Physiologist salary

  • Physiologist’s salary is determined by different fields of physiology specialization like sports physiology, sports physiology, respiratory physiology and cardio physiology to name a few. The U.S. based physiologists who belong to the top 10 percent earned around more than $102,300 per year, while those belonging to the bottom 10 percent received an annual salary less than $38,780. About middle 50 percent of the physiologists received an annual salary ranging from between $52,200 and $83,430.  Physiologist salary is still one of the highest, but still depending on area of practice.

  • What does a physiologist do

    A physiologist is a biological scientist who deals with the study of human life and its interlink to the various body systems such as cardiac system, digestive system and respiratory system and so on. A physiologist’s job widely differs based on one’s field of expertise. An exercise physiologist performs medical tests, and conducts physical exercises to determine the overall health of a person. A cardiac physiologist determines the overall health of the heart while the respiratory physiologist determines the respiratory function; a sports physiologist investigates the body performance and overall functions in athletes and so on. Read more if you are interested in Physiologist job description.

    How much does a physiologist make ?

    Average physiologist salary

    The physiologist’s salary in the United States is about $45,081 per annum while an hourly wage ranges from between $12.00 – $24.95.

    Physiologist salary in USA

    Based on percentiles, the median salary for 90th percentile of physiologists has been around $56,744 per year. Similarly, about 75th percentile of physiologists received $51,186, 25th percentile of them received $40,179 while 10th percentile received $35,717 per year.

    physiologist salary in USA, UK and Australia
    physiologist salary

    Physiologist salary in Canada

    An average salary for a physiologist in Canada with 1 to 4 years of work experience ranges from between C$35,000 – C$60,903 per annum.

    Physiologist salary and wage in UK

    The average and median salaries for physiologists in the UK is about £26,818 per year. According to all salary survey, the median salary for a physiologist is about £ 21,541. A physiologist’s salary varies based on age such as the one in 20s earns up to £20,114, one in 30s earns about £26,282, in 40s and in 50s earns about £31,109. The average hourly wage for a physiologist in UK is about £ 13.4 per hour.

    Physiologist salary in Australia

    An average salary for a physiologist in Australia with 1 to 4 years of work experience ranges from between AU$45,781 – AU$88,437 per annum.

    Physiologist salary in New Zealand

    The physiologists in New Zealand earn their salary depending on the experience they have, where they work and who they work for. Those who have worked in this field for more than three years earn a lot than those who are new in the Industry. The highly experienced physiologists earn from 95k dollars to 97k dollars a year. Those with below three years of experience earn below 65k dollars per year. Those in the private sector earn more than those working in the public sector. The sector in which a given physiologist has specialized in also determines the amount of pay. Those working in universities earn 70k to 170k dollars per year. The physiologists working in research institutes earn approximately 56k to 96k dollars per year. Those working in the hospitals earn from 65k dollars to 95k dollars per year. The salaries are therefore dependent on different factors.

    Physiologist salary in South Africa

    In South Africa, the salaries of physiologists depend on a number of factors. These factors include the level of education, the industry, the location, years of experience and even the company size one works for. Depending on the location, the salary rates in Pretoria are lower than those for Johannes burg. Those with experience above 5 years earn higher than those with less experience. Those working in private companies earn more as compared to those working in public institutions. Those working in private companies work for long hours and for this reason they are able to get the much money they earn. The basic salary that a physiologist in South Africa earns per month ranges from 642 dollars to 1440 dollars.

    And how much does a physiologist make in Mexico ?

    One fast-rising profession to come in Mexico in recent years is physiotherapy. This involves several health professionals, including physiologists. Medical costs in the US, compared to Mexico, is thirty to fifty percent higher, thus making Mexico an attractive venue for health tourism. Mexican health care workers typically enjoy an average of MXN 17,600 in salaries. Physical therapists earn MXN 15,988 average.

    Neurophysiologist salary

    Neurophysiologists are biological scientists who deal with the neurological and physiological functions of the body. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall median salary for a neurophysiologist is about $68,220 per annum while an average salary is about $71,310 per year. The highest paid neurophysiologists received an attractive salary of about $102,300 or more per annum while the middle 50 percent of the neurophysiologists earned an annual income ranging from between $52,200 to $83,430.

    Physiologist education, training and certification

    To become a physiologist, one should complete an entry level education (undergraduate degree) in order to pursue the graduate program in exercise physiology or related fields such as exercise science, bachelors of Science degree in kinesiology, physical education and so on. This is followed by a doctorate degree in medicine or a Master of Science degree in exercise physiology to gain a hands-on experience in the field of physiology.

    Conclusion about physiologist salary

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the highest salary received by the physiologists is around more than $93,330 per year while the lowest paid physiologists received their salary around less than $35,637 per annum. The physiologists employed in the federal executive branches received a mean annual salary of about $73,530 while those employed in private physicians’ offices received a highest annual salary of about $102,190.

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