Mohs surgeon salary

  • Mohs surgeon’s salary is around $230,000 in the United States. Mohs surgeons are medical doctors who specialize in treating patients with skin cancer. They perform Mohs surgery. This is a modern and specialized technique used to treat complex skin cancers. It was invented by Dr. Frederick Mohs in the 1930s. Mohs surgeons belong to the broader category of dermatologists as well as physicians and surgeons, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ classification. According to the BLS, there is an expected 18% increase in the demand for physicians and surgeons within the period of 2012 to 2022, as the healthcare industries continue to expand. As of 2012, the group’s salary, including the Mohs surgeon salary, was equal to or greater than $187,200, or $90 per hour. Keep reading for more information about mohs surgeon salary and career requirements.

  • Mohs surgeon job description

    Mohs surgeons are dermatologists who specialize in Mohs micrographic surgery, hence the additional fellowship training that they have to undergo to become experts in the said surgery. Due to their fellowship training, these surgeons are skillful in performing the Mohs surgical technique, making it easier for them to surgically remove the tumor, conduct a pathologic examination of the tissue, and perform advanced reconstruction techniques on the cancerous skin.

    How much does a mohs surgeon make ?

    Average mohs surgeon salary

    Based on the average surgeon’s salary, which include the Mohs surgeon’s salary, as reported by the BLS, they earned around $233,150 in 2013. They also earned around $112.09 in wages.

    Mohs surgeon salary in the US

    Dermatologists are usually well-compensated. They earn a median salary of $397,370, according to the American Medical Group Association survey. However, the Mohs surgeon’s salary is even higher because of their more specialized field. They are among the 25 top-paid physicians working in hospitals as they earn $586,083 per year. The survey was conducted in 2011 and was called the Physician Compensation and Production Survey, although the data were collected in 2010.

    According to PayScale, dermatologists earned between $88,264 and $305,102. On top of this basic salary, they also receive a bonus of up to $97,290 and profit sharing ranging from $604 to $25,342. This puts the total dermtaologist’s salary in a range between $82,220 and $321,111. PayScale also showed their wages to range from $10.30 to $139.62. Their overtime rates range from $5 to $96. However, the Mohs surgeon’s salary is bound to be greater than this.

    Mohs surgeon salary by city/state in the US

    The BLS reported that the states with high surgeon’s salary, including the Mohs surgeon’s salary, include Wyoming, West Virginia, Washingon, South Dakota, and Oregon. Although there are no specific figures for the salary of the physicians in these states, they are all more than $187,199 per year.

    According to the US News & World Report, the list of the best paying cities for physicians in general was topped by Wichita, Kansas, where the physician salary, including the Mohs surgeon salary, was greater than $250,000. The other best paying cities in the US include Tallahasee, Florida; Wilmington, North Carolina; Scranton, Pennsylvania; and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where the physician’s salary was all greater than $250,000. These may also be the same cities where the Mohs surgeon’s salary can be expected to be higher than average.

    Mohs surgeon salary in Canada

    Dermatologists, including Mohs surgeon specialists, in Canada, earn a median salary of C$325,825, according to The doctors in the 10th percentile earn around C$237,067, those in the 25th percentile receive C$279,366, those dermatologists in the 50th percentile take home around C$382,888, and those in the 90th percentile earn around C$434,841 per year. On top of the base dermatologist’s salary, they also receive other benefits. These include bonuses worth C$16,019; social security benefits worth C$12,304; 401K/403B worth C$9,540; healthcare benefits worth C$6,592; disability benefits worth C$3,077; pension worth C$16,695; and time off worth C$42,073 per year. The Mohs surgeon’s salary is still likely higher than the base salary of the dermatologists.

    PayScale showed that dermatologists usually earn a median salary of C$149,406. Their salary ranges between C$43,278 and C$341,292, with the Mohs surgeon’s salary probably greater than these figures.

    Mohs surgeon salary in Australia

    As per PayScale reports, the dermatologist’s salary ranges from AU$50,507 to AU$223,008. Their median pay was shown to be around AU$100,000. Without any bonus or other benefits, they are reported to be earning between AU$50,167 and AU$207,293. Compared to the Mohs surgeon’s salary, these figures are lower. The more specialized a physician’s job is, the greater the compensation.

    Mohs surgeon salary in the UK

    Dermatologists earn a median pay of £91,000 per year. Their salary ranges between £22,148 and £149,420. However, the Mohs surgeon’s salary is estimated to be greater than the salary of all dermatologists because of their chosen area of specialty.

    Mohs surgeon salary in South Africa

    There are no specific data presented about the Mohs surgeon’s salary in South Africa. However, PayScale showed that general surgeons, to which Mohs surgeons are classified under, earn between R158,133 and $2,436,101. However, their base salary ranges from R158,133 to R2,378,491. They also receive a bonus amounting to R98,633 per year. Since mohs surgeons practice in a more specialized field, their annual pay tends to be higher than general surgeons.

    How to become a mohs surgeon

    To become a Mohs surgeon, one needs to spend years in school. Aspiring Mohs surgeons must earn a bachelor’s degree to get into medical school and earn a medical doctor (MD) or doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO) degree. They have to spend one year in internship. They also need to complete a residency program, such as in dermatology – Mohs surgery, for three years.

    Dermatologists become familiar with Mohs surgery during their residency. Once they complete their residency, they can choose to continue with their studies and undergo advanced training in Mohs surgery. Some dermatologists who are determined to learn about this medical technique even choose to sign up for a fellowship program to learn more about reconstructive and Mohs surgery. A fellowship program offers advanced and in-depth training about a field of specialty.

    Conclusion about mohs surgeon salary

    Surgeons in general, including mohs surgeons, earn around $233,150 per year. The bottom 10% earn around $127,320 or less, while the top 10% take home an annual pay that is equal to or greater than $187,200. Mohs surgeon salary is above average.

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