Pediatric surgeon salary

  • Pediatric surgeon’s salary  (also known as paediatric surgeon salary) starts around $187,500 per annum. After just more than a year, a Pediatric surgeon can receive a minimum pay per year of around $200,000. The hourly rate of pediatric surgeon ranges from $110.00 to $190.00 with a yearly bonus ranging from $10,000 to $37,500. Keep reading for more information about pediatric surgeon salary and education.

  • What does a pediatric surgeon do

    Who is pediatric surgeon ? Pediatric surgeon is the one dealing with the diagnosis of small children’s health as well as adolescents and infants. They are also in-charge with the operation of any abnormalities that they may deem to be needing surgery. The age level of the patients that they treat is children under the age of 15.  A pediatric surgeon performs all kinds of surgeries based on his specialization. This includes removing of tumours or he may perform operation on other systemic disorder and corrective surgeries.  A pediatric surgeon is accountable for treating and operating on many children’s abnormalities in the body of children aside from cases that needed to be addressed by other specialists. Some other job descriptions of a pediatrician are as follows: correction of internal and internal malformation of children as well as defects from birth. He is also to take care of mental and physical trauma. An example of this is separation of conjoined twins. He is to apply treatment protocols for neonatal problems and is responsible to operate on congenital defect and malfunctions as the need arises. A pediatrician, upon detection is to remove hernia, tumors and other peculiar growth in the patient’s body. His primary thrust is to detect any abnormalities in the foetus and apply the necessary treatments for the baby especially the immature ones. Read if you are interested in Pediatric surgeon job description.

    How much does a pediatric surgeon make ?

    Average pediatric surgeon salary

    Pediatric surgeon salary is ranging from $187,500 to $319,965. The average paediatric salary is around $250,000. The top paying Pediatric surgeon receives an annual bonus of around $375,000.

    Pediatric surgeon salary in USA

    In USA, twenty five percent of Pediatric surgeons takes home an annual pay of around $190,000; the median collects around $250,000 and seventy five percent receives around $320,000. The national hourly rate for Pediatric surgeon ranges from $110.00 to $190.00.  Fifteen percent of pediatric surgeon receives a yearly bonus of around $38,549; fifty percent takes home around %57,881 and sixty five percent enjoys the top bonus of around $69,747 per annum.

    The pay per annum for Pediatric surgeon by certification is as follows: pediatrician certified as Internal Medicine Physician takes home around $205,000; one certified as emergency physician collects around $275,000; one with family practitioner certification receives around $215,000; one with industrial physician certification collects around $198,000; one certified as a general physician receives around $180,000 and one certified as anesthesiologist takes home the top pay of around $400,000 per annum.

    Pediatric surgeon pay per annum by company is as follows: those working in the University of Chicago receive around $50,000; those practicing in Cleveland Clinic Foundation receive around $375,000; those employed in Children’s National Medical Centre take home around $140,000; those who practice in Rocky Mountain Pediatric Surgery receive yearly pay ranging from $200,000 to $225,000; those who work in J. Mark Morales Professional Association receive around $200,000; those assigned in Jacobi Med Centre collect around $182,000; those who work in Providence Health Systems Oregon take home around $125,000; those who practice with faculty Physicians & Surgeons receive around $180,000; those working in Geisinger Clinic collect around $260,000; those with working contract with Peace Health collect around $230,000 and those who work in University of Buffalo Pediatric Surgery take home around $181,000.

    Pediatric surgeon pay per annum by popular industries is as follows: pediatric surgeon practicing in General Medical and Surgical Hospital enjoys an annual pay ranging from $95,000 to $390,000 while pediatric surgeon working in Health Care takes home from $93,971 to $394,899 pay per annum.

    Pediatric surgeon average benefits per annum based on percentile are as follows: fifteen percent, around $38,549; fifty percent, around $57,881 and sixty five percent, around $69,747.

    pediatric surgeon salary in USA
    pediatric surgeon salary

    Pediatric surgeon salary by state

    Pediatric surgeon salary by state is as follows: pediatric surgeon practicing in Texas takes home around $320,000 pay per annum; one working in Tennessee takes home around $380,000; one assigned in Illinois collects around $398,000; one working in North Carolina receives around $403,000; one serving in Georgia takes home the top pay of around $405,000; one practicing in Florida collects around $352,000; one assigned in Colorado receives around $355,000 and one practicing in Arizona collects around $160,000 per year.

    Pediatric surgeon hourly pay by city is as follows: pediatric surgeon working in California takes home an hourly pay of around $170; one assigned in Missouri receives around $180; one practicing in New York collects around $155; one serving in Chicago enjoys around $185; one in Pennsylvania receives around $145; one in San Francisco takes home around $146; one in Los Angeles takes home around $175; one working in Manhattan, New York collects around $140 and one practicing in Houston, Texas receive around $120 per hour.

    Pediatric surgeon salary in UK

    Pediatric surgeons generally have 2 subspecialties, which are fetal surgery and neonatal surgery. They usually have their practices located at children’s hospitals, and their patients include young adults, adolescent kids, children, toddlers, infants, and fetuses. Among the diseases treated by pediatric surgeons, some of the most important include separating conjoined twins, removing tumors, correcting chest wall deformities, correcting cleft palate and lip, and correcting abdominal wall defects. For their skills, specialty doctors in the UK are generally paid a salary anywhere from £37,176 to £69,325.

    Pediatric surgeon salary in Canada

    The latest salary rate that pediatric surgeons receive in Canada is an average of $417,896. This is just the basic salary. If the bonuses are added, an annual average salary of $494,534 is usual. However, when there are big perks offered in terms of other benefits, a rough average salary of $607,195 is actually possible and attainable. Various factors affect the actual rates that pediatric surgeons receive.

    Pediatric surgeon salary in Australia

    The median of pediatric surgeons in Australia takes home an annual pay of around AU$151,000.  The average annual bonus for those with 5 to 9 years of experience is AU$1,000. The median bonus by hospital setting is around AU$18,000 and by other employer is around AU$500.00. The vacation  for pediatric surgeons with 5 to 9 years of experience is two and-a-half weeks.

    Salary of pediatric surgeon in New Zealand

    In New Zealand, experienced surgeons usually have a salary of $151,000 to $160,000 in a year. If they are still trainees, they will only have a salary of around $70,000 to $175,000. These data are provided by the Assoc. Of Salaried Med Specialists & Resident Doctors’ Assoc. Definitely, the salary for pediatric surgeons, a subspecialty of surgery, will be much higher because of their added skills and specialization.

    Salary of pediatric surgeon in Mexico

    Given how the occupation of a pediatric surgeon is related to that of other surgeons, their salaries may be more or less in the same range. According to PayScale, a trauma surgeon in Mexico earns a median salary of MXN270,000, a plastic surgeon earns MXN220,000, and a neurosurgeon earns even more with a salary of MXN347,586.

    How much does a pediatric surgeon earn in South Africa

    In South Africa, the average pay that a physician classified as a general practitioner can get R431,778 for each year. General practitioners usually have no more than twenty years of experience. On top of all this are the bonuses. Bonuses can reach R73,794. With pediatric surgeons, their basic and total pay are obviously much higher because of their added specialization.

    How to become a pediatric surgeon

    An undergraduate degree is the pre-requisite to becoming a Pediatric surgeon.  After that he must finish his medical school then proceed to internship. A residency and fellowship training are the final step to become a pediatric surgeon. The Medical school offers exhaustive classroom and training in laboratory. It also provides rotations of medical and disciplines in medicine. The aspiring pediatric surgeons must also complete residency in general surgery after the medical school.  After that they must pass the board exam for medical practitioners accredited and administered by the American Board of Medical Specialists. After this, they must continue their training by joining a fellowship in padiatric surgery then acquire a certification from the American Board of Paediatrics. Pediatric surgeons must renew their certifications every 10 years to continue their eligibility. They must meet the requirements dictated by their state to practice in this field. They must also have a continuing education to update their knowledge and skills to the current trend and advancement in pediatric surgery. This is a requirement to have their licensed renewed by the state. Their trainings and education should be on a regular basis to become acquainted with the new techniques in their field of expertise.

    Conclusion about Pediatric surgeon salary

    The annual income for pediatric surgeon working in the United States according to Payscale ranges from $187,500 to $319,965 with the average pediatric surgeon salary around $250,000. The top earning Pediatric surgeon in US receives around $403,000 in North Carolina while the top paying company is Cleveland Clinic Foundation where pediatric surgeons receive around $375,000. The top paying city by hourly pay is Chicago where pediatric surgeons enjoy an hourly pay of around $185; In Australia, the median of pediatric surgeons receive a yearly pay  around AU$151,000 with a top yearly bonus of around AU$18,000

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