Medical Doctor (MD) salary

  • Medical doctor salary (also know as doctor of medicine salary ) in the United States is the most competitive among various other healthcare professionals. Salaried physicians employed in a medical team earn much lesser annual salary than self-employed physicians. In fact, MD specialists reportedly earn more salary when compared to MD general practitioners. Based on specialty, an orthopedic MD earns a yearly salary of around $688,503; dermatologists earned around $375,176; Cardiologists earned more than $400,000 per year; Gynecology oncologists earn around $413,500 per annum; and anesthesiologists received $370,500 per annum. Read more about md degree and medical doctor salary in different countries.

  • Who is a medical doctor (MD) ?

    MDs are referred as medical doctors, or physicians, doctors of medicine are one of the most highly educated healthcare professionals in the United States. According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the MD is considered to be a highly compensated professional who provides quality healthcare to the patients. Basically, MDs can be of 2 primary categories mainly Specialists, and General practitioners, who are also called as family doctors. MD specialists are those who specialize in an appropriate medical field and they need an extensive education followed by clinical training when compared to their counterparts, general practitioners. Check also junior doctor salary and job overview.

    Comparison of medical doctor salary between various countries

    Average Medical doctor salary in US

    An average annual salary for a specialist MD in the United States is around $339,738; while an annual salary for an MD general practitioner is around $186,044 per annum. The average salaries for physicians possessing Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree depends on various determinants. It has been reported that self-employed MDs basically earn more than MDs working in medical teams

    Medical doctor salary and wage in USA

    Based on the type of medical specialty, an average hourly wage for a medical doctor In the United States is as follows: The average hourly wage for a MD family physician ranges from between $39.73 – $81.03 per hour. The average hourly wage for a MD psychiatrist in the US is around $90 per hour. The median hourly wage for an MD physiatrist is around $96.77 per hour. An average hourly wage for a MD anesthesiologist is around $122.78 per hour. Read more about physician salary by state.

    An average annual income for a MD Family physician in the United States ranges from $123,347 – $178,661 per annum; An MD internist or Internal medicine specialist receives an average annual salary ranging from $49,496 – $200,636; An average annual income for a general Practice MD physician ranges from around $101,736 – $141,431; an average annual salary for a psychiatrist ranges from $98,264 – $177,021; An orthopedic surgeon earns an average yearly salary range of $59,842 – $457,814; average annual salary for a general surgeon in the United States ranges from $200,000 – $325,000 per year.

    medical doctor md salary in USA, UK and Australia
    medical doctor MD salary

    Medical doctor salary in Canada

    Based on the type of working industry, the physicians in Canada receive different salaries. MD physicians employed in hospitals receive an hourly wage of C$35.08 and an average annual salary of around C$97,986; MD physicians employed in private firms or practices receive an hourly wage of $16 and around C$137,500 per year; MD physicians employed in companies receive annual salary of around C$67,500; MD physicians employed in college/ universities earn their annual salary of about C$160,000; and MD physicians working in state and local governments earn an hourly wage of around C$125and an average yearly salary of around C$104,059.

    Medical doctor salary in UK

    According to all salary survey, the average salary for a Medical doctor in the United Kingdom is about £81,301 per annum and the median annual salary is around £75,500. An average hourly wage for a MD doctor is about £40.65. A MD doctor’s salary varies based on his or her age as the one in 20s earns up to £60,976, in 30s earns about £79,675, in 40s and in 50s earns about £94,310 per annum.

    Medical doctor salary in Australia

    An average hourly wage for an MD physician based in Australia is around AU$13 per hour whereas an average annual salary is around AU$189,500 per annum.

    Medical Doctor salary in South Africa

    In South Africa, medical doctor salary starts at  R214,891 with possible increases to as much as  R820,224, rates of which could be inclusive of bonuses that could amount to as much as  R80,000 for those in the general practice. General practitioners will most likely earn within these rates depending on level of experience: 1 to 4 years will give you salaries of R123,650 to R545,475; medical doctor salary for general practitioners with 5 to 9 years of experience is from R357,586 to R845,634; an experience of 10 to 19 years will allow you to have medical salary rates of R102,129 to R1,174,457; and those who have been doing this for 20 years or more have rates ranging from R330,000 to R789,873. Practice in the field of general surgery on the other hand will give you wages of R154,500 to R2,395,833 which may include bonuses as much as R99,329.

    Medical Doctor salary in New Zealand

    CareersNZ says that in New Zealand, medical doctors recorded the second highest paid profession following employees working as IT project managers. Trainee doctors, called registrar, are expected to earn medical doctor salary rates of NZ$70,000 to NZ$175,000 if they will be working for a district health board (DHB). Once qualified, wages could increase to the rates of NZ$112,000 to NZ$206,000. ENZ on the other hand claims that medical doctor salary are within the rates of NZ$100,000 to NZ$150,000 for general practitioners. Pay rates will differ depending on level of position and hours rendered on the job. While a junior general practitioner has medical salary rates ranging from NZ$60,000 to NZ$70,000, senior general practitioners earn more with the compensation rate of $190,000. Part-timers on the other hand recorded wages of NZ$85 to NZ$90 per hour.

    Medical Doctor salary in India

    Family physicians in India have medical doctor salary rates of Rs 162,889 to Rs 1,257,112 which include other cash benefits like bonuses valued as much as Rs 100,671. The median rate recorded in PayScale is Rs 424,999. Pay rates taking into account experience are as follows: 1 to 4 years of experience reported salaries of Rs 122,554 to Rs 1,174,457; 5 to 9 years had earnings of Rs 294,000 to Rs 550,000; and medical doctor salary for those with 10 to 19 years of tenure are from Rs 671,461 to Rs 1,008,413. General practitioners on the other hand have a median wage of Rs 432,011. Medical doctor salary for this field ranged from Rs 144,173 to Rs 1,056,089 that includes bonuses of Rs 98,450, profit sharing of Rs 6.00 to Rs 69,043 and commission rates of Rs 1,500 to Rs 15,000.

    Medical Doctor salary in Mexico

    PayScale, albeit limited data, says that the median medical doctor salary in Mexico is MXN 340,500. Time Magazine on the other hand claims that Mexican doctors in the field of general practice are earning wages of $39,000 to $50,000 annually or an equivalent of $13 to $17 an hour. Higher rates could be earned if you practice in certain fields. For example, surgeons are said to earn in between the rates of $91,000 to $230,000.

    Medical Doctor salary in China

    While doctors in other countries are enjoying great salaries and benefits, the same cannot be said about China. A report posted in CRI says that calling the salary “low” was a huge understatement. Junior medical doctor salary for major cities like Shanghai is CNY 3,000 a month while experienced doctors, those who are usually already in their forties, are being paid with rates less than CNY 10,000. Comparing these rates to what medical doctors receive in the US, a day’s pay for a US doctor could mean a month’s wages for someone working in China. PayScale claims that the median salary for medical practitioners is CNY 260,000.  Medical doctor salary recorded in the website ranged from CNY 110,000 to CNY 723,115.

    Medical Doctor salary in Japan

    In Japan, the gross medical doctor salary is JPY 761,000 per annum according to World Salaries. Japan is the very first nonwestern country to have offered social insurance the covers health conditions. Most medical doctors in Japan are in private practice while the others are employed in hospitals. Since most hospitals are found in urban areas, concentration of medical practitioners are higher in these areas. MedScape says that the average medical doctor salary in 2010 is JPY 14,000,000 for those working in hospitals. Those who have their own clinics reported a mean wage of JPY 25,000 while those working for someone else’s clinic earned an average income of JPY 14,000,000. In PayScale, data showed that those who have 10 to 19 years of experience in this job had an average medical doctor salary of JPY 8,000,000 annually. Japan has a very high mortality rate compared to other countries thanks to its medical doctors. However, pay rates in this country are considered low given the fact that many doctors have to work more than 40 hours a week.

    Medical Doctor salary in Germany

    If you are in Germany, medical doctor salary will vary depending on specialization. Here are the average rates in accordance to field of specialization: internal medicine at €55,776; neurologist at €45,693; general practice at €46,000; cardiologist at €49,579; family physician at €74,546; ophthalmologist at €36,000; and radiologist at €80,000. There is an obvious gap in medical doctor salary rates for those who just entered into the profession compared to experienced doctors as shown in this data where pay rates were classified according to tenure: less than 1 year at €43,167; 1 to 4 years at €48,608; 5 to 9 years at €48,000; 10 to 19 years at €60,000; and 20 years or more at €75,141. Working in a certain location may give you better wages compared to other areas. For example, the average medical doctor salary in Bavaria is €90,000, recording the highest rate in PayScale. Other areas have the following rates: Berlin at €54,720; Bader-Wuerttemberg at €48,980; Nordrhein-Westfalen at €49,455; Hamburg at €24,417; Hessen at €63,637; and Niedersachsen at €39,996. Males recorded a slightly higher average rate with the medical salary of €54,979 compared to the €53,000 earned by females. Medical doctors in Germany could receive several benefits or perks such as 401(k), life or disability insurance, malpractice or liability insurance, paid sick leave or holiday, cell phone, and company car. 

    Medical doctor requirements 

    To earn an MD degree, one should first complete an entry level education (4 years of undergraduate degree) followed by 4 years of study in medicine from an accredited medical school. The candidate should then complete a residency program in a medical specialty of one’s choice that usually lasts for about 3 to 8 years. The doctors are required to pass the United States Medical Licensing Examination to earn an M.D degree certificate and to practice medicine.

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    Conclusion about Medical doctor salary

    Based on years of work experience, medical doctors (doctors of medicine) earn different salaries in the United States. MDs with more than 5 years of practice experience earn an average yearly salary of around $155,861, whereas Medical doctors with 20+ years of practice experience earn around $174,000 per year.

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