Physiatrist salary

  • Physiatrist’s salary in the United States averages from between $134,997 and $222,943 per annum. The physiatrist also receives a yearly bonus ranging from between $5,014 to $35,608. According to Payscale, the highest paid physiatrist earns a competitive salary in the US that exceeds more than $260,000 per annum. In addition, it has also reported that the annual salary earned by the top 1 percent of physiatrists is more than $400,000. A physiatrist is a healthcare professional who diagnoses and treats musculoskeletal pain or injuries. Maybe this the reason why physiatrist salary is so high compared to other medical specialists.

  • What does a physiatrist do

    Physiatrists or rehabilitation physicians are specialist doctors who deal with the physical medicine, rehabilitation, and non-surgical treatment of the injuries. Some of the physiatrists also pursue further sub-specialization in related fields such as sports medicine or advanced pain management and so on. The main job of a physiatrist is to examine the patients presenting with pain or injuries, diagnosing the condition, obtaining x-ray reports to determine the extent and severity of the condition, treating the wounds, planning an appropriate nonsurgical therapy to alleviate pain and to restore the functional movement in an affected area. Read more if you are interested in Physiatrist job description.

    How much does a physiatrist make ?

    Average physiatrist salary

    The median expected salary for an average physiatrist in the United States is about $203,814 per year.

    Physiatrist salary in USA

    Based on percentiles, the median yearly salary for 90th percentile of physiatrists has been around $250,015. Similarly, about 75th percentile of physiatrists received $227,997, 25th percentile of them received $182,501 while those in 10th percentile received $163,097 per year.

    Based on years of experience, an average expected salary for a Physiatrist with 1 to 4 years of experience is about $184,022 per annum. The salary for a physiatrist with 5 to 9 years of work experience is about $219,854 per annum while the one with 10 to 19 years of work experience earns a much higher yearly salary of about $223,745.

    physiatrist salary in US, UK, Canada
    physiatrist salary

    Physiatrist salary in Canada

    On an average, a physiatrist in Canada receives an annual salary ranging from between C$35,850 – C$184,000 and a median hourly wage of about C$17.24 per hour.

    Physiatrist salary in UK

    The highest physiatrist in the UK receives an annual salary of more than £95,000 per annum while the lowest paid physiatrist receives less than £12,255 per year.

    Physiatrist salary in Australia

    According to payscale, the physiatrist in Australia receives an average salary ranging from between AU$10,213 – AU$78,297 per year. In fact, a physiatrist in Australia receives his or her total earnings ranging from between AU$10,304 – AU$77,566 per annum.

    Physiatrist salary in New Zealand

    On average, a physiatrist’s salary is $125,000 yearly. Salaries do vary according to your employer, level of skill and of course level of experience one has in the field. On a full time basis, the normal working hours for a p physiatrist in New Zealand is 45.6 hours per week. The starting salary for a newbie physiatrist is $85,000 annually whereas a senior physiatrist gets paid $185,000 annually. The relevant job titles that may require the expertise of a physiatrist include: forensic physiatrist, psychotherapist, medical psychotherapist, psychoanalysis, pathologist, rehabilitation counselor, counselor, social worker, consultant physician among other relevant job titles.

    Physiatrist salary in South Africa

    In South Africa, the average wage for a physiatrist is R 815,758. The wages do vary according to the level of experience in the field, level of expertise, employer and also the geographical location of the work place. Physiatrist services are inadequately established in the rural areas. Most medical services in the country are undergoing a reform transformation since 1994. Prior to South Africa’s s independence, services were disintegrated along radical lines. The Physiatrist industry is currently geared towards the establishment of community based services. As of 2014, there were a total of 429 registered physiatrists in a country with a population of an estimated 44 million people.

    And how much does a physiatrist make in Mexico ?

    In Mexico, there is a wide range of variation in physiatrist salaries. Primarily the variation is based on the level of expertise and the level of experience. The variation is also based on the population and on competitiveness.

    A lot of treatment centers and hospitals exist in Mexico. However, they are mostly undermanned, many of which are untrained. A lot of physiatrists employ untrained assistants. Achievement of technical expertise is not encouraged. Professionals with special skills are seldom rewarded. Thus, experts are hard to find, and salaries of health care professionals, including physiatrists, are very poor. Worse, rehabilitation therapists are usually confused with masseuses or teachers by the Mexican public.

    Physiatrist education, training and certification

    To become a physiatrist, one should complete an entry level education (4 years of study in math or science or major in Pre-med) and finish 4 years of undergraduate medicine degree from an accredited medical university or college. This is followed by the completion of residency training in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation that lasts for about 4 years. The candidate should then complete a fellowship program in related fields that lasts for about 2 to 3 years and obtain board certification by passing the exams conducted by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (ABPM&R).

    Conclusion about physiatrist salary

    The average salary for the physiatrists in the United States ranges from $141,510 to $294,791 per annum. The annual salary for a self-employed physiatrist is high and it averages to around $250,000 per annum. The physiatrists employed in traditional hospitals and non-profit organizations receive an annual salary of around $200,000 per annum. Physiatrist salary is one of the highest compared to other medical specialities.

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