Pediatrician salary

A pediatrician’s salary is considerably affected by several factors such as advanced education, work experience, field of specialization, subspecialty board certification, working in private practice or medical facility, and geographic location. An average starting salary for a pediatrician is around $135,000 per annum while the one with few years of medical experience receives about $175,000 a year. In addition, an average hourly wage for a pediatrician is about $77.60 per hour which averages to about $161,410 on an annual basis. Pediatrician salary is not one the highest out there, but to become a pediatrician is still good choice and  very well paid job.

What does a pediatrician do

Pediatricians are doctors who are specialized to diagnose, prevent and treat various health conditions of infants, children and teens. They treat children suffering from different type of conditions such as chronic disorders, injuries and infections. The pediatricians perform general check-ups, offer vaccination or immunization therapies to the new born babies, treat certain diseases such as sinus infections, ear infections, sore throats, mononucleosis, and flu to name a few. In addition, the pediatricians prescribe an appropriate medication; provide emergency child care including follow-up care. Read more if you are interested in Pediatrician job description.

How much does a pediatrician make a year ?

Average pediatrician salary

The overall median salary for a typical pediatrician in the United States is about $171,467 per year while an average hourly wage is about $40.76 per hour.

Pediatrician salary and wage in USA

The upper 10 percent of the pediatricians earn more than $160,000 per year while the lowest 10 percent of them receive about $84,840 per year. According to percentiles, the median salary for 90th percentile of pediatricians has been around $222,815 per year. Similarly, about 75th percentile of pediatricians received about $198,344, 25th percentile of them received $152,178 while 10th percentile received $134,616 per year.

pediatrician salary in Canada, UK and USA

pediatrician salary

Pediatrician salary in Canada

A pediatrician in the Canada receives an annual salary ranging from between C$35,000 – C$163,620. In addition, a bonus of about C$12,385 will be credited to his or her account. In fact, a pediatrician in Canada receives his or her total earnings ranging from between C$39,453 – C$177,393 per annum.

Pediatrician salary and wage in UK

According to all salary survey, the average and a median expected salary for a pediatrician in the United Kingdom is about £45,000 per annum. An average hourly wage for a pediatrician is about £22.5. A pediatrician’s salary varies based on his or her age as the one in 20s earns up to £33,750, in 30s earns about £44,100, in 40s and in 50s earns about £52,200 per annum.

Pediatrician salary in Australia

On an average, a pediatrician in Australia receives an annual salary ranging from between AU$29,799 – AU$154,084. In addition, a bonus ranging between AU$6.52 – AU$19,653 will be credited to his or her account. In fact, a pediatrician in Australia receives his or her total earnings ranging between AU$30,000 – AU$153,480 per annum.

Pediatrician salary in New Zealand

A pediatrician in New Zealand generally earns an average of $ 8,714 on a monthly basis. However salaries are varied depending on the level of expertise and the level of experience in the market. The minimum salary a pediatrician can earn, in New Zealand, is $ 1,042 on a monthly basis. The maximum salary a pediatrician can earn in New Zealand is $ 90,000 on a monthly basis. On aggregate, the median salary paid to pediatricians in New Zealand is $ 5,400 on a monthly basis. All practicing pediatricians have to register with the Medical Council of New Zealand.

Salary of pediatrician in Mexico

Pediatricians in Mexico are paid in accordance to their level of proficiency and also level of experience. A pediatrician salary in Mexico is also influenced greatly by the employer. A pediatrician in the private sector is more likely to get paid more compared to a pediatrician in the public sector.

In Mexico, a large practice usually charges USD 40 up to 60 per visit. This is a small fraction compared to U.S. charges. Most doctors charge even less. A lot of doctors do government work, and a lot combine private and government practice. Pediatricians living are only modest. Big city pediatricians make more than those in small towns. A typical pediatrician in private practice can have an annual salary of USD 1000,000 and up.

And how much does a pediatrician make in South Africa

Pediatricians in South Africa are paid differently according to the employer, level of expertise and level of experience in the pediatric industry. The salary is also dependent on the location of the employer. The minimum salary for a pediatrician with a master’s degree is ZAR 40,000 on a monthly basis. The maximum salary a pediatrician earns is also ZAR 40,000 on a monthly basis. Thus on average the pay scale for a pediatrician with a master’s degree in South Africa is ZAR 40,000 per month. Subsequently, that translates to approximately ZAR 480,000 per year.

Pediatrician education, training and certification

An aspiring pediatrician should first complete an entry-level education (science related undergraduate curriculum) and should complete 4 years of medical school to obtain a medicine degree. This is followed by about 4 years of study in M.D program where the candidate begins with the internships and electives related to the field of pediatrics during the final year of study. In addition to that, an aspiring pediatrician performs residency program in general pediatrics that lasts for 3 years to expertize in clinical training and hands-on experience.

Conclusion about pediatrician salary

An average salary for a highest paid pediatrician is around more than $200,000 per year while a lowest paid pediatrician receives a much lesser salary of about $85,000 per annum. Pediatricians are not paid as good as top medical physician like neurosurgeons, heat sugeons or radiologists but as you can observe, pediatrician salary is still one of the highest on medical field.

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