Hematologist salary

  • The hematologists salary in the United States ranges from between $160,000 and $200,000 per year as they are one among the highest salary receiving professionals in the field of medicine. However, the hematologists with more experience reportedly earn more than highest $600,000 per year.  Hematologists working in a private clinic earn more annual income compared to those working in public sectors. In general, hematologists are medical physicians who deal with the disorders of the blood diseases like leukemia, AIDS, hemophilia, sickle cell anemia and thrombosis to name a few. Keep reading for more information about hematologist salary and wage.

  • What does a hematologist do

    A hematologist is a doctor who prevents and treats various disorders related to the blood. Generally, a hematologist treats patients with a blood related disease and prescribes medication therapy in patients with chronic, mild or terminally ill condition. The hematologist’s work includes conducting physical examination, diagnosing blood disorders, diseases of the bone marrow, immune system and vascular system. A hematologist draws the patient’s blood in order to detect the disease, obtains blood reports, plans for an appropriate treatment course, advises surgical procedures and refers critically ill cases like leukemia or osteosarcoma to the concerned physicians. Read more if you are interested in Hematologist job description.

    How much does a hematologist make ?

    Average hematologist salary and wage

    The average salary for hematologists in the United States ranges from between $110,160 – $165,240 per year and an hourly wage ranges from between $49-$87 per hour.

    Hematologist salary and wage in USA

    A hematologist’s salary depends on the job sector like private clinic, government agency or private company. The starting salary for a hematologist is competitive which averages from between $90,720 – $136,080 per annum. An average hematologist receives an annual salary of about $137,700 while a median hematologist receives a take home salary of about $235,000 per year. In addition, a well-established hematologist receives a top salary ranging from between $129,600 – $194,400 per annum.

    The upper 10 percent of the hematologists received about $680,000 per year while the lowest 10 percent of them received about less than $163,000 per year. Based on percentiles, the median salary for 90th percentile of hematologists has been around $413,790 per year. Similarly, about 75th percentile of hematologists received about $343,070, 25th percentile of them received $216,568 while 10th percentile received $172,115. The median hourly wage for a hematologist ranges from between $49 – $87 per hour.

    hematologist salary in USA, UK and Australia
    hematologist salary

    Hematologist salary and wage in UK

    The average salary and a median salary for a hematologist based in UK is about £64,000 per year. A hematologist’s salary varies based on the age such as the one in 20s earns up to £48,000, in 30s earns about £62,720, in 40s earns about £74,240 and in 50s earns about £74,240. The average hourly wage for a hematologist in UK is £32.

    Hematologist salary in Canada

    The salary for a hematologist working in Canada is ranging from  $140,000 to  $214,957 CAD per annum.

    Hematologist salary in Australia

    The annual salary for a hematologist in Australia ranges from between AU$40,268 – AU$196,484. However, the total mean averages from between AU$40,547 – AU$307,734 per annum.

    Salary of hematologist in New Zealand

    Based on the salary of a research scientist, an occupation related to that of a hematologist, the latter could also be earning between NZ$46,629 and NZ$90,370 per year. PayScale also reported their median salary to be around NZ$68,733. On top of their base salary, research scientists also get a bonus that may amount to as much as NZ$10,000 per year.

    Salary of hematologist in South Africa

    There are limited data regarding the earnings of a hematologist in South Africa. However, the relevant profession of medical/clinical laboratory technologists is reported to be earning between R94,687 and R222,089 per year, according to PayScale. Their median salary was shown to be R153,723. PayScale also showed their basic salary to be ranging between R94,687 and R219,895 and bonuses ranging between R500 and R18,000.

    How much does a hematologist earn in Mexico

    Hematologists can be classified under the same category as medical science researchers, who are earning around MXN264,000 per year.

    Hematologist education, training and certification

    A hematologist should first complete an entry-level education (college degree) and finish about 4 years of medicine degree from an accredited medical school or university. This is followed by the completion of an internal medicine residency and complete hematology training which lasts for about 2 years.

    Conclusion about hematologist salary

    The annual salary for a hematologist varies and it mainly depends on factors such as employment sector and number of years of experience. In fact, hematologists based in the United States have been reported to earn more than $200,000 per annum.

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