Neurologist salary

A neurologist’s salary in the United States is around more than $1, 60,000 per annum. Neurologists are employed by various fields such as public sectors, hospital industry, research and development, medical schools and other medical offices. The greatest advantage of being a neurologist is that one’s salary will not get influenced by the heavy market crisis. Therefore, a neurologist has more number of benefits in terms of job security, increased demand and salary including annual bonuses. Neurologist salary is one of the highest out there.

Neurologist job description

A neurologist is a doctor who specializes in the field of neurology (study of brain and related conditions), and treats various disorders that affect the nervous system. Neurologists have a strong expertise to diagnose and treat brain disorders, nerve diseases, skull injuries associated with brain hemorrhage, diseases of the spinal cord, carpal tunnel syndrome, cerebrovascular accidents, back pain, spinal cord injuries, migraines, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and encephalitis to name a few.

How much does a neurologist make a year ?

Average neurologis salary

An average neurologist’s yearly salary ranges between $123,170 and $223,500 per annum while an average hourly wage ranges from between $21.62 to $225 per hour, based on years of work experience.

Neurologist salary in USA

According to pay scale, the top earnings of self-employed neurologists is more than $400,000 while the newly employed neurologists receive a lesser salary of about $62,149.

The salaries for neurologists vary based on the location and the salaries in various states of USA are as follows. Neurosurgeons in Illinois earn an yearly salary of about $147,395 to $513,926, while those in Florida receive from between $180,000 to $499,986, those in Texas receive about $150,000 to $499,986, in California it is around $150,000 to $462,500, in Washington it is about $152,605 to $442,813 and in New York it is around $193,916 to $439,514.

neurologist salary in Canada, UK and USA

neurologist salary

Neurologist salary in Canada

An average salary for a neurologist in Canada ranges between 154,073 CAD – 293,432 CAD while an hourly wage ranges from between 88 CAD – 171 CAD.

Neurologist salary in UK

The average salary for a neurologist based in UK is about £86,102 while a median annual salary is about £76,000. A neurologist’s salary varies based on the age such as the one in 20s earns up to £64,577, in 30s earns about £84,380, in 40s earns about £99,879 and in 50s earns about £99,879. The average hourly wage for a neurologist in UK is £43.05.

Neurologist salary in Australia

The annual salary for a neurologist in Australia ranges from between AU$52,381 – AU$232,500.

Pediatric neurologist salary

A pediatric neurologist is a physician who deals with the disorders of the brain and nervous system in children. According to American Medical Group Association (AMGA) reports, the average expected salary for pediatric neurologists ranges from between $197,282 – $219,561 per year. In addition, neurologist’s salary depends on several factors such as geographic location, type of employer, type of industry, work setting like research or clinical setting, number of years of work experience, considerations of private practice and so on.

Neurologist education, training and certification

A neurologist should first complete an entry-level education (college degree) and should complete 4 years in an accredited medical school. This is followed by a pediatric residency that usually lasts for about 1 to 2 years and the candidate should pass a board exam conducted by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN).

Conclusion about neurologist salary

The average mean salary for neurologists working in private clinics or firms is around $126,130 to $202,870 per annum. Also, neurologists located in popular places earn much higher salary than those located in cities.

12 Responses to Neurologist salary

  1. Lisa says:

    I am in year 12 and I am trying to find what I want to be and do at university. I have a passion for biology, like the study of the anatomy (muscles, cells, systems of the body, how the body works etc) and I am very interested about the wonders of the human mind and our potential. I however, have never studied chemistry and I am not sure if that will make it hard or disadvantage me if I looked to become a neurologist (still researching what it is exactly). I have never really taken an interest in chemistry however I have not ever been given the proper importunity to see if I like that sort of subject or if I may be good at it, so I may be open to it to some degree. I do not know if I need to have chemistry to be a neurologist. Do you have any suggestions of career paths/jobs I could look at. I would like to earn a high income but still do the things I am passionate about in my job. Please help. Thank you for your time.

  2. Paula says:

    It is a wonderful experience to be a neurologist:)
    First I suggest by looking and researching all the information it has to offer, then go from there. Good luck. You’ll do fine(: just follow your heart

  3. Natty says:

    Im really interested in neurology and i want to be a neurologist,but im still at secondary school doing gr10.Im worried about the years that it will take me to study it at the university,can someone tell me how long does it take?

  4. Robert says:

    My friend works as a neurologist in Ukraine but wants to come to the US to live and work, will she need to pass the Exams or return to school to work in US as a neurologist?

  5. benji says:

    she has to go back to school:)

  6. brandon says:

    im 11
    looking for future jobs think this will work for me

  7. hi says:

    cool money for neurologists !

  8. .... says:

    i realized i wanted to do this since i was 12, I’m 16 now and have taken the initiative to study up on what i might have to go trough. I’ve looked at people’s experiences in uni and in med school, how stressful it is for them to struggle throughout school, and the amount of dept they come out with after schooling. i can honestly say that I’ve been completely average in everything that do, having people better than i am or worst than i am. what I’m scared of is the financial aspect. i don’t know what I’m going to do to obtain money, and i don’t feel right munching of my parents, although according to them, i cant take off sometime to work for money so i’ll have to depend on them. but question is “what if i fail” ” what if something occurred that is beyond my capabilities and i fail a course, i have to repeat and waste money” ” it’s not my money and the wasted money could have been used for other important things”

    • pre med says:

      Stick to your goal. If have a passion follow it. PLus university provides many scholarships and opportunity to do work while in school..Your only 16, this means you are still in high school. Do your best in high school and achieve goods marks, and when time comes for university application, you will be automatically considered for scholarship. Just make sure to keep your high school marks at 80 and above. And even if you fail one or two courses, during the summer you can do part time job and do summer courses. And all because your an average student, it doesn’t mean the rights for you to become a doctor is taken away. Every human being is same, it just depends on the effort you put.

  9. anonimous says:

    im also 16 and also have the same problem and also im from South-Africa but i want to go overseas and study in the UK

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