median salary for a podiatrist is about $180,000 per year. The podiatrists belonging to the top 10 percent received an annual salary of more than $166,400 while those belonging to the lowest 10 percent received less than $50,150 per annum.

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