Internal medicine doctor salary

  • Internal medicine doctor’s salary is around $188,000 in the United States. Internal medicine doctors, or internists, focus on treating diseases and conditions that affect the major organ systems of the body. Since these include many medical conditions and illnesses among patients, internists are also considered as primary care physicians. In 2011, the average internal medicine’s salary was about $189,210, based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These doctors often work as general internists, specialists, and advanced specialists. The demand for this occupation is expected to grow by 22% from 2008 to 2018, making it one of the greatest job prospects for healthcare professionals. This occupation growth is likely due to the aging Baby Boomer population in the US. Keep reading for more information about internal medicine doctor salary and educational requirements.

  • Internal medicine doctor job description

    Internal medicine doctors treat and manage conditions and illnesses in the heart, kidneys, lungs, urinary track, liver, spinal cord, brain, and other organs in the human body. They develop treatment plans that make use of medication, therapy, surgery or diet changes depending on the case of the patients. When employed in hospitals and healthcare facilities, internal medicine doctors monitor the patients until they recover. If necessary, they would refer the patients to specialists. Internal medicine doctors may fill the function of a primary care practitioner in the US.

    How much does an internal medicine doctor make ?

    Average internal medicine doctor salary

    On an average, the internal medicine’s salary is about $188,440, according to the BLS. The hourly rate for this occupation is shown to be around $90.60.

    Internal medicine doctor salary in the USA

    According to PayScale, the typical internal medicine’s salary ranges between $83,178 and $214,455. Median pay is around $174,033. Some internists may also get bonuses up to $30,563, profits of as much as $25,760, and commission of up to $10,750. Their wage is about $30.34 to $128.85, while overtime pay may be as high as $198.66.

    Entry-level doctors understandably have a lower internal medicine doctor salary of about $51,925 to $200,089, while experienced ones earn between $101,167 and $231,892. Late-career internal medicine professionals who have accumulated years of experience earn more with a salary ranging between $104,417 and $252,992.

    PayScale also showed that an internal medicine doctor certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine may earn between $118,113 and $226,519.

    The BLS reported that the top paying industry for these doctors is that of employment services, as it paid a salary of $215,260. Among the top paying industries are those of the psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals also compensate internists with an internal medicine’s salary of $211,670; the offices of physicians, $206,660’ management of companies and enterprises, $204,090; and home health care services, $197,770.

    Internal medicine doctor salary by city/state in the US

    The BLS reported that the internal medicine doctor’s salary is the highest in South Dakota, where internists earn $250,000. The other top paying states include North Dakota, $240,230; Montana, $238,640; Missouri, $238,500; and Kansas, $238,190.

    When comparing the internal medicine doctor salary by city, internists working in Wilmington, NC earn the most. The other cities where these doctors are paid quite handsomely are Wichita, KS; Tallahassee, FL; Sioux-Falls, SD; and the Scranton—Wilkes-Barre, PA area.

    Internal medicine residency salary

    The internal medicine residency’s salary varies by state. According to Indeed, it is around $224,000 per year in New York; $200,000 in New Jersey; $199,000 in California; $186,000 in Virginia and Alabama; $180,000 in Texas; and $173,000 in Florida, among others.

    Internal medicine doctor salary in Canada

    According to, the median internal doctor’s salary is around C$205,293. The top 10% earn C$260,055 or more, while the lowest 10% take home C$163,375 or less. The base salary is around C$205,095, while bonuses may reach up to C$6,095. Social security benefits may amount to C$10,115, while their 401K may be valued at C$7,610. Other benefits include disability, pension, healthcare, and time off. The total internal medicine’s salary may reach to C$276,941.

    PayScale showed that the internal medicine doctor salary for practitioners with 10 to 19 years of experience is around C$105,000, while the salary for those who have been in the business for at least 20 years averages C$223,750.

    Internal medicinedoctor  salary in Australia

    According to PayScale, average internal medicine doctor’s salary is around AU$82,404. Their annual pay is between AU$46,615 and AU$194,581. Bonuses may be provided up to AU$40,547. Their hourly rate ranges between AU$20.61 and AU$271.48. Those who want to work overtime will get paid between AU$36.23 and AU$489.36.

    Internal medicine doctor salary in the UK

    The median internal medicine doctor’s salary for those working in the UK is around £37,277. Their typical salary ranges between £24,417 and £95,449. Aside from this base salary, some employers provide bonuses, which may amount to £10,166.

    Internal medicine doctor salary in South Africa

    The salary for internal medicine practitioners in South Africa usually ranges between R42,085 and R2,449,014. Their median pay is around R380,000. Bonuses ranging from R97.87 to R71,490 may also be provided in addition to the internal medicine doctor salary.

    How to become an internal medicine doctor

    To become an internal medicine doctor, one has to complete a bachelor’s degree, go to medical school and earn an M.D. or D.O. Medical programs often include subjects such as phlebotomy, cardiology, pathology, ethics, neurology, biochemistry, radiology, oncology, pediatrics, and gynecology. An internal medicine residency has to be completed. A fellowship would follow afterwards, where internists can choose a subspecialty in oncology, emergency medicine, or geriatrics. All 50 states require a medical license. The United States Medical Licensing Examination administers three stages of exams. But the licensing board of each state may have specific requirements.

    Conclusion about internal medicine doctor salary

    On an average, the internal medicine doctor salary is $188,440. But this salary depends on the doctor’s advanced specialization, employment sector, location, and work experience. It may not be the highest salary for doctors, it still increases every year.

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