Nutritionist salary

  • A nutritionist’s salary (cns salary)  varies based on different factors such as the type of industry, geographic location of the job, gender, education level of the nutritionist, work experience and type of an employer to name a few. In general, a nutritionist is a health care professional who assists to treat and prevent various types of illness by recommending an appropriate diet regimen to each patient based on an underlying medical condition. They suggest a better diet and spread nutrition awareness to the patients. Nutritionist salary is growing every year because there are many more people who are obese.

  • What does a nutritionist do

    A nutritionist belongs to a part of health care team who prescribes an appropriate diet regime to patients suffering from various chronic disorders such as diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, obesity, hypercholesterolemia and so on. They help to prevent and effectively manage a medical condition by implementing plans that meet with the specific nutritional needs of the patients. In addition, a nutritionist also promotes health and fitness by reinforcing necessary diet modification. Read more if you are interested in Nutritionist job description.

    How much does a nutritionist make a year ?

    Average nutritionist salary

    An overall average salary for a nutritionist in the United States is about $51,000 per annum.

    Nutritionist salary in USA

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the highest salary received by the nutritionists is around more than $68,330 per year while the lowest paid nutritionists received their salary around less than $29,860 per annum. The median salary for a nutritionist employed in outpatient care center is about $49,950 per year. The nutritionists employed in surgical as well as general medical hospitals received a median yearly salary of around $47,320.

    Some of the states in US that offer highest average salaries for nutritionists include New Jersey ($60,280), Maryland ($60,500), Hawaii ($59,390) and California ($60,250).

    nutritionist salary in US and Canada
    nutritionist salary

    Nutritionist salary and wage in Canada

    The average yearly salary for a nutritionist in Canada ranges from between $65,000 CAD – $75,000 CAD and an hourly wage ranges from between $21.60 CAD – $40.47 CAD per hour.

    Nutritionist salary and wage in UK

    The average salary for a nutritionist based in UK is about £34,050 while a median annual salary is about £27,000. A nutritionist’s salary varies based on the age such as the one in 20s earns up to £25,538, in 30s earns about £33,369, in 40s earns about £39,498 and in 50s earns about £39,498. The average hourly wage for a nutritionist in UK is about £17.02.

    Nutritionist salary in Australia

    The annual salary for a nutritionist in Australia ranges from between AU$38,263 – AU$76,978.

    Salary of nutritionist in South Africa

    Nutritionists in South Africa earn a salary ranging between R98,654 and R663,836, with a median salary of R211,933, according to PayScale. Surveys also showed that without the incentives and bonuses, their basic salary ranges from R59,400 to R624,000.

    Salary of nutritionist in New Zealand

    Nutritionists, or dietitians, usually take home a salary ranging between NZ$46,000 and NZ$100,000. This is based on reports by the District Health Board and Public Service Association summarized on Careers NZ. According to ENZ, junior nutritionists in Christchurch make NZ$43,000, while experienced ones earn between NZ$65,000 and NZ$85,000 per year. Those working in Wellington usually make between NZ$45,000 and NZ$63,000 per year. Nutritionists/dietitians employed in Auckland earn between NZ$60,000 and NZ$70,000 per annum.

    And how much does a nutritionist earn in Mexico

    Nutritionists and registered nurses have related or similar occupations. They may also be earning similar salaries. Since registered nurses in Mexico are earning between MXN64,535 and MXN874,827 per year, nutritionists may also be earning the same figures each year.

    Sports nutritionist salary

    Sports nutritionists deal with the individual athletes by recommending them a proper diet and formulations. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), an average annual salary for a nutritionist is about $46,980, while a median annual salary ranges between $38,430 and $57,090.

    Equine nutritionist salary

    The average yearly salary for equine nutritionists in the U.S. is approximately about $111,770. According to the U.S. geographic regions, the annual salary for an Equine nutritionist varies as follows: Georgia $130,000, New York $153,000, Florida $112,000, Washington $106,000, Virginia $113,000 and California $120,000.

    Clinical nutritionist salary

    A Clinical nutritionist deals with patients in nursing care facilities and in hospitals. An average annual salary for well-experienced clinical nutritionists is about $41,600, while those with least experience receive about $35,000. Based on geographic location, the annual salary for a clinical nutritionist in Alabama is around $40,000 while the one in New York earns around $50,000.

    Holistic nutritionist salary in the USA

    According to the BLS, dietitians and nutritionists, which include holistic nutritionists, earn a median pay of $57,440. PayScale reported that nutritionists usually earn between $28,765 and $68,106, with the median salary being $41,122. Their wage usually ranges between $12 and $30.52, with overtime pay ranging from $3.95 to $50.68.

    Certified nutritionist salary

    PayScale showed that certified nutritionists earn a median salary of $49,132. All nutritionists earn between $28,765 and $68,106 per year in the US.

    Dietitian nutritionist salary

    Dietitians or nutritionists working in the US usually earn a salary ranging between $27,270 and $60,480. This already includes up to $10,213 in bonuses. Their median pay is also reported to be around $42,322, according to PayScale.

    Nutritionist education, training and certification

    To become a certified nutrition specialist (CNS) also known as nutritionist, one should finish an entry level education (a bachelor’s degree in science, dietetics, foods and nutrition or a related field) but in many states and countries, there is an obligation to visit accredited medical school to become Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) and receive M.D. degree . Then, the candidate should receive a registered dietitian credential via a supervised practice program to become an authorized nutritionist (not CNS) and then pass the must pass the Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists (CBNS) examination.

    Conclusion about nutritionist salary

    The nutritionists employed in nursing care facilities and state governments received an average yearly salary ranging between $46,690 and $46,660 while those employed in the local governments received a lowest salary of about $43,250 per annum.

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