Pediatric neurologist salary

  • Pediatric neurologist’s salary is around $190,000 in the United States. A pediatric neurologist, or a child neurologist, is just like any neurologist who diagnoses and treats disorders of the brain, nerves, spinal cord, and muscles. The only difference is that this type of neurologist focuses on handling the cases of infants and kids. Because of their sub-specialty, the pediatric neurologist’s salary is usually in the six figures.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated it to be equal to or greater than $187,200 in 2012.The American Medical Group Association (AMGA) reported that the general pediatrician’s median salary was more than $213,000, while the neurologist’s median salary was $246,500. The pediatric neurologist’s salary is bound to be somewhere in between these figures. As for the employment outlook, the BLS estimated an 18% increase in the demand for physicians and surgeons from 2012 to 2022 due to the continued growth and development of healthcare-related industries. Keep reading for more information about pediatric neurologist salary and career requirements.

  • Pediatric neurologist job description

    Pediatric neurologists specialize in diagnosing and managing the neurologic conditions infants and children. They watch over their young patients from the neonatal period, early childhood, and adolescence. They received special training in the metabolic and genetic problems, developmental problems, and malformations of childhood. Among the most common cases brought to the office of a pediatric neurologist are chronic migraines, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, or behavioral, learning, and developmental disabilities. They also deal with muscular dystrophy, Tourette’s syndrome, autism, mental retardation, neurofibromatosis, Batten’s disease, and other nerve and muscle diseases. Pediatric neurologists also serve as consultants to primary care physicians and provide continuing care to their patients with chronic neurological conditions. Their job may also require them to work with patients who have nonexistent or limited verbal skills.

    How much does a pediatric neurologist make ?

    Average pediatric neurologist salary

    The median pay of physicians and surgeons in 2014 is $189,760 per year, while their median wage is $91.23. But the average pediatric neurologist salary is bound to be higher because of their specialty, with Indeed reporting it to be $256,000.

    Pediatric neurologist salary in the US

    According to the physician recruiting database Profiles, the median starting range of pediatric neurologists was $182,000. However, those doctors who spent six years in the field earned $221,200 in pediatric neurologist salary. The data were based on the 2013-2014 survey conducted by Profiles.

    Indeed reported an even higher estimate of the pediatric neurologist’s salary, with the site showing it to be $256,000.

    PayScale showed their median pay to be $177,184 with their total salary ranging from $92,736 to $234,467.They may also receive a bonus of up to $15,000, which is included in their total pay. The salary survey site also reported that inexperienced doctors earn only a six-figure sum. Those who have less than five years of experience take home a pediatric neurologist’s salary of $175,000. However, those who have spent 10 to 20 years in the field make around $182,000. The pediatric neurologist salary increases even more to around $230,000 for those with two decades in this medical field.

    The geographical location of employment also affects the pediatric neurologist’s salary significantly. Doctors working in the north earn $209,955 per year, while those working in the south make $198,782 per year. Pediatric neurologist in the east makes $195,085, while those in the west take home $211,281, according to the salary report prepared by the AMGA.

    Pediatric neurologist salary by city/state in the US

    There are no specific data comparing the pediatric neurologist’s salary by city or state in the US. However, Indeed showed that their salary in New York is around $350,000, while those in California is $275,000.

    The BLS showed that the highest salary for physicians and surgeons by state was found in Minnesota in 2014 at $235,150. This was followed by $232,530 in South Dakota, $231,550 in New Hampshire, $228,880 in Montana, and $226,310 in Wyoming.

    As for the physician and surgeon pay by city, the highest salaries were found in Terre Haute, Indiana; Pocatello, Idaho; Napa, California; Michigan City-La Porte, Indiana; and Merced, California. Their salaries were not specified, but they could be equal to or greater than $187,199.

    Pediatric neurologist salary in Canada

    The median pediatric neurologist’s salary for those working in Canada is C$193,655, according to PayScale. The site also showed that general pediatricians earn a median pay of C$102,578, while neurologists make C$195,182.

    Pediatric neurologist salary in Australia

    In Australia, pediatricians earn between AU$43,278 and AU$193,916, with the median pay being AU$95,177, based on Payscale reports. The same site reported that neurologist makes between AU$48,831 and AU$310,939, with their median pay being AU$103,537 per year. The pediatric neurologist’s salary is likely a cross between these two profession’s salaries.

    Pediatric neurologist salary in the UK

    Pediatricians in the UK usually earn between £30,659 and £99,996, with their median salary reported to be £48,546, while neurologists make £35,403 and £166,254, with a median pay of £74,391. The pediatric neurologist’s salary is likely a cross between both professions’ salary.

    Pediatric neurologist salary in South Africa

    Physicians specializing in pediatrics in South Africa make a median salary of R540,000. Those specializing in neurology earn a median pay of R709,859. The pediatric neurologist salary may lean either way.

    How to become a pediatric neurologist

    To become a pediatric neurologist, one has to go through the same path as any other aspiring doctors. They have to earn a bachelor’s degree and go to medical school by getting competitive Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) scores, earning a high GPA, and joining extracurricular activities, such as learning a foreign language. During the internship, students may focus on getting a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree or specialize. For aspiring pediatric neurologist, a pediatric residency is often a good option. However, some may choose to train in neurology.

    To get fellowship training in pediatric neurology, applicants must have two years of pediatrics or a year of neurology and pediatric training. Those who are board-certified in neurology or pediatrics usually have an edge in getting accepted to fellowships.

    The biggest achievement in becoming a pediatric neurologist is successfully completing a fellowship. It takes around three years to complete. The final step is applying to be a member of the boards, sitting for exams, and earning certification or practice as licensed pediatric neurologist. It usually takes 13 years to become a practicing pediatric neurologist.

    Conclusion about pediatric neurologist salary

    The typical pediatric neurologist’s salary ranges between $92,376 and $234,467. But to get to this level of income, these specialists have to spend 13 years in training, from getting their bachelor’s degree to completing their fellowship.

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