Pediatric pulmonologist salary

  • Pediatric pulmonologist’ salary is around $200,000 in the United States. According to a survey done by Cejka Search Group, a pediatric pulmonologist practicing his or her profession in USA receives an estimated compensation of $201,841 every year. The American Medical Group Association’s (AMGA) estimation for a pediatric pulmonologist’s salary on the other hand is $205,386. While these two values may differ, the difference between them is very narrow. Indeed, being a pediatric pulmonologist can be economically rewarding. Keep reading for more information about pediatric pulmonologist salary and career requirements.

  • Pediatric pulmonologist job description

    A pediatric pulmonologist is a pediatrician who underwent subspecialization training in pulmonology. Pediatric pulmonology mainly deals with the management and treatment of upper and lower respiratory tract diseases that affect newborns, infants, children, and adolescents. Some of the most common cases managed by a pediatric pulmonologist are respiratory distress syndrome and deficient lung development among newborns, cyanosis,  asthma, pneumonia, upper respiratory tract infection, bronchitis, allergy, and sinusitis.  While the pediatric pulmonologist often sees these patients in the clinics, there are instances when exacerbations of the aforementioned diseases demands advanced care and management, thus a pediatric pulmonologist may also be involved in critical patient care of a pulmonary patient. In cases where a patient needs to undergo surgery, a pediatric pulmonologist may be in charged to give pre operation clearance. Here, he or she is required to see the patient and check if the patient’s current pulmonary health status would be able to compensate for the metabolic requirements of the procedure. Lastly, a pediatric pulmonologist is also trained to perform some ancillary procedures such as bronchoscopy, lavage, Arterial Blood Gas evaluation, and pulmonary function tests like spirometry.

    How much does a pediatric pulmonologist make ?

    Average pediatric pulmonologist salary

    A pediatric pulmonologist’s median estimated salary is at $201,841. Payscale on the other hand gives the range of $89,632 – $197,713 for the salary of a general pediatrics physician practicing in USA. As we can see, a pediatric pulmonologist’s compensation tends to go higher than that of a general pediatrics practitioner because he or she has already underwent subspecialization. Factors affecting the salary of pediatricians include the number of years in practice, the location of practice, and affiliation with medical institutions.

    Pediatric pulmonologist salary in USA

    A pediatric pulmonologist is paid an average of $201,841 yearly, depending on his or her expertise as well as the location of practice. Payscale determined that pediatricians practicing in Dallas, San Diego, Boston, and Houston are expected to benefit economically from practice better compared to those based in Atlanta, Orlando, or Philadelphia. The hourly rate for a pediatrician is at $44.70 – $101.78 with the estimated overtime compensation amounting up to $5.26 – $146.81 per hour. Bonuses can go as high as  $24K while profit sharing is approximately  $90K to $198K per year.

    Pediatric pulmonologist salary in UK

    A pediatric pulmonologist in United Kingdom may earn up to around £100,000 per year. The strongest determinant for a pediatric pulmonologist’s salary in UK is the number of years in practice with the younger practitioners earning about £75000 and those practicing for a longer period of time earning about £116000. The hourly rate for a pediatric pulmonologist is £50.

    Pediatric pulmonologist salary in Canada

    As for a pediatric pulmonologist who is based in Canada, he or she is expected to earn around C$35000 to C$163, 620 per year. Aside from this, an estimated bonus of C$12, 385 may also be added, thus the highest earning every year may sum up to around C$177, 393. The salary of a pediatric pulmonologist practicing in Canada is also influenced by the location of practice as well as years of experience as in other countries such as UK, US, and Australia.

    Pediatric pulmonologist salary in Australia

    In Australia on the other hand, a pediatric pulmonologist is expected to earn a salary of AU$105, 000 to AU$152,000 per year. Aside from this, and additional bonus which can be as high as AU$ 19, 653 may be added to his or her earnings.

    Pediatric pulmonologist salary in South Africa

    There is no specific information regarding the pediatric pulmonologist salary for those working in South Africa. However, PayScale reported that pediatricians earn between R367,663 and R4,967,828 per year. Their median pay is also shown to be around R557,419 per year. Since pediatric pulmonologists have a sub-specialty, they are likely earning more than general pediatricians

    Salary of pediatric pulmonologist in Mexico

    Pediatric pulmonologists have a closely similar occupation as that of registered nurses, so their salary may be more or less the same. Since registered nurses in Mexico are usually raking in a salary ranging from MXN64,535 to MXN874,827 per year, pediatric pulmonologists may also be earning around the same amounts.

    How to become a pediatric pulmonologist

    To become a pediatric pulmonologist, one must first earn a college degree relevant to the medical field such as a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, Health Sciences, Public Health, Pre-Medicine or Medical Technology. After this, one must enter into a medical school, finish the required academic requirements, pass the board examinations, and eventually qualify for residency training in pediatrics. The residency program for pediatricians would usually take about three years. Included in the residency training are hospital rotations, paper and research presentations, clinical exposure, conferences, and didactics among others. After the three-year residency, one must then proceed into a 2-year subspecialty in pulmonology. Upon completion of the training, he or she must take the certification exam for pulmonologists to be able to practice as a pediatric pulmonologist.

    Conclusion about pediatric pulmonologist salary

    While the process of specialization in pediatric pulmonology would require a licensed physician another five years of training, we can say that the economic benefits of the practice is rewarding. This is because a pediatric pulmonologist, whether he or she is practicing in USA, Canada, UK, or Australia is expected to earn an amount greater than $200,000, in addition to varied amount of bonuses, profit shares and other compensations such as overtime, health benefits, and dental benefits. Pediatric pulmonologist salary is above average.

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