Pediatric hospitalist salary

  • Pediatric hospitalist’s salary is around $193,000 in the United States. Pediatric hospitalists are pediatric doctors who specialize in caring for newborns in the hospital. They are pediatricians who received additional pediatric residency training. They mainly provide inpatient care for all the kids in various hospital areas, but not all that much outside of the hospital. However, they do set follow-up checkups once the patients are released from their hospital stay. The demand for pediatric hospitalists is expected to increase by 18% by 2022. As the medical community realizes the need to provide specialist care for small children who does not always answer medical questions or stay patient enough while they are in the hospital, more hospitals will call for these specialists. Keep reading for more information about pediatric hospitalist salary and career requirements.

  • Pediatric hospitalist job description

    Pediatric hospitalist performs various duties in the hospital. They prescribe medication for sick children. Their patients are usually young kids who could not be treated with outpatient remedies. This is why pediatric hospitalists need a deep understanding of medications to do their job well. In many cases, they might even prescribe more than one medicine as part of the patient’s treatment plan.

    Another important duty that a pediatric hospitalist fulfills is performing medical procedures and order diagnostic tests for their young patients. They usually order X-rays and blood tests. Some cases may call for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT) scans. If they happen to handle young children with a heart condition, they might order for an electrocardiogram (EKG).

    Pediatric hospitalist cares for kids in different hospital areas, such as in the pediatric ward, labor and delivery, emergency department, newborn nursery, pediatric intensive care unit, and neonatal intensive care unit.

    However, pediatric hospitalists are not limited to providing direct patient care. They also spend some of their time working with doctors and other healthcare professionals. They may serve as consultants to general pediatricians, family practitioners, and surgeons.

    How much does a pediatric hospitalist make ?

    Average pediatric hospitalist salary

    PayScale showed that the median hospitalist’s salary is $193,3312, while that of a pediatrician is $143,891. The pediatric hospitalist’s salary is likely in between these ranges or higher because of their specialty. Their wage may also be within the range as the $100 median wage for hospitalists and the $71 for pediatricians.

    Pediatric hospitalist salary in the US

    According to Indeed, the average pediatric hospitalist’s salary in the US is $199,000. PayScale does not have any specific salary report about pediatric hospitalist. However, the site showed that hospitalist makes between $120,537 and $250,802, as of May 2015. They also reported that pediatricians earn between $84,168 and $239,339. Given the area of sub-specialty of pediatric hospitalists, their salary might be higher than the salaries of both medical professionals. Glassdoor reported on their site that the national average for the pediatric hospitalist’s salary is $144,516.

    Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the average physicians and surgeons’ salary is $189,760, as of May 2014. However, the pediatric hospitalist salary is bound to be higher than this due to their area of specialty.

    Pediatric hospitalist salary by state/city in the US

    Salary reports about how much physicians and surgeons, including pediatric hospitalists, are earning showed that they earned the highest in Minnesota. The employers in the state paid a physician’s salary of $235,150 on the average. The pediatric hospitalist’s salary may be slightly higher than this though. Physicians also earned top pay in South Dakota, with a salary of $232,530 as well as in New Hampshire, with $231,550 per year. The other top paying states, according to the BLS, are Montana and Wyoming, where the salaries were $228,880 and $226,310, respectively.

    As for the physician’s salary, including the pediatric hospitalist’s salary, by city, the top earnings were found in Terre Haute, Indiana; Pocatello, Idaho; Napa, California; Michigan City-La Porte, Indiana; and Merced, California.

    Pediatric hospitalist salary in Canada reported that hospitalist earned a median pay of C$218,990 per year. The pediatric hospitalist’s salary may be similar to or higher than this. The site also reported that the top 10% of the hospitalists in Canada earned $275,338 or more, while the bottom 10% made $168,295 per year or less.

    Pediatric hospitalist salary in Australia

    There are no specific reports about the pediatric hospitalist’s salary for those working in Australia. Given their specialty, they might be earning more than the doctors in general practice, who make between AU$50,840 and AU$240,095 with a median pay of AU$100,448 per year. This is as reported by PayScale.

    Pediatric hospitalist salary in the UK

    Doctors in general practice who are working in the UK usually earn between £25,888 and £102,585 per year, according to PayScale. The website also showed their median salary to be around £50,097. However, the pediatric hospitalist salary may be a bit greater than the GP’s salary because they specialize in taking care of hospitalized infants and small kids.

    Pediatric hospitalist salary in South Africa

    PayScale reported that doctors in general practice usually make between R216,569 and R794,370 per year, with their median pay being R431,778. This range is likely lower than the pediatric hospitalist’s salary, though. As hospitalists who focus only on taking care of hospitalized babies and kids, they are likely going to earn more.

    How to become a pediatric hospitalist

    To become a pediatric hospitalist, one needs to earn a bachelor’s degree in any academic subject. However, it helps to take up courses such as biology, chemistry, and physics because these are typical science courses required by medical school. It is also important to get a high GPA to prove to the medical school that you have the brains and academic stamina needed to get through medical school.

    Aspiring pediatric hospitalists should also volunteer at a clinic or any other medical setting. This will give the relevant and useful information, career advice from experienced doctors, and letters of recommendation, which will be useful in pursuing medical school.

    Students have to apply to medical school on their last year in college. They could apply to the school directly or course their application through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). The Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree can be earned after completing four years of medical school. However, applications require college transcripts, good scores on the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), and letters of recommendation.

    Medical school includes taking up physiology, histology, pathology, pharmacology, and biochemistry. Medical students also need to pass the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) to get their license to practice medicine. Parts I and II can be taken during medical school, while part III can be taken after medical school.

    After graduating from medical school, doctors have to complete three years of residency, which should include training in pediatrics. They will be exposed to work in outpatient care, intensive care, emergency pediatrics, nursery care, and several other areas. They also need to pass the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) board certification exam and get a license in the state where they plan to practice.

    Conclusion about pediatric hospitalist salary

    Pediatricians earn a median salary of $135,878, while hospitalists make $193,876. The pediatric hospitalist’s salary is likely in between or greater than the salary of these two professions.

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