Locum tenens salary

  • Locum tenens salary for a physician, based on the specialty and years of work experience, an average gross salary usually ranges from between $80,000 and $199,000 U.S.D. Some medical facilities prefer hiring the locum tenens physicians to perform clinical work at different time durations. One may pay locum physician on a per day basis, per week or per month basis whereas other facilities can even pay these physicians on an on-call basis. In addition, family medicine physicians have more opportunities in different locum tenens positions like hospital-based postions, outpatient, and emergency care settings. Keep reading for more information about locum tenens salary and requirements.

  • What is Locum tenens

    Locum tenens basically refers to temporary or permanent physician job positions. Most of the hospitals and medical practices hire physicians to fill up a difficult job position until a permanent new physician is located. This is done to handle more number of patient admissions during untimely work shifts or to temporarily fill up a vacant physician’s position. The job varies based on the physician’s specialty or field of expertise.

    How much does a locum tenens physician make ?

    Average locum tenens salary and wage

    An average hourly wage for a locum tenens physician in the United States is around $155 per hour and an average yearly salary is around $241.800.

    Locum tenens salary in USA

    On an average, an average hourly wage earned by a locum tenens physician for a standard work day in the United States is around $400 per day. The hourly wage for a locum tenens is based on various factors such as medical specialty, time of year, location, working tenure, employing agency, experience, and type of work facility like rural hospitals. The average hourly wage for a locum tenens family care physician is around $400 per day whereas it can be $1500 per day for an anesthesiologist or a radiologist. Majority of the locum tenens physicians work 30 hours per week and earn an average hourly wage of around $155 per hour which averages to a total annual salary of about $241,800 per annum.

    locum tenens salary in US, UK, Canada
    locum tenens salary

    Locum tenens salary in Canada

    Various locum tenens positions such as temporary, Short and long term; and permanent medical jobs are available for physicians in Canada. The working duration ranges from few days to weeks in case of short term positions and several years in case of permanent jobs. Based on the type of medical facility, Locum tenens physicians employed in permanent jobs in Canada earn an average yearly salary ranging from between C$250,000 and C$800,000. Based on location, locum Family care physicians earn an average monthly salary of around C$35,000 per month.

    Locum tenens salary in UK

    On an average, a locum tenens physician in UK on an 8-hour job shift earns an average hourly wage of about £399 an hour which averages to a total salary of about £3,192 per day. In addition, stand-in locum physicians on a single job shift earn up to £3,200 per shift. However, according to the NHS reports, a locum physician in an A&E unit received around £5,700 for working on a 24-hour day shift which averages to a median yearly salary of about £510,000 which is around 5 times more than average hourly wage earned by a full-time physician who basically earns £90,000 per annum. In addition, it has been reported that the NHS trust’s A&E unit paid around £1.4 million for locum physicians in addition to £2.1million for the agency nurses.

    Locum tenens salary in Australia

    An average annual salary for a locum tenens physician in Australia ranges from between AU$ 120,000 to AU$ 300,000. Most of the established U.S. based physicians staffing agencies recruit the locum physicians by rotating their postings in various locations such as Australia and New Zealand. This is because, these two countries speak a common language and have a great demand for physicians in various medical specialties like psychiatry, family medicine, emergency medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, radiology, anesthesiology, cardiology and internal medicine. Majority of the specialists who handle outpatient services in the United States usually find these procedures simpler when performed in an abroad hospital.

    Locum tenens requirements

    One should first complete an entry-level education (4 years of undergraduate degree) and 4 years of medicine from an accredited medical school. This is followed by a clinical residency training of about 3-7 years in any medical specialty and obtaining a license for practice on completion of board exams. The certified physician can then apply for a locum tenens position in a concerned employment agency.

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    Conclusion about locum tenens salary

    Physicians have an opportunity to get temporarily employed through Locum Tenens. In fact, locum tenens is usually a temporary position where the physician fills until the position gets filled up permanently. Locum Tenens basically existed from past 30 years however the locum physicians have been steadily increasing experiencing the benefits.


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