Podiatric surgeon salary

  • Podiatric surgeon’s salary is around $181,000 in the United States. Podiatric surgeons are specialists who treat foot and ankle problems. However, they are not medical doctors. Instead, they specialize in studying and understanding the foot and ankle in great detail. They also study the lower limb and the medical knowledge needed for them to safely examine, diagnose, and treat problems in the foot and ankle. Podiatric surgeons are classified under the broader group of podiatrists, who diagnose and treat foot, ankle, and lower limb problems. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) showed that the median podiatrist’s salary, including the podiatric surgeon’s salary, was around $116,440 in 2012. Their employment growth is estimated to be at 23% from 2012 to 2022. This high occupation growth is likely due the increasing need for surgical and medical care of the aging American population. Keep reading for more information about podiatric surgeon salary and career requirements.

  • Podiatric surgeon job description

    Podiatric surgeons are responsible for educating patients about the available foot care techniques and treatments to prevent future foot and ankle problems. They diagnose deformities and diseases of the foot and ankle by checking the patients’ medical histories and conducting physical examinations, laboratory tests, and x-rays. They also prescribe corrective devices, medications, surgery, and physical therapy. Podiatric surgeons refer patients to other physicians and specialists when they notice signs of systemic disorders, such as diabetes or arthritis, in the legs and feet. They treat calluses, corns, tumors, ingrown nails, bunions, shortened tendons, abscesses, and cysts by performing surgery. They treat bone, joint, and muscle disorders affecting the ankles and feet. As surgeons, they correct deformities by strapping and plastering. It is also their job to inform the public about the benefits of taking care of their foot and ankle by creating ads, speaking engagements, and other forums. Their job also requires them to perform administrative duties such as ordering supplies, hiring employees, and keeping records. They make and even fit prosthetic appliances for the patients. They also use mechanical methods, such as paraffin baths and whirlpool, or electrical methods, such as low voltage currents and short wave, to treat deformities.

    How much does a podiatric surgeon make ?

    Average podiatric surgeon salary

    Based on the podiatrist’s salary, the podiatric surgeon’s salary is around $135,070 on the average. Their average wage is also shown to be $64.94.

    Podiatric surgeon salary in the US

    According to Indeed, the average podiatric surgeon’s salary in the US is around $230,000. But Salary.com showed their median salary to be around $181,262. The top10% earners make around $298,225 or more, but the bottom 10% earners receive only $118,291 or less. Aside from the base salary, podiatrists also enjoy some benefits. They receive bonuses worth $7,366, social security benefits worth $10,082, 401K/403B worth $6,791, disability benefits worth $1,698, healthcare benefits worth $6,592, pension benefits worth $11,884, and time off worth $23,216.

    PayScale reported that the median podiatrist’s salary, podiatric surgeon’s salary, is $117,985. Their total salary, including their bonus and profit sharing, ranges between $75,581 and $209,980. Their hourly rate ranges between $45 and $112.50.

    The Occupational Employment and Wages report from the BLS about podiatrists, which includes podiatric surgeon, showed that the industry they called as the offices of physicians paid the highest salary at $167,450. The other industries with high podiatrist salary, including podiatric surgeon salary, include outpatient care centers, offices of other health practitioners, local government, and general medical and surgical hospitals.

    Podiatric surgeon salary by city/state in the US

    Based on the podiatrist’s salary, the podiatric surgeon’s salary was the highest in the state of New Hampshire at $187,370. It was $165,270 in Minnesota and $161,900 in Wisconsin. In the states of North Carolina and Delaware, the salary of podiatric surgeon and other podiatrists was $160,190 and $159,530, respectively.

    As for the podiatrist and podiatric surgeon salary among metropolitan areas in the US, St. Louis, MO-IL paid the highest salary of $222,900. Podiatrists are also well compensated in the metropolitan areas of Bethesda-Rockville-Frederick, MD, where the salary was $213,700 and of Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News, VA-NC, where they earned $201,910. They also earned a podiatric surgeon salary of $189,720 in the Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown, TX area and $186,480 in the West Palm Beach-Boca Raton-Boynton Beach, FL area.

    Podiatric surgeon salary in Canada

    Podiatric surgeon working in Canada earns a median salary of C$191,213, according to Salary.com reports. While the 10th percentile of the profession’s population earned C$124,786 or less, the 90th percentile took home $314,597 or more in podiatrist and podiatric surgeon’s salary. In addition to their base salary, podiatrists also get $7,771 in bonuses, $10,232 in social security benefits, $1,791 in disability, $6,592 in healthcare, $7,163 in 401K/403B, $12,536 in pension, and $24,490 in time off.

    According to the Alberta Learning Information Service, the average podiatrist salary, as well as podiatric surgeon salary, is around C$76,955. Their average wage is reported to be C$42.09.

    Podiatric surgeon salary in Australia

    Podiatrists, as well as podiatric surgeons, earn an annual pay ranging between AU$48,899 and AU$88,859 in Australia. PayScale also showed that their median pay is around AU$60,779 per year. They also earn wages ranging between AU$23,82 and AU$45.30 and get paid up to AU$54.07 per hour in overtime pay.

    According to Open Universities Australia, the starting podiatrist and podiatric surgeon’s salary is AU$53,000, and this increases to AU$95,000 with seniority. The average salary in the field is reported to be AU$75,000. The website also reported that the podiatrists in the country work full time for about 39.6 hours every week.

    Podiatric surgeon salary in the UK

    Prospects, work and salary website in the UK, cited that the starting salaries for podiatrists, including podiatric surgeon, range between £21,478 and £29,901. This increases to a range between £30,764 and £40,558 for specialist lead podiatrists.

    PayScale showed different figures as the podiatrist and podiatric surgeon’s salary. The website reported the median pay for these professionals to be around £24,901. Their total salary was also shown to range between £19,063 and £50,845.

    Podiatric surgeon salary in South Africa

    Podiatrists working in South Africa earn an average monthly pay of R57,500, which means that their annual pay is around R690,000. Their maximum salary, including the podiatric surgeon’s salary, is R900,000 while their minimum salary is shown to be R560,000.

    How to become a podiatric surgeon

    To become a podiatric surgeon, one must spend around 10 years in college. Aspiring podiatrists and podiatric surgeons must earn a bachelor’s degree first, preferably in biology, chemistry, physics, or any science discipline. They must pass the Medical College Admission Test to get into medical school, where they must complete a doctor of podiatric medicine (DPM) program. It should be accredited by the Council on Podiatric Medical Education. This program includes two years of classroom-based lectures and two years of clinical experience under the supervision of a senior podiatrist. After this, the students must enroll in a three-year podiatric medical and surgical residency program.

    Even as graduates, aspiring podiatrists still need to work hard in getting their license. They must take the American Podiatric Medical Licensing Exam, which is given in three parts, before they finish with their residency. Some states have more licensure requirements aside from passing this exam.

    The American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery as well as the American Board of Podiatric Medicine offers several board certifications for podiatrists who want to advance in the field. These certifications will prove their professional competence and help them stand out among all the applicants.

    For additional professional development, podiatrists may take online courses tackling topics such as functional orthopedics, podopediatrics, and dermatology. There are also similar on-site courses for this occupation.

    Conclusion about podiatric surgeon salary

    Podiatrists and podiatric surgeon earns an average of $135,070 per year. The top 10% of the podiatrists in the US earn $187,199 or more, while the bottom 10% take home only $52,910 or less in podiatrist and podiatric surgeon’s salary.

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