Osteopath salary

  • An osteopath’s salary ( also know as doctor of osteopathic medicine salary) in the United States ranges from between $108,090 to $148,303 per annum according to the Pay scale reports. An osteopathic physician’s salary is based on many types of variables such as geographical location, field of specialization, years of work experience, and type of employer type. According to the CB Salary reports, an osteopath of good work experience earns about $287,839 per annum while a highest paid osteopath receives a much higher average annual salary ranging from between $194,757 and $631,313. Osteopath salary is one of the highest.

  • Osteopath job description

    Osteopathy or an osteopathic medicine is a field of medical specialty that deals with the body manipulative techniques to prevent and treat bone injuries or diseases. An osteopathic physician offers holistic treatment methods to the patients, instructs to perform physical exercises and manipulates the affected muscles and bones. An Osteopathic physician performs various osteopathic procedures, administers traditional drugs and performs various surgical procedures to the affected musculoskeletal structures in the body.

    How much does an osteopath make ?

    Average osteopath salary

    An average median salary for an osteopathic physician is about $156,010 per year.

    Osteopath salary in USA

    An osteopath’s salary is greatly influenced by an osteopath’s field of specialization. According to the Health Care Training Center website, the average salary for an osteopathic physician based on the type of specialty is as follows: An osteopath in the field of radiology receives a highest median salary of about $276,684 per annum when compared to osteopaths in other specialties. An osteopath in a pediatric field receives a lowest average salary of about $142,254. Other physicians of osteopathy receive an annual salary of average salaries of about: a surgeon earns about $249,504, in internal medicine field earns about $149,136, psychiatrist earns about $162,469, an oncologist receives about $235,381, ob gynecologist earns about $220,180 and a neurologist earns about $178,564.

    Some of the best paying states for osteopathic physicians are Washington $290,000, Arizona $182,466, California $179,010, Florida, $147,782, New Jersey $128,380, Ohio$140,000 and Pennsylvania $111,000.

    osteopath doctor salary in US, UK, Canada
    osteopath doctor salary

    Osteopath salary in Canada

    An average salary for an osteopathic physician in Canada is about $68,750 CAD per annum.

    Osteopath salary in UK

    The average expected salary for an osteopath in United Kingdom is about £34,000 per annum. According to all salary survey, the median salary for an osteopath is about £30,000. An average hourly wage for an osteopath is about £17. An osteopath’s salary varies based on his or her age as the one in 20s earns up to£25,500, in 30s earns about £33,320, in 40s and in 50s earns about £39,440 per annum.

    Osteopath salary in Australia

    The annual salary for an osteopath in Australia ranges from between AU$39,777 – AU$103,042. However, the total salary averages between AU$40,210 – AU$174,720 per annum.

    Salary of osteopath in New Zealand

    According to Careers NZ, the typical osteopath salary in New Zealand ranges between NZ$35,000 and NZ$60,000. About 80% of the osteopaths in the country are self-employed, with new graduates usually working as associates in an osteopathic clinic or in a facility offering integrated practice, with osteopaths collaborating with podiatrists, acupuncturists, or dietitians.

    Osteopath salary in South Africa

    In South Africa, there are no specific data about the osteopath salary. However, doctors in internal medicine usually earn between R1,973 and R2,676,100 per year, as cited by PayScale. They also make a median salary of R480,000. The salary of a doctor in osteopathy is likely around these figures too because of the relevance of these two medical occupations.

    How much does an Osteopath earn in Mexico

    Osteopaths and general practitioners may be doctors with different medical degrees, but they are doctors just the same. In Mexico, the typical salary of general practitioners range between MXN139,620 and MXN623,404. PayScale also showed their median pay to be MXN238,658. The osteopaths are likely taking home the same amount every year.

    Osteopath education, training and certification

    An aspiring osteopath should first complete an entry-level education (college degree) and should complete 4 years of study in the field of osteopathic medicine in an accredited medical school followed by an internship that lasts for a year. The candidate should then obtain a Medical Doctor (M.D.) degree with the completion of residency which lasts for about 2 to 6 years.

    Conclusion about osteopath salary

    According to Pay scale reports, a median salary for an osteopath employed in hospital is about $148,569 per annum while the one employed in a company earns around $143,022. An osteopath working in a private practice earns around $169,631 per annum while a self-employed osteopath receives about $203,473.

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