Neonatal surgeon salary

  • Neonatal surgeon’s salary is around $390,000 in the United States. Neonatal surgeons are medical doctors who specialize in operating on newborns. They spend around 19 years for their education and training. Their work usually involves correcting abnormalities and birth defects among their tiny patients in the operating room. The projected demand for all physicians and surgeons, including neonatal surgeons, was projected to be at 18% from 2012 to 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The median pediatric surgeon’s salary was around $286,625 in 2013, a figure that can be compared to the neonatal surgeon’s salary given their relevant occupations. Keep reading for more information about neonatal surgeon salary and career requirements.

  • Neonatal surgeon job description

    Although general surgeons can operate on both adults and children, pediatric surgeons receive more advanced education and training needed to operate on young children and infants. Pediatric surgeons who specialize in performing corrective surgeries on newborn babies are called neonatal surgeons. Their job often entails performing abdominal, chest, or urologic operations to correct defects.

    Neonatal surgeons must also prepare for the surgery and supervise the important patient aftercare, given the age and size of the newborns. They usually collaborate with a neonatal hospital to increase the chances of success in every surgery that they perform. As surgeons, they often rely on the ultrasound technology to examine fetus abnormalities even before the mother gives birth. This helps them anticipate possible problems and discuss such problems with the parents as well as create a surgical plan before birth.

    How much does a neonatal surgeon make ?

    Average neonatal surgeon salary

    According to, the average pediatric surgeon’s salary, which covers the neonatal surgeon’s salary, is $394,686, while the average wage is $190.

    Neonatal surgeon salary in the US

    The median pediatric surgeon’s salary, including the neonatal surgeon’s salary, for those working in the US is $394,686. While the top 10% of the crop earned $584,728, the bottom 10% took home only $250,642. The 25th percentile earned $319,288 and the 75th percentile made $494,161 per year. But pediatric surgeon enjoys more than just his base salary. On top of the pediatric surgeon salary, as well as neonatal surgeon salary, they also get $72,386 in bonuses, $57,486 in time off, $16,695 in pension, $6,592 in healthcare benefits, $4,204 in disability benefits, $9,540 in 401K/403B, and $14,120 in social security benefits. The same website reported that in terms of wages, pediatric surgeons earned $190 in median pay. The top 10% earned $281 per hour, while the lower 10% made only $121 per hour.

    Based on the salary of pediatric surgeons, the neonatal surgeon’s salary is also likely ranging between $49,460 and $460,355. However, their base salary was actually between $49,339 and $450,000. This salary is further augmented by the bonus that may reach up to $51,521.

    Neonatal surgeon salary by city/state in the US

    The BLS reported that Mississippi was the highest paying state in the US for surgeons in general, including neonatal surgeon. The surgeon’s salary, which is inclusive of the neonatal surgeon’s salary, is $240,510, as of May 2013. South Dakota and Montana also made it to the top paying states list, as they paid physicians and surgeons around $233,100 and $231,820 per year, respectively. The other states in the high paying list include Minnesota and Idaho, where the employers paid surgeons and doctors around $228,700 and $227,550 per year, figures that may be the same as the neonatal surgeon salary.

    In terms of hourly rates, the Rochester-Dover, New Hampton-Maine area topped the list, although the BLS was not able to present a specific figure for the salaries they were paying. The other high paying metropolitan areas for physicians and surgeons in general included the Wichita Falls, Texas; Wenatchee-East Wenatchee, Washington; Wausau, Wisconsin; and Victoria, Texas. Despite the lack of specific data, the bureau pointed out that all the salaries for the mentioned cities were more than or equal to $187,199, or around $90 in wages.

    Neonatal surgeon salary in Canada

    There is no specific salary report about neonatal surgeon. However, the relevant occupation of general surgeons can be used as a basis for the neonatal surgeon’s salary. General surgeons in Canada earned between C$48,264 and C$350,971 per year. The neonatal surgeon’s salary, however, is bound to be higher than that of the general surgeon’s because of the former’s specialized knowledge and training.

    Neonatal surgeon salary in Australia

    According to PayScale, the median pediatric surgeon’s salary, covering the neonatal surgeon’s salary, is around AU$148,625. Based on the salary of relevant occupation of general surgeon, who earned a salary ranging between AU$48,936 and AU$342,550, the neonatal surgeon’s salary is bound to be higher than this because of their field of specialty.

    Neonatal surgeon salary in the UK

    In the UK, general surgeon earned a salary ranging from £32,779 to £159,847. Their base salary ranges between £31,969 and £122,554, while their bonus reaches up to £37,500. However, the neonatal surgeon salary is likely higher than the general surgeon salary because of their area of specialty in the medical field.

    Neonatal surgeon salary in South Africa

    There are no specific reports about the salary of neonatal surgeons or pediatric surgeons in South Africa. However, PayScale has surveyed about the salary of general surgeon in the country, which is a relevant occupation. According to the website, general surgeon earned a salary ranging between R158,133 and R2,436,101. Their base salary ranges from R158,133 to R2,378,491 and they also receive bonuses of up to R98,633. However, the annual payment for neonatal surgeon is probably higher because of his chosen field of specialty.

    How to become a neonatal surgeon

    To become a neonatal surgeon, one needs to complete a bachelor’s degree program. There is no specific major for pre-med students, but the common prerequisites to get into medical school include basic sciences, statistics or calculus, and advanced courses in microbiology and organic chemistry.

    To get into an osteopathic or medical college, students need to maintain a high GPA and enough course load, pass the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). It also helps to be an active student leader in one’s community.

    Aspiring neonatal surgeons must earn a medical college degree with good grades after four years. It is important to load up on electives and clinical rotations that are connected to pediatrics. This will also help the medical students establish better networks with pediatric surgeons and pediatricians to gain better mentoring from them.

    Medical students need to apply for general surgery fellowship programs in their last year in medical school. It often takes five years to learn the necessary medical skills and techniques in general surgery and work must be supervised by experienced surgeon.

    The graduates need to prepare for board exams in general surgery. They have to take a qualifying exam and a certification exam. If they pass both exams, they are then considered as board-certified general surgeons.

    Since they want to specialize in neonatal surgery, they have to continue working on their education. They have to finish a two-year fellowship program in pediatric surgery. There are programs that focus on neonatal care, although this kind of specific program is often rare.

    To become a board-certified pediatric surgeon, they have to get a passing score in another set of board exams.

    Only then will the surgeon be able to focus on neonatal care as a member of the neonatal intensive care unit team. Surgeons may choose to practice as a general neonatal surgeon, but they may also choose to specialize in neurosurgery, neonatal heart surgery, or other smaller fields.

    Conclusion about neonatal surgeon salary

    Surgeon earned $233,150 per year. However, pediatric surgeons, which include neonatal surgeons, earned around $394,686. Their salaries are higher than general surgeons due to their advanced medical skills, training, and education. Neonatal surgeon salary is above average.

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